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Windows 7 gets built in XP mode

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That's one problem solved

Now that companies now they will be able to use their existing solutions, they need to be convinced that upgrading is worth the price of new, faster computers...

Because that's the main problem of Microsoft: companies have found they can actually survive fine with an older OS.

US lawmakers to de-silence electric cars

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Jesus H Christ

Bicycles have existed for centuries without that being a problem...

Most cars can be really silent too.

PH, because even she knows when to shut up.

Apple eyes patent for web silence

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The only question is...

Why the HECK hasn't this been standard for ages?

OY, Mozilla?!! Where's that volume control I've wanted since 2002??

I sure hope Apple cannot patent it, because then I would be forced to use Safari.

Pizza-polluting YouTube plonkers soil Domino's

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@Dick Emery

You do not seem to understand. Domino did not overreacted; if anything they underreacted. Their pizzas have become associated with boogers in the mind of millions of people before they ever knew about it. That stuff can easily cost them millions.

Conspiracy theories aplenty as Amazon delists gay books

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Might be "honest" glich

If they classified all gay stories as "adult", then the only books left about homosexuality are right wing anti gay propaganda, and "why Heather has two mommies" books for kids. They'd better fix it though. I understand the ire of the authors.

PH, she's apparently classified as "adult"

Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit

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The lawyers? Stupid? If somebody told me I could get paid 1'000$ an hour for threatening legal action which would obviously fail, I'd do it. And if they'd say I have to dance in the courtroom in a tutu, I'd ask which color the tutu.

Of course, maybe they could have TOLD Goldman that they would lose, and spare them the expense... But that would have been integrity, and lawyer swear off integrity when they get their degree.

UK police bust lottery scam centre in Somerset

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Sometimes, I'd like to meet one of these people

In this day and age, how come anybody is still answering these??

Mandatory PH icon

Naming the Palm Prē: Strategy Boutique OD's on joss-sticks

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I wish all the luck to Palm

They'll need it...

Honestly, it's their last hope.

HK movie star porn snap thief faces trial

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How come so slow?

You mean the pics were stolen and burned on a CD in June 2006, and they did not appear on the web until Feb 2008?? I find that pretty incredible...

I can't imagine anybody sitting on all those pics for a year and a half. Maybe they tried to blackmail him in the meantime?

PH icon - HER pics are usually on the web after a day and a half at most...

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students

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And people wonder why I am anti-union

Honestly, when that is the best union leaders can come up with...

It is a huge problem of society that it is possible for a small percentage

of fanatic zealots to take decisions with which the large majority disagrees,

but simply did not bother to show up. Yes, sometimes unions are useful;

but the leaders are too often self-important pricks who believe in ruling

the masses for their own good. Here is a typical example. /rant

Google advises flushing your website

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Whatever floats his boat

I'd guess few people would notice the difference, especially if their connection is less than optimal.

PH, because she floats my boat...

Unauthorised Wolverine claws his way onto interwebs

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I wouldn't steal a car...

But I did ride the bus without paying. Which is closer to what illegal downloading is, I guess.

PH, because I'd like to ride her without paying, too...

Palm opens up, and goes back in time

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Good move

Having a PalmOS emulator... I believe many people like these PalmOS applications, no matter how shitty the platform is to program on. Myself included.

My mind tells me that shorters are right, and the Pré is a really desperate effort. If Palm manages a comeback, it will be from the jaws of death.

But hey, people used to say the same about Apple ^^

Texas senator wants to ban Vista purchases

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Vista may be sh1tty but...

I wonder what a senator is doing proposing laws on what OS to use or not to use.

I mean, does he want to regulate the size of donuts in state agencies, too?

UFO fleet menaces east London

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Pulled pic

The guy is still giving the finger in the pic just south of that one...

Germans announce: Revenge is inefficient

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Actually, this could be easily the subject of a study:

"dumb people are more happy"

I believe it's likely to be true.

PH icon... well, no need to explain!

Google Voice forbids itself

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Another example

of why EULA should be ignored.

Hopefully, the whole concept will be challenged in court, on the grounds that nobody reads them anyway.

German police boot down doors of Wikileaks offices

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Searching wikileaks for distribution of child porn... Don't they need to have a reasonable suspicion before doing something like that??

Palm bets the farm on WebOS

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A bit late

I have nothing against palm (I have a treo), but they should have tried that years before. It's been clear for a while that their stupid palmOS was horrible to program for, and that they should change it...

Of course, this would have meant the apps painstakingly written for palmOS would have been so much garbage, but maybe they could have kept a few developers at the time. Now they are long gone.

TinyURL, your configs are showing

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Main use

From my observations, most tinyurls point to Rick Astley...

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

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CFL bulbs and heating

There is an actual argument for using CFL bulbs and cranking up the heating.

Electricity is a "high-quality" energy, which is produced by burning coal far away,

producing steam, using turbines to produce electricity, which is brought all the way

to your house. You lose an appreciable portion of the power in the process. Using

that electricity to heat up the house via lamps is rather inefficient, with comparison

to using a gas heater.

But of course, the amount of energy saved is tiny.

Latest subject for peer review? You

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Added one

Bernard Madoff was missing... Unfortunately, I couldn't put a negative score for "Trustworthy"

But really, I believe they will survive without getting sued their pants off. For instance, there's been a

"Rate my professor" for years, and some professors have complained, but the site still exists.

Apple restyles iPod Shuffle

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Two different voiceovers!

According to the NY Times, there are two different voiceovers, which

depend on whether you uploaded the song from a mac or a PC


If the song comes from a PC, it sounds synthetic and accented.

And a much nicer voice for a song from a mac...

(In other news, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world again. I'd bet he doesn't care)

Google tosses free texting

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Marginal costs

Whatever the cost of an SMS is to the operator, it is not zero,

since too many SMS can overload the network.

Whoever invented the idea of SMSing all your friends on new years' eve should be shot...

Anyway, the point is moot, since operators do not charge the marginal cost,

but whatever people will accept to pay: In Canada, you pay $6 a month to

have caller ID, i.e. knowing who's calling you.

Inside the world's greatest TV remote

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HP 48

By default, it only transmitted over a few inches. So you first had to augment the range of the IR port (easy, like bypassing a resistor or something). And when people did this, HP 48 got banned during school tests, because you could transmit the answers to your pal three meters away...

By the way, my trusty HP 48 GX is on the table as I write this.

What a machine! 4Mhz cpu and 128 Kb RAM, AND a 32 Kb extension card!!

Homosexuality does for UK blue duck population

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Nothing new

Many bird nests are homosexuals. However, the species still reproduce through infidelities with the other sex...

I've been trying to explain to my curate it was all natural, but for some reason, he started spouting about Sodom and the 7th commandment...

Do I need to explain PH?

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'

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WoW is addictive...

Call me when that addiction claims as many victims as tobacco and alcool, please...

(Played WoW until six months ago)

DARPA orders 'Katana' monoblade nano-copter

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one blade??

There are good physical reasons why copters usually have three blades, not one... and even not two.

Unless they mean many blades which are part of one bloc?

Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones

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You're not allowed to turn on your cell phone until the engine stop. Until the moment all the people stand up, grab their bag, and rush for the door which is still closed. Whoever told you you could turn on your cell phone as soon as you landed?!

Apple shares MacBook break-in tips

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No biggie

First, few users modify their laptop - ever.

Second, among those who do, not many attempt to do it themselves.

Third, they usually do it once a year.

So what's the big deal?

You might as well complain that cars are built in a way that it makes it very difficult for average users to change the engine themselves...

DARPA seeks self-aware AI robot mega-tanks

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Sometimes, you have to wonder if they believe the stuff they are writing

UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?

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How about going back to basics?

And having law punish people only when they hurt other people?

Inventors given £1.5m by High Court

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I'm not sure I like this

To be sure, it is nice to see employees getting paid for a great contribution to their company. You even feel in this case, they should have gotten more...

However, I do not like the idea of having more and more expensive lawsuits between companies and employees who disagree on the exact amount they should be paid. In my ideal world, such compensation would be fixed by the law, and not subject to vague words like "outstanding benefits", whose meaning can be decided only in court.

BTW, saw today an ad for a management school:

"Ideas do not rule the world, but their management does"

How's that for an absolute statement of superiority of management over techies?

W3 0wnz j00r @$$

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge

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I hope that after four years of lawsuit and headache, the court decides she should get her $59.25 refunded. That's all she should be entitled to, if even that.

Vladimir Putin bitchslaps Dell-boy

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I dislike Putin, but I hate people who use market speak. Actually, I hate marketeers, all of them.

Putin probably understood Dell very well, he just used it as an opportunity to tell the whole western world Russia does not need them, they need Russia.

On an another note, few people are as touchy as invalids about people asking if they need help...

Apple threatens Palm chomp

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Enter the lawyers

I remember reading that co-op buildings tend to not accept lawyers.

They don't want trouble with that species.

Seven Japanese poisoned by blowfish 'nads

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Isn't there a harmless fugu now?

I remember reading there's a different subspecies, or maybe normal fugu with a special diet, which contain no poison. But this is heavily decried by licensed restaurants who do not want to lose privilege and aura...

iPhones will win the war in Afghanistan, says NATO chief

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He forgot one little detail

The only way an Afghan can afford an iPhone is by:

- corruption,

- growing opium for heroin, or

- selling weapons to Talibans.

Now, which of the three was it?

PH, I bet she'll win the war too

Mac malware tide on the rise

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Now we get to by antivirus software for mac, and soon linux...

Deviants, perverts, 'weirdos' - who's going down?

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Au naturel is correct, as "girl in the natural way"

Well, Japan IS renowned for its dirty perverts who take pictures under the skirt and mash girls in the subway... But it's difficult to know if that is a result of porn or the reverse. Or maybe it is the traditional role of woman over there?

Google and the Great Wikipedia Feedback Loop

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Is that fiddling?

Of course they are bumping it. Who the hell puts links to Wikipedia? As far as I know, all Google wants to show is links people want to see. And it turns out that for most people, that is Wikipedia. And certainly not a pay site.

I for one do not regret it one bit. The Wikipedia page on whatever subject is usually all I need. It is free, and contains little publicity. True, the talk pages often contains the ramblings of fanatics - but that's information about the subject too.

And if you want accuracy, all you need to subscribe to the Britannica.

Infant calls cops to dad's dope plantation

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marijuana is illegal in BC?

Who would've thought?

Mine's the one with the ticket to Victoria in the pocket

SEC to probe Apple on Steve Jobs' health issues?

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Good God! The SEC is doing something?

I thought the point of SEC was to approve whatever the banking industry was doing?

Paris, because I'm sure she's doing something^H^H^H^H^Hone too

Logitech steps up job cuts

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Strong dollar

How is strong dollar affecting their exercise? They are not a US company, and are not building their products in US, so the value of the dollar should be largely irrelevant, right?

Or is it simply that the same amount of Swiss francs is worth less dollars than last year?

Govt uses Obscenity Law to stuff up cartoon sex loophole

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Let me get this straight

It is legal to create a porn movie which shows people getting raped. That's legal, so it apparently does not encourage citizens to rape everybody in sight. But it is illegal to draw teenagers screwing, because that will lead to child abuse?

WHO is pushing these ideas now? It's not like any of this is recent...

Terry Pratchett knighted for services to literature

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Congratulations to the Discworld

Even if, as is often the case, they gave it to him because his sand seemed to be running dangerously low...

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

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WoW and the red queen

The longer the game stays, the more it evolves. But there is a reason WoW will ultimately fail:

Exponential expansions have an end.

A few months ago, new rules made it faster to level up to the maximum level. Of course, that was before the maximum level of 70 was changed to 80 by Wrath of the Lich King. But this hints at the main problem of WoW: They need to keep adding high-level content. This has the unfortunate, but unavoidable result that low-level areas are practically no-man's lands. The old top instances are practically unused, considering the rewards are worth next to nothing.

Blizzard has to keep generating more and more content just to retain players... in an universe which is larger and larger, but more and more empty.

Larry Wall on the Zen of Perl 6

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Larry Wall on the Zen of Perl 6

Hey, Sierra published a new Leisure Suit Larry game?

Who's that girl, Perl? I bet she's hot...

Will Paris be in it?

Web more popular than sex, says Intel

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Not getting any

It's easy to say you prefer web, when you're not getting any... I wonder how many were in this situation.

Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped 'Panda of the future'

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Design looks a lot like a Smart car

Or is it just me?


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... If I was the designer of the Smart, I'd feel really flattered right now.

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