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Operation Desert Sh!tstorm: Routine test shoots down military's top-secret internets

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Re: Lack of Bacon

Was he being polite due to being in Riyadh? That was the location wasn't it?

Amazon's bugging of homes has German boffins worried that Alexa may be an outlaw

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Re: "the country takes the issue very seriously"

That and a few other comments present possible fixes, but the problem is that all of these companies have already proven that they cannot be trusted.

Industry reps told the UK taxman everything wrong with extending IR35. What happened next will astound you

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As usual and common across the world, the Government is going after the wrong group to increase its income through taxation. Government needs to be going after Corporations to increase its taxable income not us in the populace. The problem is that Corporations have bought and built very favourable tax laws and can afford to fight the Government in court. Then add in the graft and corruption at the highest levels, which is business as usual, and you know it'll be us getting screwed over. Of course, the problem isn't just taxation but how Globalization has played out. Governments everywhere know this isn't sustainable if we are to keep any semblance of our standard of living but the graft and corruption at the top make change unlikely.

Oracle told to warp 9 out of court: Judge photon-torpedoes Big Red's Pentagon JEDI dream

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Re: Politics in procurement, you don't say

Agreed, but the potential largess toward a certain ruling American family and their lackies is not nearly as large from DARPA as from mega Corps.

Ex-NASA Mars InSight contractor sets legal eagles on JPL over whistleblower sacking

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As children we are taught to do the right thing

and this is where it gets us, especially when there's money on the table. Bravo to this engineer.

Internet imbeciles, aka British ISP lobbyists, backtrack on dubbing Mozilla a villain for DNS-over-HTTPS support

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Re: piHole all the way - ahoy !

and, for those of us who don't do this as a job, calomel.org has some good examples of setting up unbound


Black Hat USA axes anti-abortion congressman as keynote speaker after outcry – and more news from infosec land

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Re: There are now answers to this that will make everyone happy.

Keep in mind that in society today what is considered the far left is FDR style social democracy which is what built the US economy into the power house that it is. Trump and those of his ilk are moving the US toward the far right which is closer to the oligarchy that FDR style social democracy replaced. I say this with caveat that Trump may be more of a fascist than those who preceded him.

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Re: This is how Trump got elected.

This is interesting.


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People can hold any view they want, absolutely; but, not all views hold the same weight. Politicians, however, by the very nature and importance of their work need to be held to a higher standard. Politicians should be building legislation on the basis of scientific evidence, historical data and human rights. No Politician should be able to get away with pandering to any groups particular wants or beliefs. Yet, that seems to be all they do now. For instance, here in Canada Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party were in a real race with the NDP. One the NDPs platform promises was to enact Proportional Representation (PR) and that was gaining real traction with us in the populace so the Libs jumped on that bandwagon and that seems to have been enough to swing a lot of people to the Libs. The problem there was the Libs had no intention of enacting PR as it would hurt both their and the Conservative Party's chances of forming single party majority governments and that is not something either of those parties or their main contributors want.

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Re: This is how Trump got elected.

Although I understand that argument when does one take a stand and and say to such people your views are ridiculous and you don't deserve a platform which can be used to for self promotion?

The problem with Trump wasn't that he was denied a platform but that so many media outlets were so fascinated with his idiot speeches that he got a huge platform to promote his lies and idiocy. Sadly, so many Americans have little or no hope of reasonable Government under their existing system and want Governmental change so badly that they voted for Trump. It is my sincere hope that most won't repeat that mistake again. Although, without voting in a real progressive and the Congress and Senate people to support such there won't be any real change. Free market Capitalism has gone well past it zenith. We in the developed economies need a new New Deal (FDR) style of Governance (Social Democracy) to re-balance economies and put money back in the pockets of the populace.

The worst part of the Trump presidentail administration may be the encumbrance of the Supreme Court with judges who care less about the law than they do their political or religious beliefs. That will hurt America for many years. That will keep American society somewhat destabilized for a long time. Putin has truly won the war. Trump<--Bannon<--Putin

Trump: Huawei ban will be lifted!
US Commerce Dept.: Yeah, about that…

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Security risk or not, we in the developed economies, need to move a lot of manufacturing back to the countries in which we live for our own security. I think that something Trump will be known for is proving that no country can be counted on as a stable trade or defence partner. Canada, for instance, exports huge amounts of its finite natural resources unfinished to other countries. We leave a lot of money out of our economy by not exporting finished goods.

14 sailors die aboard Russian cable spy, er, ocean research nuke sub after fire breaks out

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Re: What Would The Opposite Of 'Covert Spying' Be ?

That's what social media is for.

DeepNude deep-nuked: AI photo app stripped clothes from women to render them naked. Now, it's stripped from web

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Agreed! or, at the least, never cared about them as human beings. Maybe just saw them as objects.

There's Huawei too many vulns in Chinese giant's firmware: Bug hunters slam pisspoor code

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It would be fantastic if these mega corps could provide the code quality of OpenBSD. Maybe they should be paying OpenBSD devs to optimize for their devices? I know no software is error free but come on mega corps this is what you do, your hardware is only as good as the drivers and software that enable its functionality.

Google: We're not killing ad blockers. Translation: We made them too powerful, we'll cram this genie back in its bottle

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Re: Firefox's change to WebExtensions kills adblockers?

This looks like an interesting alternative, https://www.brow.sh/

This is grim, Vim and Neovim: Opening this crafty file in your editor may pwn your box. Patch now if not already

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For those us with less experience than many of you here there is Ed Mastery https://mwl.io/nonfiction/tools#ed

I have no relationship with the author other than appreciating his work.

IT pro screwed out of unused vacation pay, bonus by HPE after judge rules: The law is a mess but it's still the law

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No, they don't. It's part of the plan of moving all this work to lower cost centres and/or finding people who'll work ridiculous hours for peanuts.

Arista whips out first crop of edgy switches, Wi-Fi 6 gear

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Re: Too expensive for campus.

My experience with learning Junos was that it was easier to learn than Cisco iOS. Does iOS now have the ability to create temporary configuration when you change configuration that shows you the results of your intended changes? In Junos you dump in your intended changes type "show | compare" and you see what's changing in that box before any changes are made. That's saved my bacon more than once. Years ago when I worked in Cisco equipment that feature seems to have been missing.

If your broadband bill is too high consider moving to Idaho, they get the internet for free

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Re: Now, as for wireline monopolies...

sorry, replying to myself to add comparisons:

The State of Maine from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine#Population

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Maine was 1,338,404... on 35,385 sq mi (91,646 km2).

The country of England from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England

Area 130,279 km2 (50,301 sq mi)[2] Population 2017 estimate 55,619,400

That so many don't have fibre run past them is a function of corporate greed. One might even consider that a little collusion might be thrown in.

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Re: Now, as for wireline monopolies...

@Jellied Eel

I have to, at least partially, disagree about rolling out fibre is too expensive. I live in Atlantic Canda and here there are basically two physical wire service providers. One was the tradition phone company using twisted copper pair and the other the cable tv using coax.

So, as Internet speeds and tv programs increased in bandwidth requirement the coax provider was kicking the ass of the twisted pair provider. The twisted pair provider decided to run FTTH damn near everywhere in Atlantic Canada and are now the prefer provider in the area. They run fibre past 90-95% of the population in a largely rural and harsh environment. To hear other ISP/Telco/TV providers say it's too expensive seems to me to be a lie. Keep in mind that Atlantic Canada is also, typically, the most economically depressed area of Canada.

Atlantic Canada taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_Canada

"The population of the four Atlantic provinces in 2016 was about 2,300,000[1] on half a million km2. The provinces combined had an approximate GDP of $121.888 billion[2] in 2011. "

New twist in underworld of alleged code, data theft: Two, er, boffins accused of trying to steal, uh, a river model

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Re: "If the Old River Control Structure Fails: A Catastrophe With Global Impact"

Thanks for that link. That's very interesting.

Amazon Alexa: 'Pre-wakeword' patent application suggests plans to process more of your speech

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Wow! If you don't have a pressing need, such as a physical disability, for such a device why would you have one?

Google may have taken this whole 'serverless' thing too far: Outage caused by bandwidth-killing config blunder

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Re: Management Network


It appears they need to give their management VLANs higher CoS/QoS. Under the issues they've described they shouldn't have had trouble managing their systems.

Makes me wonder if there wasn't more to this issue because I find it hard to believe they hadn't done that. It's not the GOOG are new cloud.

Marvell: So, looks like Chinese buyers were cautious about networking kit...

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Re: Is the era of free trade turning into one of balkanization

I think that first we need to decide if free trade and globalization have been good for the "developed economies" over the long term.

Things I remember from up to sometime in the mid 1970s or early 1980s was that credit was much harder to get. Did this change around the time of “free trade” and “globalization” or perhaps it predated those and was caused to stimulate the economy at the time of the OPEC oil embargo? Eased credit availability to us, the populace, may or may not have been a good thing. I’m leaning toward not. The 1980s to present also lead to greatly reduced tax burdens and a plethora of tax loop holes available it would seem only to the wealthy and large Corporations.

The selling of free trade and globalization was to open new markets to western business. Quite the opposite has occurred. We suffered job loss which started with lower end manufacturing and clothing industries but over the 40 plus years since have moved to include the high tech industries that now largely dominate our lives. China and India both have rules that limit foreign ownership in their countries and if I recall correctly India tightened those rules about a year ago.

So, massive amounts of money and jobs have gone from the developed economies to China, India and others more recently. The big problem here is that the developing economies don’t have meet the wages, health care, or environmental standards that are required in developed economies.

We cannot compete.

Idiots like Trump and his ilk want to drive our salaries, health care and environmental standards down to non-existence while what should be happening is that our Governments shouldn’t be trading with nations that don’t meet the standards we have.

This is in no way intended to be a knock on either China, India or other developing economies. It is directly a knock on the short-sighted greed of the developed economies Governements and Corporations possibly culminating in the idiocy or the USA Trump Idiocracy.

Intel unveils Project Athena: Chipzilla tells lappy makers how to build their own kit

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The whole "old laptops don't work well enough" is ridiculous, in most cases. For my home usage I still use a Lenovo T420 i5 with 8Gigs of RAM and the original spinning rust HDD running MX Linux. It still works wonderfully for my purposes and I occasionally spin up a different distro in a VM to have a look. I'd like to buy a new laptop with maybe 32 or 64 Gig of RAM but that won't be soon and if I go that root I'll make sure it has AMD inside. I'll probably put an SSD in my T420 and maybe buy a T440 with 16 Gig of RAM next.

So, other than for gaming there's very little most of us can't do using an older laptop.

That's a hell of Huawei to run a business, Chinese giant scolds FedEx after internal files routed via America

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Re: And that, ladies and gentlemen...

I loved that series of books. The TV mini-series was quite good too :)

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Re: SD Card

Real question here:

Is it because Huawei doesn't want to pay to use an existing patented technology and has a functional R&D department?

...and, of course, SPYING!!!!

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Re: I will not attribute your post to malice, never.

but...conspiracy theories can be so much fun

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I expect that you are correct but I like my idea about spy games much better. It's way more fun :)

No Huawei out: Prez Trump's game of chicken with China has serious consequences

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Re: Difficult to back out

Well said. Much of this problem is due to the deregulation of Corporate financials. I'm not a finance person so am not sure that's the correct term. What I'm talking about is at the time of globalization/free trade when RRSPs were allowed to participate in corporate stock outside of national scope. Such was the case in Canada at the time. Since then, these corporations outsource as much work as possible to developing economies to reduce cost and most no longer have any R&D worth mentioning, all in the name of increasing profit for the Ponzi/Pyramid scheme that is the deregulated stock market and that is effect of changing the corporate tax burden. Since the late 1970s corporations have been able to increasingly buy their own taxation system, it seems. The more regulated, or in authoritarian regimes financially controlled, corporations still seem to have effective R&D.

The above boils down to the populace having been duped by bad faith politicians. As much I don't like Trump and his crazy train this all started a long time before him.

Bug-hunter reveals another 'make me admin' Windows 10 zero-day – and vows: 'There's more where that came from'

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Re: Some suggestions....


"Unfortunately, there is a fourth choice:

4. Try to destroy it"

Oh yes, that's the Trump/Bannon method.

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I agree that one should be a decent human being and do the right thing and I or any/most of you would do that. On the other hand, many Corporations make most of their money in the developed economies and outsource their work to the developing economies whenever possible or simple reduce staff leaving existing staff with an increased workload. I find it very hard to have have any sympathy for any of them.

Standards group W3C wins support from all major players to get AI working in the browser

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This idea sounds a bit like Plan 9 and the idea of distributed computing except, I expect, without the user having as much control or security.

China trade tariffs? Fuhgeddaboudit, say Cisco execs. We, er, shifted some production

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Re: China coming to the table

I upvoted you, because if Trump was sane you'd be correct, but is Trump smart enough to understand that or care how that would most of the world's population? I'll bet he's worked out something with his friend Vlad wherein he and the kids can move in with his buddy in case he's able to pull that off. What I wonder is does Trump believe that his buddy would honour a deal like that.

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Re: There's just a leeeettle untold problem with these industry ideas (and it's not just Cisco)


No fear of, "...Uncle Sam investigates the supply chain." Trump will have gutted that Department with budget cuts.

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It's important to keep in mind that Trump is a Bannon fan and Bannon wants to deconstruct the US economy/world economy and turn it all back to the times of the robber barons. Aside from the fact that there's nothing any nation can do with any nation that has nukes, if the nation with nukes is run by a crazy despot. North Korea is a good example of that. To contrast that, Ukraine is a good example of living near that and giving up its nuclear arsenal.

The taxation system and corporations hiding money and having an ever decreasing tax burden certainly needs changing, in NA at the least, but I think Bernie Sanders ideas of a new New Deal was the way that should have played out. Of course, the robber barons didn't want that and where there's private money and lobbying allowed in politics we get control by rober barons.

Freed whistleblower Chelsea Manning back in jail for refusing to testify before secret grand jury

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Re: One crime.

and fines only work against the plebeians, we Patricians have no concern of those....whoops wrong website...damn that corrupt judicial system

Good heavens, is it time to patch Cisco kit again? Prime Infrastructure root privileges hole plugged

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Obligatory Huawei comment about security.

Office 365 user security practices are woeful, yet it's still 'Microsoft's fault' when an org is breached

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Re: Yet another bit of blackmail

Wait until they have huge corporate up take of this service. Lock in will increase and then you'll see prices increase.

'Unstoppable' Chinese NAND fabber YMTC to unleash 64-layer flash flood before skipping ahead to 128 – analyst

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I love lower prices, but this feels like selling below cost of production to put competitors out of business or simply using their near slave labour force to under cut prices. Either way this should not be allowed, of course, that's how a lot mega Corps have gotten where they are, so it'll be interesting to see the arguments for and against this.

Banhammer Republic: Trump declares national emergency, starts ball rolling to boot Huawei out of ALL US networks

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Re: Huawei + China Vs Cisco Systems + United States of America

I am not a Trump supporter, but in the case of selling stuff cheaply from developing economies we cannot compete. Many developing nations have very good education systems and can compete on technical developments, obviously. At what point do developed nations stop the bleeding of jobs? Granted the system is screwed and Trump will make it worse not better, but sometimes even his idiocy is a "small step" in the right direction.

Real steps would require these maga-Corps to bring jobs back to NA, EU, AU and parts of Asia.

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Re: Say it ain't so.

and the Raptors lost game 1 :(

How much open source is too much when it's in Microsoft's clutches? Eclipse Foundation boss sounds note of alarm

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Re: It's the monocolture of open source that led to this

We should all be very thankful that the grey beards, in their wisdom, spun Devuan out of Debian and there are the BSDs. There is still hope!

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I find it hard to believe that so many commenters are for Microsoft's increased control of OSS. They, MS, have both the time and money to destroy and I'd be shocked if that isn't what happens.

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Re: re: in before a load of old men sneering at visual studio code

I find it terrifying. The youf what accept this hasn't learned from the grey beards.

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All part of the plan...Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

AI! Databases here we come, yells Huawei as it preps software you can fling your Arm around

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Re: Legal advice from Saudi America?

I think it is germane to the subject of the Chinese government's handling of the Huawei case. China is, of course, an Authoritarian regime and the US is moving in that direction, at this point the above illustrates the not so thin edge of that wedge. I do hope your right and that those bills will be overturned.

Timely Trump tariffs tax tech totally: 25 per cent levy on modems, fiber optics, networking gear, semiconductors…

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Re: This treat is not moo-rish

Here's another one. There are so many articles questioning the viability of the Canada China FIPA:


To paraphrase the article, China can screw Canada in about anyway they want.

Amazon agrees to stop selling toxic jewelry, school supplies to kids, coughs up some couch change ($700,000)

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Re: If I were a betting man...

I agree that China can produce very high quality products. No question about that. The problem, in my opinion, is human rights, pay, hours expected, healthcare etc.. all those things that we in developed economies have, or used to have thanks to unions. We, in developed economies, cannot compete as our cost of living is so much higher and having had a large, vibrant middle class from the end of WW2 through the 1980s we are have expectations that freedoms, quality education, healthcare will continue, except our governments and the money that owns them is moving us away from that model and toward the Chinese model. Lets face it the wealthy have more control than we'd like and that is increasing.

Aussies, Yanks may think they're big drinkers – but Brits easily booze them under the table

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Re: '...targeting the price would help cut down on the unsafe levels of consumption.'

@Robert D Bank

You hit the nail on the head, well said.


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