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Danger mouse! Potent rodents 'see' infrared after eyeballs injected with nanoparticles


News article claims ---------------- 'These rodents can now see through Bikinis' ---

Next day - news article ------------ 'Guys line up to become to start human trials'

Spooky! Solar System's Planet NINE could be discovered in the next NINE years (plus one to six), say astroboffins


Re: destroyed already

28 dislikes & only one like. Clearly this lot don't like party-poopers

Don't mean to alarm you, but Boeing has built an unmanned fighter jet called 'Loyal Wingman'


"The future has arrived, and in a few short years it could be exactly what we feared"

What WE feared ?

Who the hell is this 'We' you speak of ?

The tone of the entire article in nonsense from beginning to end.

I suggest Gareth embark on a career change.

Start writing scripts for B rated sci-fi movies - you're so clearly a natural.

Canonical brings some bling to the Internet of Things with Snap-happy Ubuntu Core 18 release


Linux is irrelevant

Linux blew its chance to be a heavy hitter in the internet of things a long time ago. All the Penguini's were too busy arguing over packaging systems to notice Google's adaption of the Linux Kernel. They introduced Android just at the right time with the right features - for FREE - while Microsoft were playing footsies with Nokia and screwing over their other distributors by charging them for the same system. iOS remains relevant - but only because of the market regulators worried about monopolies. And what has happened to the much vaunted FirefoxOS effort ? Even that has shriveled up and disappeared. Well - not wishing to bad mouth Canonical - all I can say is -- 'Good luck with that'.

Big Red's big pay gap: $13,000 gulf between male and female Oracle staffers – reports

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