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HCL picks up Notes, spanks total of $1.8bn at Honest John's IBM software sale


Re: Why all the hate?

Hi I totally agree really annoying listening to all this hate on a product when they don't understand it.

I've been working with Outlook / Exchange and Notes / Domino for over twenty years and know both products at an Expert level and trust me when I say Notes / Domino is superior in every way to Exchange / Outlook , SharePoint , ASP. Net etc.


Re: Never Got To Grips with Notes....

You obviously have not heard of Full Access Administration !

Before you go slagging a product off, try and learn it to give an educated point of view.

On a Domino server under security there is a field called "Full Access Administrators" if you add your self here, you will have manager access to every database on the server regardless of Database ACL.

To use it once you have connected to the Domino server via an Admin client select the top tab Administration, from the drop down list select "Full Access Administration" this will switch it on.

Once it is on, you can then if you want select all the databases on the server and add yourself with manager access.

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