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MPs call for 'immediate' stop to facial recog in UK as report underlines bias risks in 'pre-crime' algos used by coppers

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Punch and Judy meets The Golden Duck?

Foldables herald the beginning of the end of the smartphone fetish

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Re: cynic

(ISBN: 9780500341957) Will we require a new, even more fonder yet past tense and morbid metaphor?

YouTube's pedo problem is so bad, it just switched off comments on millions of vids of small kids to stem the tide of vileness

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Re: Disabling commentards, not advertisers

Your comment shows via poor grammar and syntax several angles on the problem.

By placing into the semantic placeholder of the participle they, you conflate on the proper noun Google, that properly covers a vast array of interests, only some of the related contributors to the discussion: monetization, pedos and the commons.

* Monetization is essentially the available making of a new through-route for unique selling points. For example, Dragos the DJ is watched by 'millions' who having fallen under the spell of the crazy Romanian, believe that he satisfies their lust for LoFi and who slavishly follow his every move and comment appropriately concerning their adoration for him. Dragos is able to turn a trick by paywall activities pointed towards his legion of fans.

* Pedos do not give a shit about how or where they congregate, and the nature of the contumely under the radar of which they pass their disgusting excuses for anthropological performance is only made the more attractive by the other two influences that you mention so poorly in your confusing and misguided comment.

On the contrary, "out of sight, out of mind" is largely regarded in IT as a gross form of negligence with respect to the duty of care, particularly if one is attempting monetization with a platform on which commoners place interesting information in the way of the sorts of unmonitored freeloading scumbags who confuse a seven year old in a leotard with an early morning rape fantastical masturbation session involving memories of the older woman in every admonitory nuance of the set of sitcoms involving warnings there not to be treading, or possibly his mother's behaviour over yesterday's breakfast in the kitchen downstairs.

Confusion considered contradictory, causing confabulation crimes *is* considered harmful.

Quod commentabant sicut commentardes sunt? My latin is not up to this, but I've just seen a woodchuck, and you all know what'll be happening thereafter. There is a loophole in my argument, but I gave up emacs years before.


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