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Mind your language: Microsoft set to swing the axe on 27 languages in iOS Outlook

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Re: You vill parle Amrecianish Da!

OK, so let me point something out here (for which many will not like me, I do apologise. Please mind the rant...).

It's all very good and well to mention Welsh, American-Irish community and stuff. But these are by many regarded as dialects. Local variations within a country. Even if you call your province a country and enter it as such into football and rugby matches. Historic remnants. Interesting, respectable, absolutely worth preserving. But are they the main language of a full blown country?

Having said that, it is remarkable that these dialects/ historic remnants seem to survive the axe, while there are some "normal languages" on this kill list. Like the hack mentioned, spoken by many, and more important, on the list as the language of an official geographic entity, called a country. So, no doubt influenced by my own heritage: it is somewhat weird to see Icelandic and Norwegian on there, but not Swedish or Danish. And that has to do with "it must be difficult to find competent translators"? Really? Didn't you hurt yourself during that remark? We are talking part of the civilised world here, remember? Ever think that to disregard someone's language is perhaps disregard (your perception of) their significance? But then again, I wouldn't be surprised if the people making this decision never ventured over own borders and are still surprised by the fact that everybody is going on about that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris (Texas) although they're positive they have seen it in Vegas.

So, to irk people even further, and hopefully generate some contemplation: so tell me, why FFS is en_US maintained? Is this peculiar way of spelling now an official registered language? And if it now by magick is, why do you think the en_US variant of Dutch, South African, which is an official language BTW, thank you very much, is on the list?

Microsoft announces official Windows package manager. 'Not a package manager' users snap back

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Re: One software manager to rule them all!

...neither of them are really package managers. Package managers manage dependencies and security updates and can go all the way to the kernel; whereas Windows software installations...

Indeed. And looking at the packages that are in there... Am I the only one who sees the letters L---E---E---C---H flashing? I know that this is no doubt my rancorous mind, but it is/ was very popular for Windows users to defer *nix arguments "as cheap arse". Remember, that was most of the time right after the "cancer" reference?

Well, if I look at what's in there, that "you're cheap" argument seems out of the window. Or is MS going to pay the devs of that FOSS? Would be delighted to see MS support the development of LibreOffice. And I'm sure that Adobe is just salivating to contribute to Gimp development. My personal expectation is that hell will freeze over first before those contributions come in, but then again, stranger things have happens (e.g. Linux kernel in W10 and MS loving it!)

Wanna force granny to take down that family photo from the internet? No problem. Europe's GDPR to the rescue

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Re: GDPR is a joke....

Disregarding the fact that I still not understand the human self image, which makes them believe that it's really indispensable for the whole world to be familiar with their last meal and corresponding defaecation pattern, I'm even more stunned by the asinine thought that FB is some kind of isolated photo album. While the picture was online, FB was crawled over back and forth, preserving grannies (pic) in nooks and crannies. So what are we going to do about that? Will for example Google be subject to the same verdict if the pic pops up there? Didn't we have that same discussion already years ago? Not that that led to ground shuddering changes...

Beer rating app reveals homes and identities of spies and military bods, warns Bellingcat

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Re: "this particular one used his surname as part of his username"

I would really like to read something about the beers they rated. All this social media stuff. Makes mouth go dry.

Microsoft doc formats are the bane of office suites on Linux, SoftMaker's Office 2021 beta may have a solution

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Be honest, it also comes down, for a very large part, to user complacency. For example...

Yes, sure, Calibri is the standard font in MSO. But why is that an issue? Is it an exhaustive task to drop the .tff in ~/.fonts if you're on *nix? Or if licensing is an consideration, take Googles open Carlito, which is identical dimensionally, and activate LOs "Replacement Table". No "large and ugly" (yes it is) Liberation to be seen.

After all, if you want to address it, so many things can/ have to be solved like this. Even if documents were produced by the same source. How many users have you encountered that really love that exotic font they always use? You just have to love the fact that all those US docs you always get never switch over to the default paper size you (your printer) use, right? Why not default to an ISO (216) paper size to begin with? Or the fact that the spelling your sender prefers (en_US) is carried forward in your documents (default: en_GB)? And yes, rejoice the busy bees that "lay out" a document with figures, captions, tables, and literature references (Error: internal document reference not found) which transform into an inquisitorial burning POS?

Having said that, and sure that we can come up with many, many more daily pains, I'm surprised the presentation module wasn't investigated further. If there is ever a cesspit of creative fonts, layouts, wipes and transitions (!) and many more TIA inducing elements, it's presentations. And the fact that in the "presentation circuit" alternatives to PPT(x) are even more scarce than they are in the other Office docs application areas...

Fancy some post-weekend reading? How's this for a potboiler: The source code for UK, Australia's coronavirus contact-tracing apps

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"No worries people, we can apply technology to solve this difficult, seemingly impossible problem."

Hmmm, where did I hear this before?

Apple owes us big time for bungled display-killing cable design in MacBook Pro kit, lawsuit claims

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Re: Vain bully

And getting the drive out, putting it in an external case, and copying your files off wasn't an option? Even my grand daughter knows how that works...

Microsoft decrees that all high-school IT teachers were wrong: Double spaces now flagged as typos in Word

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Re: I don't care whether you use 2 spaces or not...

...but I do care about being told to use one space because that's someone else's preference

Indeed. That with weird spelling if you write something in English (NO, en_US is NOT default in the rest of the world). Disaster strikes if you manage to write something that is regarded offensive in Clorox country (but only there), write something in another language than English, or even more disastrous, are too intelligent for your own good and have a multi language text, which is asking for the Clippy congregation from Hell. And then we're not even touching on the subject of date formats (day before or after month, are you even asking?), temperatures (since you're the ONLY country still using it, YOU are the exception), time formats (yes, AM and PM do matter, NO, not everybody is in YOUR tz, yes write times like everybody else please, because it's bloody annoying making/ getting meeting requests), the fact that oz seems to have something to do with ketchup, but not Australia, or even what kind of voltage your box runs on to begin with. And please don't get me wrong, everybody is privileged to their own quirks, but declaring your manners default is... very annoying. I suppose that's why MS document formats are still not ISO compliant. (Yes, I know they bought their own private standard one they plug market position present as "industry standard" now) </rant>

Apple: We respect your privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps

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Re: The Telcos can provide similar info

No need for Apple

I agree. I don't understand those politicians making such a kerfuffle about it. GPS corona app. Bluetooth corona app. Using personal health/ sports tech. Developing a new app from scratch. Can't everybody who wants to participate just get on Grindr? Available immediately for Apple and Android and seems to work very well...

Linux kernel technical advisory board asks if any maintainers need coronavirus relief

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Re: "even more rubbery than it is naturally"

Wait until you learn about its "laxative properties"...

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Re: Molasses? In Mämmi?

Hear, hear! Made it once or twice because my father loved it. But in our version too there is no molasses. AFAIK it is in the supermarket ready versions to sweeten it up. But not in the "this-is-as-your-nan-used-to-make-it" version...

Knowing a minor preference of the commentards here: there is also mämmi beer [1] [2].

Remember that clinical trial, promoted by President Trump, of a possible COVID-19 cure? So, so, so many questions...

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Re: Whilst We’re On the Topic...

Hello Doc,

Sorry for the late reply, but wanted to add to the comment you wrote. Yes, you're right, but every day clinical (R&D) practice in our societies works a bit different than what you describe. Please don't get me wrong, I agree with what you conclude, but if you look at the reality of every day, the drivers are a bit different.

"One is the particular field in which they find themselves. A virologist, cancer specialist or whatever is likely to have started down that line early in their career because something they encountered grabbed their attention and/or because the subject suits the way they think."

You got a point there, but practice (personal and if I look at my colleagues) shows that the "because something they encountered grabbed their attention..." piece is a bit too optimistic. For clinicians most of the time the subject you're on is where there is an education/ training vacancy. Every year, submissions show that paediatrics, ophthalmology, and CV are top favourites. Gastro intestinal stuff (e.g. proctology, urology, endocrinology) are not. But in the end you take what you (can) get, and that becomes your field. For R&D it's perhaps somewhat more in the direction of what holds the candidates fancy, but in the end every PhDs interest is formed mainly by the project her/ his mentor initiated.

As for your second one, "The other is the financing for that field. It's society as a whole that determines what that is", this is, at least for the clinical sector, true for a very limited extend. Here, I have to admit that the bulk of the R&D, especially pharmacological, is determined by (maximised) profit margin thought. And yes, you're right if you say that unis and institutes do R&D. But the stuff that will land on patients coffee tables comes from industry. And, if industry doesn't see a profit, it doesn't invest in development, and it will never reach patients/ the market. That's why many governments and the EU do have initiatives (e.g. orphan drug development, paediatric dosing stimulation projects) to coax industry to develop in other indications/ look at other approaches. But in the end, the main force is always a simple equation: how many patients are there (prevalence = market size), how does the disease develop over time (incidence = market growth = volume), and what can we charge for such a product (= ROI).

So yes, you're right if you say: "blame the way society chooses to allocate its money", but I think it's good to also realise which part of society that is, and how "steerable" it is nowadays with the (healthcare) system we decided to run with...

As Zoom bans spread over privacy concerns, vid-conf biz taps up Stamos as firefighter in totally-not-a-PR-stunt move

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Don't want to state the obvious, or defend Zoom (although their call quality is better than "others"). But...

Zoom users are highly encouraged to set a password on their meetings, which is a default setting; to not share these credentials publicly, or miscreants will spot them; to use the waiting room feature to vet participants; and to control who can share what during conferences.

...which we all know users don't. I mean, >90% of the calls I do, the hosts don't even use "click to allow entry" (thus allowing gate crashing). Users start/ join with video/ audio always on. If you question hosts/ users about this, reply is that it is "such a hassle to enter passwords and switch video/ audio on all the time". Really? Moving your finger? I mean, it's not like you're asking them to do Iron Man. Good thing though that people by now got the message that downloading and installing randomly found software from the interwebz isn't what you want to do.


Want to stay under the radar for a decade or more? This Chinese hacking crew did it... by aiming for Linux servers

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Re: So, one Linux myth bites the dust

...but unlike Windows there isn't a megabuild...

*cough* ~~systemd~~ *cough*

Absolutely everyone loves video conferencing these days. Some perhaps a bit too much

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Re: Good articles... bad sites

Of course that immediately lit up all the lights and I got called in, but they examined the logs and since that indeed was my one-hand-only visit, I was spared.


No, no, no... No thanks needed...

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Re: heefee, heefy, weefy, wiffy....

talk of wiffy, or maybe weefee, when they actually mean wi-fi.

I know exactly what you mean. In general the Dutch speak English pretty well, perhaps hampered only by an accent that floats somewhere between South African and bad American TV series. But it confused the hell out of me when everybody asked me: "Do you need wee fee?"

I know the Dutch are trying to charge you for everything they can, but I thought it was pretty steep if they wanted you to pay for using the company loo...

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Re: Paris...

Why don't you tell us afterwards?

Remember, hand luggage only... Unless you want to wear the same undies for the time you're there...

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Re: Paris...


You did remember to travel with carry on hand luggage only, didn't you?

Zoom vows to spend next 90 days thinking hard about its security and privacy after rough week, meeting ID war-dialing tool emerges

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This week, the biz admitted to infosec journo Brian Krebs that this password-protected-by-default feature may not be working as intended, leaving people's meetings exposed.

Very true. Especially if people (re)use their personal meeting room, of which the meeting ID does not change. I'm not sure, but I believe there is a specific Zoom setting that, so that for a personal room meeting no password is generated and/ or required. What I do know however, is that in the period since Zoom introduced the new password rule, I didn't encounter a single time I had to enter one (avg. 3-5 Zooms/ wk).

Huawei P40 pricing is in step with previous P-series efforts – but flagship lacks the apps punters have come to expect

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Re: They need to get Google back ASAP

You really can't get a bank account without a smart phone?

So right. In addition, legislation does indeed require new standards that show that you have physical possession of something (e.g. chip pass) that confirms your identity. However, it also stipulates that banks have to offer multiple solutions.So yes, they are obligated to offer alternatives to the banking app. Fact however is that they don't like to, some making it even more unattractive by charging for it, because they love to know more about the person/ phone their app is being used on. And from a colleague of mine I know that some banking apps have no problem peddling "anonymised" data. Yumm.

But hey, it's convenient. And if I see people around me have absolute no second thought connecting to public open wifi, and open/ use their banking app, I really start doubting humanity. Asking myself how many know that banking rules/ legislation changed which now stipulates that any banking mishap happening, as default starting position, lies with the consumer (e.g. condition of software, device). But hey, can I have a large latte please while I check my balance with my handy app?

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Re: Facebook Free?

My thought exactly. I mean, is the human species really that lazy/ stupid/ demure/ (more characterisations not meant to be offending, but still head shake inducing)? The missus also doesn't have PlayStore, but does have WA. Went with phones browser to whatsapp.com, got the apk, and installed it. Not my cuppa (not interested in drunken pics, diet tips and defecation patterns of others), but if she (non-technical consumer) can do it, I fail to understand why others can't. Then again, I suspect that, as referenced in the piece, if Huawei dropped the prices massively, many consumers would overcome their lethargy immediately.

(BTW: in both referenced, previous ElReg pieces, Dell and Asus state that they don't see more returns, but that this message most likely is an MS driven/ fuelled marketing rumour. However, in this piece, 12 years later, ElReg now states that these 4 times higher return rates were a proven fact. Bit sloppy by the Vulture...)

Microsoft expands AI features in Office, but are they any good? Mixed, according to our vulture

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Marketing dept. nodding off...

The Editor checks your document not only for basic grammatical and spelling errors, but also for more subjective and complex issues such as inclusivity and gender bias, age bias, wordiness, use of clichés, complex wording, and vague or unnecessary adverbs.

AC: Ramming home points about gender bias?

Meh, MS marketing missed their opportunity of a lifetime there...

It would have sold like hot cakes if they had branded it "pedantic mode"...

But always welcoming a good laugh, very curious how their US style translates in my mother tongue where we have many different ways to say F* off...

Xiaomi, phone home: Chinese everything shop currently making most sales on smartphones

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More than scooters and knickers...

What kind of surprises me is that ElReg does mention the eye brow raising part of Xiaomi's product range every time when it has news on the company. Missing there though is that they also have a considerable, pretty normal laptop range, which TBH is not that bad. No, they are not the absolute top of the line, super specced out, stuffed with the latest and greatest new, can not miss touch bars. But they are decent with a similar strong pricing philosophy as their mobs. If I look around in the lecture hall what students are (sorry, were) dragging in, it's clear that those lappies clearly have found their place on the market. And having seen one opened up, I can understand. Under the hood there are the same, usual suspects like Intel, Samsung, and so on, just like any A brand machine. Maybe not the latest and greatest iteration, but that's why students love their price so much. Although I must admit the influx of Xiaomi lappies was bigger 4 years ago, when their prices were still razor sharp, main MO being to wipe the Chinese windows on it completely and put *nix on it. Since then their price increased, and desirability decreased accordingly...

Yeah, that Zoom app you're trusting with work chatter? It lives with 'vampires feeding on the blood of human data'

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Re: More fool me

I agree with you. We too are/ were very happy with the (paid) Zoom service, using its "healthcare" option. Its quality is (much) better than alternatives, due to the many clients the local OS became insignificant, and furthermore the option for participants to call in by phone (as in phone call, not Zoom phone app, think Lync comparable) was extremely helpful. We did see, after taking out the Zoom paid scheme, a sudden daily Zoom bot visits... [29/Mar/2020:01:52:16 +0100] GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1 200 3835 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com) [29/Mar/2020:01:52:16 +0100] GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 200 739 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com) [29/Mar/2020:01:52:17 +0100] GET / HTTP/1.0 200 3702 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com) [29/Mar/2020:01:54:15 +0100] GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1 200 3835 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com) [29/Mar/2020:01:54:16 +0100] GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.0 200 739 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com) [29/Mar/2020:01:54:16 +0100] GET / HTTP/1.0 200 3702 - ZoominfoBot (zoominfobot at zoominfo dot com)

...thought it was weird and remarkable, showing that TLDs of given email addresses were "probed" actively, the IP with a whois turned out to be Google, but since it seemed to go only after robots.txt left it as a peculiarity. Maybe we should revisit that, especially since we're talking "paid service" and "Zoom for Healthcare" here...

2020 MacBook Air teardown shows in graphic detail how butterfly keyboards were snipped for scissor switch

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Re: Exactly

have never bothered to spec up an equivalent machine

You do realise that the new devices that Apple launches always, consistently have older, sub-spec components right? Things like (too) little RAM, unless hefty idiot tax is paid, aged CPU, perhaps changed if considerable idiot tax is paid, smaller capacity SSDs, unless significant idiot tax is paid.

(Did I already mention the Apple margin is an idiot tax?)

Any way... Perhaps not so bad, if you want (to show off) the looks, to order the case and build something that really has some specs. You can even use your glue gun if you want! After all, it's all about (showing off) the looks right? And if you want, like you say, to have something with really some oompf... I heard the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X seems to be nice. But you can always step down of course if you want it to have more Apple feel...

Tupperware-dot-com has a live credit card skimmer on its payment page, warns Malwarebytes

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Re: What's the betting?

...and we take it very seriously...

UK enters almost-lockdown: Brits urged to keep calm and carry on – as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house

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Re: What about the airports?

You are definitely slow, not just a bit, but really slow - cooking up shit you haven’t bothered to understand.

Really? I can show you our Qiagen analyser or send our analysis protocols we use currently if you want. But don't forget to mark your sample so I can skip it because I don't understand the results of your sample anyway. Oh, FYI, putting AC on it won't work, so real name please...

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Re: What about the airports?

Your RT-PCR remark is very true. Well done.

Then again, with an asymptomatic but virulent first 8 -10 days, your testing argument is off. Wide spread testing can identify the asymptomatic infected early on, enabling isolation and spread. Thing however is that politicians are not that quick (in multiple ways), flat out denying it is happening, or convinced only their national(istic) kit can work, Hence, that opportunity is quickly lost. Then again, as the hills in Snowdonia show, politicians are not the only ones being a bit slow...

Don't believe the hype: Today's AI unlikely to best actual doctors at diagnosing patients from medical scans

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Don't believe the hype indeed...

It is a very subtle, but very correct touch by El Reg to use the title of an 80s song for this, because that how long this kind of attempts have been going on. And, as a result, discussions about these experiments. In the 80s the magic word was "medical expert systems". The presentations I can remember from my own professional (medical) past was that you typed in your symptoms on one end, and a perfect diagnosis would roll out on the other side. Or so they suggested. Over time this quietly left the building, because those pesky patients didn't define their ailments in clear terms, fuzzy data all around, and pick lists and decision trees somehow didn't seem to capture all that other sensory input physicians seem to use. Bummer...

Fast forward a couple of decades on, and we have so-called personal health monitoring devices, which claim a lot, give nice graphs and data to send home, but are major inaccurate. But sell well, just like those snake oil treatments in the Dark Ages.

A virus, an orange president and Google decision tree web sites that look good on large card board signs. The cool feeling we're so much cooler and smarter than we were during the last century, because now have cloudy AI thingy stuff. Which seems to have the (same) issues similar stuff had decades ago. And don't get me wrong: yes, of course my tools got better over time. Yes, our scanning capacities did increase with automated image analysis and increased digital enhancement. But, we do have to get real on this fetishism that "the AI machines can heal humans better than other humans". Because as the track record shows machines (and the people building them?) are no where smart enough (yet). But hey, we do like selling them to the ignorant to make money!

Furthermore, think about this: the major part of a medical treatment is is the human aspect. Just consider this example: got corona? Please input your data at the screen at the entrance of the hospital... Processing... Our triage protocol shows that you will not be treated at this facility. Next patient please... Doesn't feel right when it concerns you personally, now does it?

Techie collective to whip together official WHO-backed COVID-19 app within a week to meet 'urgent, global need'

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Re: Point being?

Nah, you're showing your age...

They are trying to get the Millennials on board. Don't forget, it isn't real if it doesn't happen on the screen of your mobile...

Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution

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Re: Yesterday

Their IT Dept. just dropped off the equipment at her house and left her to set it up.

Does she work for that well known Swedish company?

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Re: Understated..

Greenhouse on boggy ground I assume?

Firefox, you know you tapped Cloudflare for DNS-over-HTTPS? In January, it briefly knackered two root servers at the heart of the internet

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Re: But

And how many of those who don't know how or what a DNS is are using FireFox?

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

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Re: Sigh.

What's all that distant noise about "speed limits"? Not a problem here on Kraftwerks best song...

As for this Tesla self driving stuff: Sure, can imagine that from a scientific perspective it's interesting and challenging to figure out... But I don't get what should be so inviting for "consumers". I mean, if you don't want to drive, take a bloody taxi or public transport. I know it is probably, most likely, my ignorance, but I still can't grasp peoples motivation to get behind the wheel because they are motivated actively to get from A to B, and then not wanting to put any effort at all in what they are doing...

Hey, Brits. Your Google data is leaving the EU before you are: Hoard to be shipped from Ireland to US next month

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Re: @John Oates

Well, I can see (EU based) VPNs doing good business. Then again, I've also noticed that "many", including "need to log in" Google services, adapt and/ or refuse service if a VPN is detected.

Call us immediately if your child uses Kali Linux, squawks West Mids Police

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Re: I told my Dad I use Kali

Oh crap! Sir, do you realise you just raised the alert level to RED for our defenders of public safety and well-being?!

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Now we don't have to only fight those pesky, rebellious, nonconformist youngsters, but even our pensioners, who turn out to wear hoodies in the homes for the elderly, outside the range of our facial recognition cameras (*OS* Hello!), conspiring on the DarkNet!

Don't break your swanky new Motorola Razr, you probably won't be able to get it fixed

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I guess the simplest option would be making the statutory warranty on electronic devices 5 years. Then the manufacturers have to bare the cost of replacement, or make it repairable, or (good grief!) actually make reliable stuff.

I don't agree with you there. Not in a day and age where (online) businesses and retailers bring new, returned products to the skip, "because we don't have the storage room" or "it is too expensive to reissue them". Then again, if the financial incentive countering this is big enough... Like REALLY big...

Another option of course, would be if the regulatory route was utilised. After all, electronic products like this have to apply for, and can only be sold after receiving a CE mark (in EU). So, if it needs to get approval anyway, I can't see why "sustainability" can not be one of the design requirements, just like "radio waves should not fry users brain". The fact that this isn't captured yet in design regulations might be a symptom of the standard MO of rule makers/ politicians: "Let's start thinking about this when it becomes a problem for me/ people start making noise that affects me personally"...

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this

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Re: Not as disruptive as it sounds

Wondering how this would affect the users of self hosted "clouds" (e.g. ownCloud, NextCloud)...

Although, yes, I would agree immediately that a non-HTTPS "cloud" install would be questionable to begin with...

NASA's Christina Koch returns to Earth as the longest-serving woman astronaut – after spending 328 days in space

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Re: Question : What's more import ?

...ladies being more prone to osteoporosis, the wasting effects of prolonged microgravity on bones...

Sorry, have to correct you here. Osteoporosis does indeed have a higher prevalence in women... of a certain age. The drop in hormone production in menopausal women causes this. Before menopause, in general, we are pretty much "the same". However, as always with these kind of statements, there is individual variation. As tech people it might be more significant that "activity" is correlated negatively with osteoporosis. So, I suppose "non-active, unwashed screen dwellers" have to watch it (too) ☺

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Re: Brilliant job that Woman!

I wonder how long it will take her to get her earth legs back?

On the Beebs Beyond 100 Days yesterday was an interview with an American gentleman (sorry, forgot name) who also did a really long stretch. When asked, he mentioned that, even after a week you would need 2-3 days to readjust. This is mainly your equilibrium getting used again to up, down, and all that. Period of headaches and nausea guaranteed. For longer stretches muscle hypotropia sets in, and can prolong readjustment periods up to (in his experience) 6 months...

Researchers reckon 500k PCs infested with malware after dodgy downloads install even more nasties from Bitbucket

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Re: Instant karma

It gets worse when you're in research.

Oh, I can top that easily...

Ever turned up at any kind of congress, gathering, what ever, with an odp in stead of a ppt(x)?

That's what makes you hackable: Please, baby. Stop using 'onedirection' as a password

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Re: Cut and paste ya bam

...unless the login page comes back with a "hovering window" without a window title...

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So you guys are saying that I better change my X Factor themed password "h0t_5u5an-b0yl3"?

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it

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Curious non-Windows user here, wondering: So on Windows 10 you can't use Search if you're not connected to "the net"? Like for example in air plane mode, or if you're not connected to a (known) network?

If so, that sounds rather Google Chrome-like (from what I've heard of it)...

RIP FTP? File Transfer Protocol switched off by default in Chrome 80

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@Nate: File Transfer Potocol

If you did like OwnCloud, but missed an "admin dash" to track up/ downloads, take a look at ProjectSend here or on GitHub here. From what I have played around with it, it might not have all the bells and whistles of OwnCloud (or NextCloud), but it focusses on up/ download and is nice and small. And it has an admin dash to track activity. Then again, this is something that has php as its engine, and as many have shown, this can be a consideration/ worry on the security side. As always, it depends on your use case.

Ah, night shift in the 1970s. Ciggies, hipflasks, ADVENT... and fault-prone disk drives the size of washing machines

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Hefty bar tabs...

"The junior operator [...] paid hefty bar tabs for all involved for six months,"

Curious how this played out. Over here this would ruin the junior operators future chances of every own anything of value during his whole life indeed.

Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source

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Re: Do they know an open source Windows would be the death of Linux?

There are a number of reasons that Linux is not established on the desktop.

I assume this also includes the average level of intelligence of the "common" user and their proactive drive to increase it? (Who here hasn't done "Help Desk" work, either paid or "because you're my friend"? Who hasn't read "On Call" here?)

After all, making something "idiot proof" "convenient" has been proven a very successful commercial model...

Updated your WordPress plugins lately? Here are 320,000 auth-bypassing reasons why you should

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Re: Are WordPress plugin developers the worst, or ...

...WordPress is an extremely popular target for attackers...

Very true. If I only got money for every time...



























Squirrel away a little IT budget for likely Brexit uncertainty, CIOs warned

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IT departments should stash away some of their budgets to cope with the likely disruption caused by Brexit - the UK is scheduled to shift to a new trading agreement with the EU and further afield by the end of 2019.

I realise some are eager, but that should read 2020, right?



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