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Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

Chad P

In Defense of Neutrality

Not to puncture the Linux community's inflated sense of superiority, but...

I've tried using Linux (various distros) as my primary OS on multiple occasions. On each occasion, I've had problems with Linux recognizing drivers. Sometimes, the problem was minor (could not get maximum resolution out of my video card and monitor), sometimes it was major (no network drivers, video drivers just did not work), but each time, there was something... SOMETHING... that didn't work right.

In the OS war, I'm an opportunist. Whoever is offering the best product for my needs gets my business. Generally speaking, MS gets my business because it offers the least headache during installation and the most functionality with regards to what I do. Linux would be great (I like free) if it (to steal a phrase) "just worked" with all of my stuff.

When Windows OSes don't support something, Microsoft is evil.

When Linux doesn't support something, it's the user's fault.

When OS X doesn't support something, it's a feature.

I never quite got that.

Microsoft remedies failed to create competition

Chad P

In Fairness...

"...the only reason people will continye buying MS is because there is NO readily available alternative..."

"I know a lot of people who use Apples..." "We use LINUX servers at work..."

So what you're saying is that there ARE readily available alternatives, right? If you know a lot of people using Apple's software / hardware, and you use Linux servers at work, then you've just reinforced the DoJ's position. Though Microsoft is the dominant force in the industry, there are readily available alternatives for those who wish to explore alternatives.

People continue to buy Microsoft products because they are familar, they are convenient, and... despite the "cool kid" hate that is so prevalent on the internet... they happen to create a product that is good enough to keep most people from trying the somewhat confusing interface of Linux or the overpriced, undercompatible (when compared to Windows) Apple OS.*

There's nothing wrong with those two products (if Linux could be considered one product), mind. Linux is good for those who have a) not invested a lot of money in Windows software, b) do not mind the time required to become proficient in administration and c) are willing to educate users on the differences between Windows and Liinux. Apple is similar... though with a significantly lessened learning curve for users, and a much smaller base of supported hardware.**

* - It just works in Mac OS X unless it... you know... doesn't.

** - The Canon small business multifunction I own comes to mind as incompatible hardware. A standard PCI dial up modem in an older G3 is also a great example... $45 for a 36.6 modem 4 years after it came out? Talk about abuse of power!


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