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Old-school cruel: Dodgy PDF email attachments enjoying a renaissance


Caught out

I received one such e-mail - from an existing customer at a large UK company. The lady is of few words and the mail simply said please see attached. This is normally roughly how she places orders (with a PDF of her purchase order). I tried to open it and nothing happened. Several days later my e-mail went crazy and sent out the same email to every contact, and even some I had never even heard of (perhaps copied on emails I had been sent?). Hundreds of people contacting me via phone and I had no idea because the replies were automatically set up to go into my deleted items folder. Luckily my partner saw what was happening and we managed to wipe my laptop, change passwords and re-install but the damage was done. Why would I not open something from a customer if it was a similar format to orders they normally send me? I'm assuming it was spying on me because the carnage then sent from my own e-mail was at least 4 working days after I had tried to open the PDF. I despise the cretins who build these and the damage they cause to small businesses trying hard to make a living !

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