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UK taxman goes chief digi officer shopping at the bank: Appoints ex-Barclays CIO


I'm scared

enough of this corruption. Just because he worked as a CIO doesn't mean he knows shit. almost all CIOs know nothing because they are usually from the old boy's clubs. Sounds like more money down the drain and we will have more IR35 implementations!


Well designed

to sack all of the clever people and replace with their friends and family who know nothing abut IT.

International Bullying Machine? Big Blue seeks exposure of corporate canary


Indian BodyShop Manipulators

I'm glad that Jonathan Langley has the "cojones" to stand up to the bastards at this nasty place of modern slavery.

We should pay into a fundraiser if they try to screw over this fine young man. Surely we as human beings must stand together!

To be honest though, we are dickheads ourselves by becoming slaves.

We have human rights, and just because an amoral society tries to instill in us that we made a choice to accept these rules doesn't mean we did.

Sorry for the moral piety. I'm no better....but as I'm getting older I'm becoming less scared. What's the worst they can do? Make me use Facebook?


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