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Uber driver drove sleeping woman miles away from home to 'up the fare'. Now he's facing years in the clink for kidnapping, fraud


Re: Welcome to Uber

My point was the company doesn't seem to take reports against drivers seriously, or even listen to them at all, and that really hurts my opinion of them. There seems to be ample warning before these things happen, if they'd just listen. It doesn't mean that taxis are better though, hell taxis here have the exact same problem. TBH I've just stopped using all services like that while I'm alone, for my own peace of mind.


Welcome to Uber

In my experiences with Uber they do NOT care until the police are involved, and only then when something serious has happened. Then they pretend this was the first they heard of the problem but are right on top of fixing it.

I had an Uber driver do the classic creep on my way to a friend's building (including very obviously trying to figure out if I lived there). He then stayed outside the building for two (!) hours. The next day I also saw him waiting outside the campus building he picked me up at. I reported all of that and nothing happened.

My friend spotted him a couple of other times around the building, then two weeks later he was arrested for breaking into the building and being aggressive. I reported this again with the police report. Nothing. He wasn't charged (not really clear if the building or the police didn't want to), so that was that. Uber didn't care.

About two years later he was convicted of raping a passenger. So yeah. It's just an anecdote from my life, but this article does not seem like an isolated incident. Plus I've heard many other stories of reports doing nothing.

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