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Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

Nic Gibson

Re: iOS 6 Maps - Cloud Based Satellite Imagery

Hmmm. Yes, but my house is visible on Google Maps. You can't even find my town on Apple's satellite imagery. Even back in the early days of Google Maps the town existed (on the actual map it appears to be about 5miles east of the right place). Ho hum. Looking at London Bridge station I'd say Apple decided that 3 year old imagery would be just fine.

Apple 15in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Nic Gibson

Not wanting to be rude here - where are you finding an equivalent spec for £900? I'd be delighted to buy something with the same CPU/chipset for £900. The best I can find is around £1100 for a machine with less RAM and no SSD. Oh, and less competent graphics hardiware.

BT reveals fibre-to-the-cabinet plans for 156 exchanges

Nic Gibson

sounds familiar

Our exchange date was 31st Dec 2010, then 31st March 2011, ten days ago that changed to 30th June. Good at this, they aint.

IT job seekers can't smell spell

Nic Gibson

'Interesting' English

In various jobs over the last twenty years, I've been involved in hiring programmers several times. We advertised for a graduate role at one point. We received six hundred CVs for one job. Obviously, at that point you have to find some sort of winnowing method. We chose "proofread the covering letter" as our approach. Basic errors got rid of about 250 CVs that way. We did specify that writing skills and the ability communicate with clients were a priority for us. Ho hum.

I'm not sure about the casual dress issue. It does indicate to some extent how much importance the applicant places on the interview. On the other hand, I'm generally looking to employ someone based on their programming skills and their ability to interact with coworkers so it's not exactly an issue for me.

I met a chemical engineer the other day who told me that communications and writing skills are now part of many chemical engineering degrees. Is that the case with CS these days?

Sex offenders will get a review – after 15 years

Nic Gibson


And there was I thinking that the most interesting phrase was "will assert that the rights of citizens come before those of criminals". Assuming El Reg have that straight, I assume the govt is planning to strip citizenship from those convicted of a criminal offense. I suppose that's one round the ruling that prisoners must get the vote.

Kindle update to add 'proper' page numbers

Nic Gibson

Re: Hmmm

Your Sony Reader does this thru an Adobe hack to the EPUB spec which won't be carried forward into newer versions. Most publishers have already dropped the trick used as it stops the EPUB working on various other environments (due to failing validity checks). The page numbering it displays without the publisher including the page mapping file is based on counting 1000 characters and calling it a page - nothing to do with physical pages

@Anton Ivanov - there are already citation rules for eBooks where no page numbering is visible - take a look at a recent Chicago Manual of Style.

Probably the biggest problem is that Amazon have announced this feature without actually bothering to tell us (the content creators and publishers) how to do it. Most Kindle files are generated from EPUBs these days. I don't hold out much hope that they've used the page location support in the EPUB spec but it would be nice.

Mexican woman gets litigious on Top Gear's ass

Nic Gibson

Impressive show chaps

OK, so the comments on the show were fairly offensive even though obviously intended to be funny (there must be a certain sense of humor there). Gotta say that reading these comments makes me feel that the Top Gear team are probably slightly less xenophobic than the average El Reg reader.

UK short 100K tech recruits this year

Nic Gibson

Old Age Programmers

Given that we're a fairly new industry, isn't it likely that the average age will rise over time? Given a working life of, say, 20-65 and the growth of the IT industry over time, the odds are that the average age is going to rise over time unless people move out of the industry as they age.

Go, Brown, go!

Nic Gibson
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Did I miss the bit when the Register turned into a political paper? That's two stories today where the main thrust has been primarily political. Why, as a reg reader, should I necessarily want Gordon Brown to resign?

Man gets life for killing game-obsessed partner

Nic Gibson

And yet

'frequently' would probably be the word they needed.

Edifier MP300 Plus 2.1 laptop speaker system

Nic Gibson

Nice Picture

Seems like elreg are making use of their own OSX on any PC guide

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2

Nic Gibson


Well, that would really depend on what you bought it for. Yeah, it would suck for surfing pr0n but I find Vodafone Broadband perfectly acceptable for reading mail and sshing to remote boxes.

Of course, I'm running osx leopard and Vodafone's config software makes a right pig's ear of that.

Orange strong-arming ex-customers for imagined debts

Nic Gibson

been doing it for a while

They did pretty well exactly that to me about six years ago - three years after I cancelled my orange account I received a letter from Moorcroft demanding three years' line rental. Orange denied that I'd ever closed my account, couldn't explain why they'd not billed me for three years and only backed off when I faxed them a copy of the letter they sent three years previously to confirm my account closure.

Funnily, I've never been a customer again

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