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Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009

Jim McLachlan

@Phorm advert in the Gruniad

"Yeah, right" indeed :-)

Click on the author's image: Radha Burgess is director of corporate communications and public affairs, Phorm

US doc demands $1.5m for donated organ

Jim McLachlan

Somehow, this sounds vaguely familiar

Anyone else see "Lost" in this? Jack and his ex? Locke and his dad?

Facebook faces UK data probe

Jim McLachlan

Not joining or visiting is not good enough

Watch out people. Especially those sarcastic ones amongst you who think that only the saddos that publish all their details will fall into the clutches of the Web 2.0 data hoarders.

I wouldn't touch one of these personal information suppliers with a long, insulated, anti-bacterially protected stick. However, Facebook got my details because one of their victims decided to "invite" me using their e-mail address gathering system.

Having read their privacy policy and finding that it is the responsibility of the inviter to tell the invitee that they can request their details are removed (even though they don't tell the inviter to tell the invitee this fact), it still took several e-mails to break through their auto-denial responders. They kept insisting that I didn't have a Facebook account.

Eventually, I got confirmation that my details had been removed. Somehow, I don't believe them.

'Partial nudity' said to hinder M-rated Halo 2 release

Jim McLachlan

Very clever

Come on! This is just clever marketing. It seems to be more and more common for news to be used as another advertising channel.

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents

Jim McLachlan


Microsoft are claiming a specific number of patents (infringements?), which is 235. Clearly they have internal documentation/knowledge of exactly which ones they mean.

I'm sure I saw some recent comments that seemed to claim that if you don't defend against a known patent infringement, this failure to act invalidates the patent. I would assume that *if* this is correct, then some time limits must apply and there are probably other issues too.

Can someone that really understands this law please clarify this?

Note that an article explaining it might be better than just responding to this comment :-)

UN rebrands radiation

Jim McLachlan

This way!

I like the new sign. The sun is hot, the pirates are coming, get out this way!



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