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Amazon triples profit to $11.2bn, pays ZERO DOLLARS in corp tax – instead we pay it $129m


Wait, so *I* can’t deduct state and local taxes beyond $10K anymore but Amazon can deduct a billion of it ?

Space policy boffin: Blighty can't just ctrl-C, ctrl-V plans for Galileo into its Brexit satellite


There have been NAVIC reference chipsets out for a couple of years now, and India is in the process of requiring all commercial mobile / navigation devices sold within the country to have NAVIC as the default option, from a point in near future.



The NAVIC constellation of seven IRNSS satellites covers India and 1500kms past its borders. Nothing to do with the UK in any form.

Galileo, here we go again. My my, the Brits are gonna miss EU


Re: Forget the politicians

"In the case of the US, are you confusing visas with their electronic travel authorisation system for visa free travel? In most cases a "visa" still means sending off your passport and getting a visa put in it."

No, there is such a thing as an electronic visa that combines the ESTA mechanism with visa issuance. It involves an online registration, uploading your passport bio page and a picture in scanned form, and paying a fee. You get your approval or denial by email and you print the approval notice and carry it with you.

India has updated its immigration systems to process pretty much the entire world this way, for tourism and medical visitors. You no longer send out a passport anywhere. That's only done for longer and more specialized visit types, that don't apply to the vast majority of the visitors.


Re: Fgs

"The Commonwealth doesn't have one, India has one.

If you ask nicely and permit increased immigration they might let you join in... but it is a regional system with coverage of the area containing targets for their nuclear missiles."

The current IRNSS system is indeed regional. It was conceptualized after GPS access issues during the 1999 Kargil War. Budget allocations started 2006, and satellite launches started in 2013.

It became operational in Spring 2018 with the launch of the 7th satellite IRNSS-1I in April, and covers India along with an area extending 1500km around it. The total cost so far is approx $340 million for the project, 7 sats and launchers (PSLV-XL).

It will be expanded to a global network of 24 satellites, probably by the mid 2020s.


India already has an operational sat nav system as well .


Re: Fgs

It has ‘limited geographical coverage’ because it’s not a commonwealth or global system by design . IRNSS is the Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System. Like the Chinese Beidou system, it’s India’s homegrown navigational satellite system, created after the US blocked access to accurate GPS signal in the past, leading them to decide the only way forward was a homegrown system .

Tesla undecimates its workforce but Elon insists everything's absolutely fine


I’m glad you acknowledge the impact of your own constraints on carbuying choice . Too many criticisms of EVs related to inability to home charge, conflate the persons own constraints with that of the car .

A contractor or foreman clearly shouldn’t buy a Kia Rio or Toyota Yaris, and then complain it can’t handle the piles of lumber he tried to stick inside at Home Depot . Similarly, it isn’t the smart choice to buy an EV if you’re clearly constrained from easily charging it .

However, when you live/work someplace where the charging infrastructure works for you, at least with a Tesla and it’s network of chargers, I find practically no compromise . Quite the opposite, since my energy and overall operational costs are way lower .


Your post is factually wrong. Is also is extremely short sighted, and apparently that of a person who hasn’t used the car he’s talking about, at any length . And yes, I know - I drive a Model S.

It doesn’t take ‘hours to supercharge a Tesla’ . The time to gain a functional charge is counted in *minutes* . You can go from 20% to over 80% charge in under 30 minutes . Over 90% in between 30-45 minutes . Beyond that, charge rate tapers .

BUT - charging 100% is usually pointless . Regen braking is turned off due to high charge level, so you don’t gain what it would otherwise offer . Superchargers in most urban areas with lots of Tesla’s are 50mi apart or less.

Another gaping hole almost every non EV owner discounts - because they’ve never experienced its worth - is that having a plug in the garage means you wake up every morning to a full tank . And no, it doesn’t take 10-12hrs . A NEMA 14-50 pushing a sustained 40A gets you an approx 30 miles/hr charge rate . My 75D is typically done in 5-6hrs, using the ToU rate starting midnight , with anywhere from 10-20% initial charge and 90% limit setting .

And the 255mi range ? That is not the range you get by babying the car . Rather, it’s what you get when you do 70-75mph on the freeway . If you putter along at 35-45mph around town, you’ll get a higher range than advertised : https://insideevs.com/heres-how-speed-impacts-range-of-the-tesla-model-s/

I’ve driven mine two years now . Well north of 50K miles in those years . My round trip commute is almost 200 miles, and I can do it on one charge . I’ve driven up to the Canadian border and back from LA . It just works . Supercharging plus destination chargers meant I woke up more than once with a full tank in the car .

Range anxiety is a normal thing for those who aren’t familiar, or even EV newcomers . Most other EVs are not yet functional , but Tesla’s are . The supercharger network is a force multiplier that no one else has, as yet .

Another quarter, another record-breaking Tesla loss: Let's take a question from YouTube, eh, Mr Musk?


Re: Pioneers

Dismal real world ranges ? Tesla’s get their quoted ranges under real world conditions . The 259 miles on a 75D is not something you get by babying it a time 55mph with a tailwind downhill - I get 98-102% of rated range doing 70-75 on the freeway with the AC on .

Commonwealth Games brochure declares that England is now in Africa


It's time...

... to round up Robert Redford and Meryl Streep for a sequel to their 80s movie - Back Into Africa.

India signals ban on cryptocurrencies, embraces blockchain


So , how much did you lose in the last two months ? Bitcoin is just a modern day tulip mania . Its technology is far more useful . And that’s exactly what India is doing - keeping its citizens from blowing money on BS while investing in using the technology to suit its needs .


Re: Sales tax in India

There’s no such tax if the company manufactures them in India . That’s the whole purpose of setting up a tax structure than minimally impacts local production and increases duties by level of imported content . Its an extremely sensible and effective approach . It just bothers you because it impacts you .


Hypocrisy ? Labour is one of the three pillars of capitalism, along with goods and capital . The west particularly wants free movement of capital so it can invest its sizeable capital surpluses elsewhere , movement of goods to suit its own industry, but not movement of labour, since that’s too inconvenient for you right now. But oh, not 100-150 years ago, when indentured labour was absolutely a necessity . You should stop being a whiny little b***h.


Re: India

Your response is all over the place, combining a few headline facts with a lot of garbage . ‘Construction services’ ? That’s not even merchandise trade . India separately breaks out merchandise and services trade figures . Look it up .

H-1B visa hopefuls, green card holders are feeling the wrath of 'America first' Trump


Re: Sorry Reality I'd Harsh

You’re assuming India forced the US hand in this . The reality is that the US and even UK corporations loved and continue to love outsourcing . Indian companies didn’t make the laws and the loopholes . The US did . And left it open for 20+ years . But hey it sounds cathartic to take it on the other guy right ?


Since when ? I got my employment based GC in the late 2000s (2008 I think), and all I had was biometrics. No interview. Only the citizenship naturalization process had one as standard.

Nervy nuke-armed nation fires missile with 5,000km range


Lots of whiny bitching on here

Looks like the comments have all the usual talking points covered:

* Trump

* bloody Hindoooos

* We give them aid ???

* Savages shit in the streets

* Assorted noise about the Empire.

Don't you guys tire of it ? You keep sending us money and get enormously upset about it, then send more. I'd hate to see it end, not because of the money which is peanuts to a country with a $3 trillion GDP growing at 7% a year, but the expression of wanton impotence is just so absurdly funny.

Dick move: Navy flyboy flings firmament phallus for flabbergasted folk


And that’s what happens

... when you have seamen up in the air .

Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles


Re: Tesla semi?

I’ve owned a Model S for two years and have covered over 40K miles, and that comment is nonsense . I get within 100-102% of rated range doing 70-75mph on the freeway with the climate control running . Under extremely inclement conditions - heavy rain and wind - I still manage within 110-115% . Under 55mph I get above rated range performance . There’s absolutely no ‘feathering’ involved . Quite the opposite in fact , considering the instantaneous torque on tap.

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


Re: Asian

They aren't recruiting Chinese students . They're appealing to international students, who pay full fees . The Chinese just happen to be the biggest segment of that . Local Chinese and Indian students aren't at an advantage . Quite the opposite . They face academic standards far higher than whites, much less the less performing minorities like the Hispanics and Blacks .

'Fat boy' flies: ISRO's heavy rocket fails to blow up


Re: And the UK gives "aid" to this country.

The US and USSR came far closer to nuclear war than India and Pakistan ever did. Even today, Putin and Russia are demonized by the west an order of magnitude more than any heat in the subcontinent.

It's trite nonsense that developing countries cannot establish proper protocols. What's more, China's increasing influence over a progressively deteriorating Pakistani economy ensures that they are less likely to lash out.

As for India, we're a status quo power who simply do not look at Pakistan as a peer. We stopped doing that in 1971 after we cut them in half. Until then, they were quite a large entity, surrounding us from both sides, but Indira Gandhi did generations of Indians a great favour by fixing that problem.

Today they are just a nuisance, falling further and further behind us. At one time, they were quite a bit wealthier than us on average, but are now poorer and falling further behind each passing year. Just India's federal budget alone is already quite larger than Pakistan's entire GDP, and pretty much every other metric is 10-20x larger.


Re: "CE7.5 that sits atop the GSLV is a 75kN staged combustion engine. "

The CE7.5 is a restartable engine.

ISRO is moving to a United Launch Vehicles paradigm, with a TSTO approach using LOX/RP1 plus SRBs for the first stage and LOX/LH2 upper stage. With multiple scalable SRBs and upper stages, they can eliminate the 4-stage PSLV and 3-stage GSLV designs, which both have design tradeoffs they have to stomach.

It's not really a 'mistake' they made as such - they're a very small organization with a tiny budget simply reusing technology as much as they could. They have certain core competencies - great SRBs, a reliable (but hypergolic) liquid engine, and now two good LOX/LH2 motors. For example, the LVM3 has two expanded PSLV first stages as the SRBs, and the GSLV Vikas motor as the main motor.

ISRO doesn't want to play with UDMH/N2O2 any longer. They're instead building the SCE2000 LOX/RP1 motor, which will give them the added benefit of scaling up LVM3 payload to 6+ tons to GTO from the current 5ish.


Re: And the UK gives "aid" to this country.

Pakistan ? India's strategic nuclear program has ALWAYS focused on the People's Republic of China! We tested nuclear weapons within a decade of China, and a full quarter of a century before Pakistan. People overestimate the distance to important Pakistani targets. Many are within mere artillery reach. Most of India's ICBMs/IRBMs fired towards Pakistan will instead land in the vicinity of Turkey or Finland.

Pakistan is not a rival or even a peer to India. They are a small country of nuisance value. China is a rival.


Re: It still isn't a heavy lifter

Several things will change:

* Both the SRBs and the cryogenic upper stage overperformed, based on ISRO's statements.

* Only the 200kN cryogenic stage is completely new. The main stage is the same 2x Vikas from GSLV. The boosters are scaled up version of the first stage of PSLV.

* The Vikas engines will be replaced by ISRO's SCE2000 LOX/RP1 core engine that's in development. They project the payload improving to 6 tons to GTO / 12 tons to LEO, from the current 5 and 10.

ISRO is a very lean organization running on a $1 billion budget. As with PSLV and GSLV, they'll simply iteratively improve an initial design until it's well in excess of original stated capability.


Re: And the UK gives "aid" to this country.

The Indian Ministry of Finance internally lists all 'aid' from UK as reparations.


Re: "But under the pressure from the US government the Russians pulled out "

ISRO has now built not one but two LOH/LH2 motors on its own. The CE7.5 that sits atop the GSLV is a 75kN staged combustion engine. The CE20 that sits atop this LVM3 is a 200kN gas generator based design, and currently the most powerful LOX/LH2 upper stage in operation.

India sets June 5 as the day it will join the heavy-lift rocket club


Re: Labelling

They don't *need* to be sophisticated. They just need to be cheap and reliable. The payload to orbit may be lower than the current Ariane 5, but they *cost* per kg-to-orbit is going to be a very competitive proposition they'll offer. What's more, the LVM3 will scale up to 6+ tons to GTO once they swap the lower Vikas engines with their new LOX/RP1 one.

ISRO today has a roughly $1 billion budget. It used to be about half that, or less. Their design sophistication is imposed by costs - they simply reused a set of basic competencies built up from prior designs. Once they have their new LOX/RP1 engine running, they'll entirely ditch hypergolic fuels and switch to a TSTO approach using LOX/RP1 plus SRB lower stage with either of their two new LOX/LH2 engines for the upper stage.

Email proves UK boffins axed from EU research in Brexit aftermath


Re: Is anyone surprised?

There's nothing petty about it . Britons seem to fundamentally misunderstand the consequences of their actions . It's not business as usual until brexit formalities are done . Try telling your workplace you've specifically planned to leave at some future time that you intend to negotiate to your benefit. You'll be excluded from every future project, regardless of the lack of any plan to leave right away.

Floods hit India's IT hubs, wash away some credibility


"Credibility affected" by the inability to handle 17-20cm of rain in ONE day ? Is this news from the same UK where trains get delayed by 'the wrong sort of leaves' ?


Or is this some different magical hyper-efficient UK where nothing ever fails to work, giving you the gilded high horse to sit on and tut-tut from ? Yeah, I thought not.

Just another case of 70 years of British compulsiveness to look down upon India. All British news by default is biased as a result. You simply cannot help but be d1cks when it comes to any topic remotely involving India .

Intel literally decimates workforce: 12,000 will be axed, CFO shifts to sales


Re: What was the Plan

All of which was entirely Intel's own fault because they are the ones running the place. They fucked it up. They should own it up.

Bavarian town rescinds Hitler's honorary citizenship


Good on the Germans. At least they're willing to face up to their ugly past. Now if they UK would see Churchill for what he was - a racist genocidal mass murderer, there wouldn't be such a huge amount of irony when the British speak of Hitler's crimes.

USA doubles visa fees for migrant IT workers


Re: glen.a.currier@gmx.com

Well done. As a fellow H-1B making $225Kish in the bay are (salary + annual stock refreshers + bonuses), it's tiresome to hear of idiots babbling about the topic. Every H-1B story has a comment section that's nothing more than a circle jerk fest among westerners trying to tell themselves how they are superior and the brownies and yellows are all dumb rocks.

Indian carriers forced to send TXT for every 10 megabyte download


What's the point of responses that go "this sounds like a bad idea because <insert completely unrelated use case for another much more data-intensive country>" ? This is an India-specific solution for cost conscious mobile subscribers who want to access mobile data, but keep a tab on the costs. It's a reflection of a system that understands the needs of its consumers and acts quickly and decisively to provide it.

Look! Up in the sky! Five Brit satellites on one Indian rocket!


There aren't racists here. There are aidists. "Why are we sending billyuns in aid to people to are also launching our satellites ? whine whine!" Idiots. When you give us free money, we're going to take it. When you give us money to launch your fucking satellites, we'll take that too.


Re: This isn't about aid...

The Chinese cannot launch if because of technology on board that's restricted. They can use the output of the satellites, but cannot have access to it. So it went to India.


Re: Risky?

You wouldn't know anything about launch vehicles because you don't have one.


Re: The natural result of abandoning a space program

It gets them well acquainted with the giant sucking sound taking their money and jobs.


Re: The Indians are hosed...

It's a fucking earth observation satellite. The Chinese can't even make one themselves, and have to turn to the British, who are hardly a space power ? We already build our own EOS sats, and have launched several of our own.

Tech Mahindra posts profit warning: The end for Indian outsourcing?


Ahh, the Brits

Good to see that their racism is alive and well.

BILLIONTH Indian mobile subscriber due in 2015


More than 95% of Indian villages get electricity now. Things have changed dramatically in the past decade. The only laggards are rugged and sparsely populated border states or islands. The reference to "many villages don't yet have electricity" is outdated.


Both electricity and cellphones are ubiquitous in India today.

India digs deep to bury neutrino-hunting chamber


Re: Enough cash of their own for a space programme and big science

Because we register it as reparations and like having you keep sending money over one way or the other, even if we don't give a crap about what you think when it comes to how we use the money.

Indian mom just loves it on Mars, tweets fave holiday snap


Re: Congratulations India.

Yes India needs toilets more than a space program. It also needs toilets more than cellphone service or warplanes. Why don't you all ask Vodafone to quit India ? Or ask BAE not to sell weaponry to India ?

Oh wait, that just won't do. Whatever we do is ok as long as it lines your pocket. The trouble starts when we make you look inadequate. That's when the faux morality and affected concern for the poor comes out. Move along now. Whiny ex-colonials are boring.


Re: Do you get what you pay for?

The MAVEN payload is about 50kgs. Mangalyaan's payload is about 16-18kgs. Yes, MOM is more lightweight, but it carries a decent payload, and performed a very elaborate process of getting there, using the Oberth effect to generate enough velocity to get into Mars transfer orbit (despite a couple of motor firing glitches) and subsequently make a very precise Mars orbit insertion on first attempt. Usually the second step doomed many Mars missions.

India vs America: Earthling invaders in race to MARS


It's jealousy and crab mentality on display. When someone accomplishes something, others pile on pulling them down.


Re: oh well

That money goes straight under the reparations header in our central accounts.

MOM: CHEAP Mars ship got it right first time. Nice one, India


Re: 1st time out with a significant science payload is *very* impressive.

We didn't really get a chance to learn much more than that many of them failed many times. The ISRO was under international sanctions until 3 years ago, which meant zero collaboration. They did this all by themselves.

Since the PSLV wasn't capable of lofting the payload with as much force as the MAVEN was by its launcher, they used the Oberth effect to generate the necessary momentum. There was not much margin for error - they needed to calculate the necessary fuel to do the Oberth rings, get catapulted to transfer orbit, and then have enough fuel to capture Mars orbit.

Despite a couple of early glitches, they still arrived in Mars orbit with twice the fuel originally calculated, which means the mission will be much longer than planned.

India’s Karbonn launches £26 Android phone


Kabonn... Karbonn... make up your mind which one to use. One of them is right, the other is wrong. If you get it wrong everywhere, it looks like you don't know. When you use both the right and wrong spellings, it looks like you're both clueless and lazy, which is worse.

Our MOM's LATEST EGGS: 'Looking GOOD', chuckle Indian space boffins


Re: Well done India

Patent falsehood. India - effectively the entire expanse of the current state - has been a single political entity several times before the British, the first time being ~2000 years before Chaucer.

Britain itself did not exist until the 18th century, and in fact, had been fighting over what constituted the UK until well into the 20th century, until the Irish split. You guys didn't unite anything - you weren't even a fixed entity yourself. Even Italy and Germany did not exist until the late 19th century.

The concept of a nation state is a very recent one, the very idea of which dates to the Peace of Munster in the mid 17th century. It is Europe that has always seen constant flux

Historically, India has always been treated a distinct civilization that has been ruled by a sequence of dynasties with records dating back more than 2500 years. The Maurya Dynasty, which preceded the first Chinese Qin dynasty, or for that matter, Alexander 'the Great', encompassed a territory comparable to the greatest expanse of British India.

Mixed bag of motors lifts India's budget Mars shot


Re: But...

This is British local poltiics. The ISRO has been around since the late 1960s. The INCOSPAR existed before that. It sounds like Brits suddenly woke up and went 'ZOMG! We've been sending money there for decades and they've been launching rockets!'

Here's the reality. Britain has no control over what India does with its money. That's been true since 1947. You can stop the peanuts you send as aid if you want, but you've shown no ability to get your political process together to do so. While you continue to send the money over, we'll continue to treat it as reparations for colonial plunder and use it as our own interests dictate.

On my part, the pleasure of being able to peruse the amount of angst in the Brit press, alone is well worth the money spent on this project.


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