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Customer: BT admitted it had 'mis-sold' me fibre broadband


BT Home Broadband

I've just had the BT sales people on the phone. Asking me to sign up for another 18 month contract. He then went thru the usual spiel about this calls being recorded etc etc. I asked for a copy of the conversation as, I knew where it was leading to.... anyway, the sales chap then states that I can now get Fibre Optic in my area.....that's funny I say as, I've never seen any cables being laid these past 3 months...Are they laying them at night?. No sir he laughs, we can send the fibre optic signal down the telephone line???. Thats a very amusing sales pitch you have there. Sorry he says?, yes, I explained that it's my profession laying FO cable around the world and, you cannot send a FO signal down copper wire.....so please hurry up and send me a copy of this discussion. I doubt very much it will ever see the light of day but, I intend to take this to the very top.


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