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Uber sued over alleged rapes as #MeToo web rally reveals more sex assault claims

allister ferguson

Do "Normal" Taxi firms vet their drivers to this level... would think not... does anyone know?

This has the potential to become very difficult to enforce...... especially if the UBER driver is deemed to be self employed (but not in the UK as they have lost their case against HRMC who wants the NI Tax contributions)

Teen texted boyfriend to kill himself. It worked. Will the law change to deal with digital reality?

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she did not "pull the trigger" (yes it was a generator but...).

This is clearly incitement for someone to commit an act..... if he had gone out and killed someone else she would be in the dock with him.

The only mitigating issue would have been if this was a spur of a moment thing and "I did not mean it".... but this took place over a period of time... you could say she groomed him to kill himself.

Very sad case but a clear signal has to be sent that this type of behaviour is unacceptable

Surprise, surprise. BT the only Universal Service Obligation provider in town

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Who else has £1B a year to invest?

Shock....... BT is not perfect.

Look at the figures.... investment promised........ £1b per year

OpenReach turn over.......... around £5b

BT turn over.......... over £20b

Who is in the best position to spend £1b/yr in investment?

20% borrowing of turn over OpenReach

or less that 5%.......... BT

Landlines: The tech that just won't die

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How to stop Cold Calls

If you want to stop cold call... get an answer machine..... most call senders recongise that and disconnect the call immediately.

Get CLI on your line and everytime you get on with CLI on it mark it as JunkCaller.... you know then not to pick it up.

The third way...... ask Parliment to increase the cost of calls..... so it is too expensive to waste your time.

One word of advice....... never be rude to the caller..... because if they have a mind to they will put you back into the Call Sender to be called back and they will put notes on them to say you are very interested but had no time to deal with it and requested a call back...... most of these firm are outside of the UK so our regs do not apply.... :o)

Now Uber can take EVERYONE for a ride

allister ferguson

Are cheaper Taxis not in the interest of the consumer and the economy?

Slave wage are two emotive words..... but lets look at places where taxis are really cheap...... Turkey "dolmus system".... you hop on an off them with almost little thought for the pocket money prices....... do their drivers starve?

You have got to remember that higher prices lead to less use and therefore higher prices....... quality of service can be maintained by effective regulation/licensing etc.

Or is it better to have them standing empty at the rank because no body can afford their prices?

Eric Schmidt defends Google's teeny UK tax payouts - again

allister ferguson

Are they so different from..........

Google are not doing anything wrong........ in fact they are only doing what a couple of million sole traders and self empoyed people do.

Most legal get away with paying under £5 per week national insurance by paying them selves very little and taking the rest out of their companies in dividends. (which only attracts 25% tax compared to the potential 31 and 42% tax band most of us pay)

I wish my NI bill was only £5 per week.......... and i would do the same If I could... :o)

Oh my national insurance is going up (Contact out allowances are changing) ....... to fund better pension for Self employed and Part time workers....that is not fair...... :o(

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

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The new business Model

There is a very very simple reason why the major brands of smart phone are locking out independant software app............ money........... upto last year Apple made a stagering 280billion $ out of it.............. far exceeding the phone sales or any other part of there operation. Micro Soft is attempting the same thing with their Windows Mobile 7 accessable only through ZUNE and is so locked down what you can do so that I could not even sync my contacts/calndar with my works MS exchange via ZUNE. It went back with in the 7 days returns policy. Android will follow suit, shortly to ensure that they maximise there revenue.

Guinness to hit three quid a pint

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This is a classic drip drip drip of the government preparing us for another tax increase.... because it is for our own good. I remember when pubs controlled the sale of alcohol both on site and off door..... they really ripped everybody off selling the off site beer for the same price as the pint inside the pub. The pub trade would love to get back to that situation. (and my dad brwed his own!) Maybe what is need is to find out why alot of people are drinking too much... is it because we are the most un happy people in europe? Why are we so unhappy and just want to get ourselves to getting drunk.

BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

allister ferguson

Economic Fact

It is simply exporting jobs from a developed, high social benefit economy with high taxes and cost of living to a low tax economy............ it will always happen. Manufacturing in the 80s and now IT is going to be caned. The sad fact is that the high cost of social benefits and therefore tax and cost of living will accellerate the shrinkage in jobs. The really bad issue for the governement , which they have not appear to have woken up to, is that these people are net contibutors to the Tax system. I do not see a solution... protectionism has problems.... true market economy has problems...

I think we need to examin why we have soooo many economically inactive people (Unemployed, disabled, sick).. they are being carried by the workers.... some willingly but some less so.

UK's number one router open to VoIP hijacking

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It looks like it is fixed now.....

from the GNUcitizen .org web site...

The rollout of the BT Home Hub firmware version 6.2.6.E started on 12 December 2007. It can take several weeks before all BT Home Hubs are upgraded to a new version of the firmware, so please be patient. BT Support & Advice

So is this very old news?

GPS is killing children

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Fix the problem.....

why don't they just install more speed cameras or Spec cameras and set them at 20 mph?

or...... attempt to fix the problem by improving our critical infrastructure?

Better public transport and better roads

EDS shows one in four staff the door

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They do not have a choice...really

EDS is just doing what you do in a global economy... moving to cheaper production areas.. they actually have no choice.

The question is if you can get a 27 year old first class honours degree student, with an MBA, in Brazil for £5k a year, who is prepared to work 10 hours a day for 6 days a week... how much would the same cost in London? You can argue about quality and all of those good things but you would probably pay 10 times that for someone! Big Blue is starting to recruit heavily in India.... they wanted 1000 staff... they got 1,000,000 applicants all with degrees and relevant experience in IT... prepared to work for what would be considered the minimum wage in the UK.

If you do not have a job which is customer facing or really need to be employed in the UK.... your job will probably go in the next 5 years!

Sobering thoughts......

Cursing senior plod samples electric justice

allister ferguson

There is a brighter side to this

If this delays the police from being armed with guns for a few more years I'm all in favour... you can alway give mouth to mouth/CPR to the victum if they require it but it is very ineffective if their heart has a 9mm hole in it.

Green taxes are a rip off says low tax lobby group

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This will never work

Lets not forget about what most of the taxation revenue is used for.. simple "Wealth Distribution". If you add to this a general policy to reduce "Social Exclusion" then you realy have a problem. If you make certain things more expensive by taxing them, you have to support in, social security payment people who are disadvantaged.. so you give them more money to stop them from being excluded and to try to ensure that their children do not become the new underclass. The classic example of this is VAT on Gas and Electricity. It simple will not work...but it will raise tax revenue! As societies get weathier they consume more... Food, Fuel and Comsumer Electrical goods, Alcohol etc..... If you make the Poor weathier without make the general population poorer the consumption will climb. But who would vote for a political party who have a mandate to make you poorer?


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