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Battle of the stats: Blu-ray beats HD DVD


Hogging Technology surely not the way to go.

I think we can thank our lucky stars that Sony did not win the betamax / VHS war, since things might've looked very different today.

Sony has time and time again proved that they intend to approach any market they enter extremely aggresively. Although we cannot deny Sony's right to do so, I'm surely not going to buy any electronics product that only supports media/hardware manufactured and sold by the same manufacturer ONLY. Sony do manufacture excellent products, but I surely don't like their marketing approach: Conquer all without mercy and force consumers to conform to what we sell.

I mean let's look at this logically. You buy a Sony Digital Camera. You want more storage space to be able to take more photos. You HAVE TO buy a Sony memory stick...sorry, Sony says, no support for SD Cards, just SONY memory sticks.

The obvious conclusion. Sony determines the price of the media be it memory sticks or blue ray discs, and if you go have a look ALL Sony media is comparatively MUCH more expensive than it's counterparts eg Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD etc.

No, I'd rather stick with devices that support HD DVD and SD Cards since I believe this will benefit us as consumers, financially and from a technological viewpoint. The more manufacturers to complete research and push technologies, the better I say.

Support Sony at your own peril, or if you have boatloads of cash. I surely don't do the former or have the latter.


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