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Craiglist rant man on criminal libel rap

ratfox Silver badge

But is she dead?

The article said something about "blacken the memory of one who is dead", but did not said she was dead. So what's the relation?

By the way, is it actually possible to write (as we're talking of libel and not slander) whatever you want about a dead person, since they cannot sue you back?

If I write that Churchill slept with Hitler, can I be sued for libel (or stupidity?)

Missile Defence multikill space interceptor in hover test

ratfox Silver badge

What's the machine-gun sound?

For a while, I thought this is a new type of anti-personal mine designed to spray bullets all around.

Are these impulsion-based propulser, like on space shuttles (I think?)

Customs warns of killer consoles

ratfox Silver badge


Doing that with Vuitton bags is one thing, doing that with a game console...

It's probably about impossible to do it without being the Chinese factory actually making the consoles for Nintendo in the first place, I would think? Maybe Nintendo should ask its suppliers a couple of questions?

I say, the only way to be sure is for some enterprising journalist to buy one of these "fakes", open it and compare!

ratfox Silver badge

@Joe Montana

" No they don't... "counterfeit" goods only exist because the "originals" have excessively high profit margins, such that it is still profitable for a third party to supply the same goods at a lower price. "

Your analysis is kind of misleading, considering it can cost millions to design a new product which can be mass-produced cheap afterward.

I admit I feel Louis Vuitton bags to be way overpriced, no matter how well they're designed. But Nintendo did have to work for a long time to design the Wii... So I believe they are entitled to make a fair profit on each console (of course, definition of "fair" vary wildly)

Python 3.0 appears, strangles 2.x compatibility

ratfox Silver badge


To break compatibility. This usually raises a chorus of complaints from the users...

On the other hand, it's the moment or never for me to finally learn it!

BitTorrent net meltdown delayed

ratfox Silver badge

Public fora??

That's a plural I didn't see before...

About the quantity of P2P which is piracy, are there any studies made? It would seem obvious to me that most of the traffic is indeed piracy... After all, you can only download a linux distro so many times...

Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited

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I cannot stand people who say that out loud.

Especially in French.

Lori Drew guilty in MySpace bully trial

ratfox Silver badge

I'm of two minds about this

On one hand, I do not believe in abusing the legal system...

On the other hand, I believe it is necessary to make people responsible of what they do and say on the web. What if they had hired a real teenager to flirt with her and dump her in the worst way possible? I am fairly certain that this would be punishable.

US couple sue over McNudes

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Might be hard

They do need to prove who put it on the net first, IMO.

Why should the tribunal believe them and not the McPeople?

Then, suing McDonald's itself is an obvious attempt in getting the

biggest amount of $$$ possible. What was the chain supposed to do?

Tell all its employee that they should respect people's privacy?

Perform complicated psychological tests on every potential employee

to check they would not do that?

I hope they get very little cash.

How Microsoft blew its own RIA invention

ratfox Silver badge

There are two ways to see this

1) For once, Microsoft brought us something really nice

2) Thank God, they lost interest before screwing it up

Considering the quantity of stuff that Microsoft are said to have bastardized or mutilated to the point it was unusable crap, I guess it was for the best...

French record labels sue, um, SourceForge

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton


Shouldn't it be possible to sue the labels themselves for selling CDs that can be copied easily? Aren't they supposed to provide "a way to block the transfer of unauthorized copyright works"?

PH, because the lawmakers were obviously clueless

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009

ratfox Silver badge

There is only one way I'll buy this...

It has to look like XP, work like XP, be reliable like XP

Oh yeah, and no DRM.

First Amendment rescues Grand Theft Auto's 'totally nude' strip club

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton

Hat tip to the judges

Who obviously treated correctly this example of the merkin justice system

If I stare all the time at the PH icon, does that make her a Reg editor?

Bono bikini babe party pictures loose on Facebook

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton


How about clicking on the link?

..Anyway whoever puts pics on their facebook profile is asking world+dog to see them...

PH icon, logically

Police collar kid for Wi-Fi pinching

ratfox Silver badge

Aren't cautions for 18+ years-old?

...At least that's what some unreliable do-it-yourself encyclopedia tells me...

Oh, here's an official website giving the same info:


Criteria for a simple caution

9. When deciding if a simple caution is appropriate, a police officer must answer the following questions: [...]

*Is the suspect 18 years of age or older at the time the caution is to be administered[4]? Where a suspect is under 18, a Reprimand or Warning would be the equivalent disposal, as per the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Without typo-squatters, how far would Google fall?

ratfox Silver badge

You've got to hand it to Google

They have what is closest to a goose that lays gold eggs. It's well and truly frightening.

Wikia layoffs ground Jimbo's imaginary jet

ratfox Silver badge

actively hiring in sales and marketing

Ah... They realised they had nothing to sell, then?

Trainee teachers score F all in maths tests

ratfox Silver badge

Respect for the teachers...

Would be nice to have. Results are consistently higher when students don't despise the teacher as a low-life who couldn't get a proper job.

I'm all for higher selection in hiring new teachers!

MS hit with Red Ring of Death lawsuit

ratfox Silver badge


People never have something better to do, when there's a lawyer involved...

But as for suing Microsoft for software, that will be hard, after clicking on that EULA containing "Microsoft disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose"

When you click on that, it pretty much means: I know this may be shit, but I'll eat it no matter what.

McCain gets pair of personal cellphone towers

ratfox Silver badge


Why, when they generate as much calls as the McCain ranch is going to in the next three weeks, they'll be welcome...

Apparently, Verizon also has a contract with the Secret Service stating they must provide anything the Secret Service asks, for free (from the NYTimes article on this). AT&T followed suit on their own, saying it would be torn down after the campaign.

Android comes with a kill-switch

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton

I thought this was all open source...

Why not simply remove the offensive code? Or is Google using a bastardized definition of open source which does not allow the right to modify it?

PH, because I'm clueless

How should software developers be paid?

ratfox Silver badge

What developers are paid...

Very simply, they are paid as little as it takes to find somebody competent... Like all employees the world over.

"to make the hard decision and encourage that developer to explore the wider space of opportunities at other companies"

Wow, nice sentence. I prefer "give him the boot", though, it's shorter...

Verizon to charge for message termination

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Cover the costs? Yeah right

Compared to the bandwidth necessary for phone calls, SMS use about zero.

There are things Merkins do better than Europeans, but phone billings is NOT one of them. For example, suppose you see in an ad a mobile phone plan for $20 a month. When you examine the fine print, you see it means:

$20 per month for the "plan" itself

$7 per month for "network access fee" (needed to make phone calls)

$1 per month for "emergency number service" (to be able to call 911, and you have to take it)

$5 per month for a voicebox

$5 per month for caller ID (Also in order to cover the huge needs of bandwidth of the service)

With sales taxes and some more mysterious additions, you find the real cost is $45 a month...

Texan boffins working on electric cyber-heart

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Dangerous to be an early adopter...

The circulatory system is used to having a pulse. I doubt very much it can work properly without one. Even having a pulse which is too regular can cause health problems. With a regular flow, I would guess you would soon have accumulation of fat or dead blood cells in some corners, leading to the clogging of small arteries.

I predict a short lifespan for the first person using it. Or rather, I hope they test it on animals before. Yes, that's me putting the health of human beings before that of animals.

US military: Electropulse bombs now from next year

ratfox Silver badge

Such people

Should be jailed for scam attempt.

The scary thing is that it works, like the Nigerian scam...

Organized crime tampers with European card swipe devices

ratfox Silver badge

For once

I'm glad to be (currently) living in Canada

But considering the state of the financial sector, we'll soon be back to trading goods without cash, so...

Apple rattles legal sabre at Canadian tech school

ratfox Silver badge

It IS quite close

I don't think people could watch that logo without thinking of the other one. It is an obvious allusion, in my opinion.

Microsoft leaks cloudy OS name

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Paris Hilton

Basic latin grammar

Strata is the plural of stratum.

The plural of stratus, as in cloud, is strati.

I see the word spell-checker has no version for Latin...

Anyway this is likely to be vapourware indeed. And PH just because.

Famed investor backs away from web-obsessed Microsoft

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Now what do you want to bet...

He's currently short-selling microsoft?

If you're famous and people listen when you criticize, you might as well profit from it...

How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation

ratfox Silver badge
Dead Vulture

What faith in super-computers...

This is like saying to a trader: "If you don't get cell phone calls warning you in advance that the market is about to crash, then you should obviously have a more powerful cell phone"

What use would a bigger computer be, if nobody knows how to make a more complex model?

Blizzard awarded $6m in WoW bot case

ratfox Silver badge

Bots are not required

I do believe you can enjoy the game without using bots.

Then again, some people got frustrated or lazy and used god mode to finish Doom, so... Nothing new, really.

UK WoW fans plead for Lich King Collector's Edition

ratfox Silver badge

Why not buy the US version?

Why don't people who complain buy the US version? Or won't the US version work with Europeans servers?

Marketing body condemns 'draconian' Olympic law

ratfox Silver badge

This calls for Pratchett-style allusions

"The year between 2011 and 2013"

"The season between spring and autumn"

"The Au metal"

"The capital of Great Britain"


I wonder what "the L*** school of economics" will do...

Has the war on terror scored a virtual victory?

ratfox Silver badge

Old debate

"If somebody is incredibly stupid, should you try to shut him up?"

I'm afraid I'll go with the idea that people should always be able to say what they want. The first amendment is the only piece of American law I wholeheartedly agree with.

On the other hand, even though Voltaire said: "I disagree with you, but I'll fight to the death to defend your right to say it", I'm not sure I'll ever lift a finger to help Al-Qaeda sympathizers...

This is too complex for me. I think I'll go get myself a beer.

Gov seeks UK nuclear competition for EDF

ratfox Silver badge


"Renewables have no hope of quenching our insatiable demand for energy in their current forms."

Didn't you know? Some people consider nuclear energy is a renewable energy. This is lifted from New York Times:

"Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, the third-most-powerful Republican in the Senate [...] says he feels that wind should be given tax breaks no different from those for other forms of renewable energy, like nuclear power."

FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

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I have little sympathy for Bill O'Reilly...

However, I don't much like pointless finger-pointing either.

It says on the Wikileaks page: "Unless otherwise specified the document described here [...] Is of political, diplomatic, ethical or historical significance."

Not that much significance, the way I see it.

Virginia de-convicts AOL junk mailer Jeremy Jaynes

ratfox Silver badge


Apparently, if the law goes overboard in extreme cases, it is annulled, not just reduced to what it should be.

I don't really get it. Does it mean that if the law against murder is found to go overboard when it asks for death penalty, then murder suddenly becomes allowed?

Anyway. That guy got lucky. Hopefully he won't start again, since he'll probably be under close watch...

Pub toilet todger tiff ends in bloodbath

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton

But, really...

What's the Paris Hilton angle?

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

ratfox Silver badge

The dead vulture, and google icons

Good and evil google are needed, I think. Unfortunately, the founders faces are useless, as nobody knows who they are... And it might me tricky to use the logo. Maybe a big G with horns or aureole?

Ubuntu lovers slap Canonical over Firefox EULA

ratfox Silver badge
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The more EULA there are...

The sooner it will be acknowledged they have little legal value. The automatic "Click on I agree" reflex should be considered as non legally binding.

Oh all right, I know the law. But the law is particularly ridiculous in this case. As far as I understand, you need to pay a lot of lawyers to even know if the terms and conditions of an EULA have a chance to stand in court... It's a great way to take the end user hostage.

Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes

ratfox Silver badge

Not so surprising

I do hope that as a president, he'll have people who send e-mail and surf the web for him. If that guy has to go look for information himself, where is the world going to?

The potential vice-president, on the other hand, has shown that she understands about e-mail. At least enough to discuss key subjects with her assistants using her personal account, because it is not subject to disclosure like the official one...

OMFG, what have you done?

ratfox Silver badge


Fixed width? New icons? WAAAAAAH!!

Then new hands icons are ugly, with apologizes to the artist who drew them. The funny flame icon is not going to be enough to express my wrath either! Why did the dead vulture disappear?

Thankfully, the coat icon is still here...

German court bans VoiP on iPhone

ratfox Silver badge

This is exactly why...

it shouldn't be possible to have restrictions on modifications.

This reminds me of when the phone handsets themselves were property of AT&T and it was forbidden to attach a Hush-a-Phone to it.

Beauty contest judge canned for slamming 'munter' contestants

ratfox Silver badge

Behind the times

Poor man... Beauty depends on fashion, and like it or not, tattoos are fashionable. Don't like tattoo? Get out, you retrograde!

Apart from that, it's obviously stupid to call the contestants ugly. Did he really think the organizers were going to like it? "Gosh, they're all so cute, it's hard to choose" is what they wanted to hear... And yes, being honest was a bad move in this case.

As if honesty was compatible with media and marketing...

Child abusers adopt blackmail tactics

ratfox Silver badge


"According to Police profilers most active paedos are in the 18-24 years old age group."

Really? I wouldn't have thought that.

Do they consider 19-years-old with a 16-years-old girlfriend as paedo?

Japanese call on deities to discipline wayward PCs

ratfox Silver badge


Messing with our mind since forever!

Blame game over United Airlines stock crash rumbles on

ratfox Silver badge

If somebody is at fault

It's clearly the guy who decided this was newsworthy for the Bloomberg information system.

I do hope these guys will try to find more solid information than "some newspaper article on Google news". The people who are paying through the nose for Bloomberg information certainly expect more, at least.

Literacy leads to happiness and luuurv

ratfox Silver badge

Weird statistics

"68 per cent of men and 70 per cent of women with good literacy skills are co-habiting or married, compared to 52 per cent of men and 60 per cent of women who find it difficult".

So if I get it right, there's way more women than men who are co-habiting or married? LESBIANS, ALL OF THEM!

Mine's the one with "probabilities for dummies" in the pocket

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

ratfox Silver badge

Didn't bother to read the review

Is there any of these which can play from one track to another WITHOUT pausing, like a CD? Much of classical music should keep playing from one track to another, and the pause introduced by my iPod makes me want to scream.

United 'bankruptcy' points to new stock scam techniques

ratfox Silver badge

My sympathies to UA

Having something like this happen to you is more or less akin to being hit by lightning in the middle of a beautiful day.

Congratulations to the clever guys who managed to buy at $3. The stock is back up at $10, though it's still lower than the previous level of $12.

Indeed, fake bad news might come up more and more, considering it's much easier to halve the value of a stock in one day than double it... Doesn't say much for the system as a whole, though.

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