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IBM, Intel execs arrested over alleged insider trading

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Child porn threat to airport's 'virtual strip search' scanners

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Good for the children

Now how do I, as an adult not protected by the law, stop these people from ogling me?

Are we allowed no privacy?

Not thrilled about this.

WikiReader feeds you factiness on the go

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I feel sad about the company

It looks like they're desperate

Greenpeace applauds Apple climate change flounce

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It is sad to see that Apple's stance on the climate was enough

to overcome the obvious love you had for the company...

One in three kids believe Google measures truthiness

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The weird thing is that Google MISquotes Wikipedia...

e.g (the correct e.g):


The answer reads:

Australia — Population - Density: 2.6/km2 (235th)

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia

So Google quotes answers from Wikipedia... OR DOES IT??

If you go check the page itself, you find a different number of 2.833/km2 for the population density of Australia... And I precise, despite the mutating nature of Wikipedia, the number quoted has not changed for months. What gives?

Why would Google give a number and pretend it was found on a Wikipedia page? Cui bono?

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

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Paris Hilton


Err.... The article in Xinhua news, I mean... Not the city...


Here it is (Google translations is your friend):


Not only it is still on the site, it can still be found using the search tool from the main site. This is from the site of the Jiangxi branch, Jiangxi being the local equivalent of Arkansas.

The Chinese Wikipedia does have a page on the city, but it is denying its existence:


But who are you going to believe, the glorious communist media, or a western fake encyclopedia?

By the way, a Google search for 沙科保 (the name of the city in Chinese) returns 61'000 sites, quite a few being news site. This is not a recent story.

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site

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How can it be IP? Aren't people allowed to give their address with a postcode? Aren't other mail companies allowed to use postcodes? If they have to depend on that million £ to survive, they're screwed...

Apple tablet will 'redefine print,' says rumor mill

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the way it's going...

Apple stock will plummet if Apple does NOT produce a tablet...

Study: US web users reject behavioural advertising

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Cognitive Dissonance

Most of the people who answered use Google and love it. And I bet they would even if they knew what Google is doing.

Facebook claims mail API less intrusive than Gmail

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Facebook security

NOW that's an oxymoron

Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

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Poor guy

Agree with Frank. In fact, he would better get used to using his second first name for any application on an electronic form... I bet he will get really tired of explaining the story to everybody who asks his name, too. To be filed under "stupid parents".

Montblanc punts £14k Mahatma Gandhi pen

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In other news

A tornado appeared over the Ganges. It seemed to be created by some sort of ashes furiously spinning on themselves...

Google hits Android dev with cease-and-desist letter

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It does remind of Apple/Palm

From my point of view of end user, exactly the same. Before it was cool and it worked, and now it does not, for roundabout reasons of "must stop other people profiting of the hard work we put into something we are offering for free."

I am not impressed with Google.

Blind one-legged man wins arse-kicking contest

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Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!

So that's were Long John went...

I hope for him his wife comes back soon, though she might have good reasons to stay away...

USB supreme court backs Apple in Palm Pre kerfuffle

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What if...

What if Microsoft sold printers, and rigged Microsoft Word so that it would only print on Microsoft printers?

Microsoft does sell mice. What if they blocked Logitech USB mice using the vendor ID?

I understand that Apple wants people to buy iPods, but I hate it that they are, on purpose, blocking a functionality that it working.

Texas Instruments aims lawyers at calculator hackers

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"Me too"

Give me my trusty ol' HP48 any day...

Coat [enter] take

Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'

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I like it when people do not spam marketing on the world.

Facebook hack service smells fishy

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There has been for years videos on youtube explaining how to find the password of another user. Every time, the method necessitated sending your own login and password to some weird e-mail address purported to be an official Blizzard account (say, wow-password-recovery@hotmail.com).

Ha, just found another one. The guy says he has found a way to generate codes for gamecards from unused codes. So just send him the code of a unused gamecard, and he'll send you back plenty of other codes that will work. He'll get right up to it, yessir!

Undead COBOL celebrates (another) 50th birthday

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Numerous computations libraries used by engineers have been written in Fortran long ago. They work so well that nobody wants to undertake the massive task of porting them to another language. And even if someone did, the result would likely be less efficient and contain more bugs, so...

Disney sued over Pixar lamp 'copy'

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I guess nobody checked where the name was coming from

I am kind of wondering why it is necessary to sue to get Disney to cough up a settlement. I guess lawyers are the only way to get a corporation to pay any kind of attention to you...

No wonder there are so many lawyers in US.

International hacker buried $1m in backyard

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"So you say the million $ is buried in the front yard?"

"Yeah... NOI THE BACKYARD!! I said the backyard! There is nothing in the front yard. Nothing! Don't dig there! Please, please please oh please don't dig there..."

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

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Still pissed off

Michael C: "they're just not required by law to make it easy, nor do it at their own expense."

If you followed, in this case, it is at their own expense that Apple is making it harder.

It is difficult enough to get computers to do what you want already,

without having companies stopping them ON PURPOSE from working.

I dream of a world where companies try to make it easier for the customers...

Google Maps reborn as world's largest Monopoly board

ratfox Silver badge

This is Google executing simulations

for its plans of world domination.

I, for one, welcome our new 27-words master...

'Exomoonologist': NASA can detect forest moon of Endor

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Moon of Endor?

Is that where the real Amulet of Yendor is?

Mine's the one with a rubber chicken in the pocket...

Apple sneaks malware protection into Snow Leopard

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Everybody likes a challenge

I wonder how many hackers will rise to it?

Woman charged with cyberbullying teen on Craigslist

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I still don't get it

Why do we need special laws against cyber-bullying?

I'm sure if I put an ad with somebody else's name and coordinates

in the sex column of a printed journal, I can also get prosecuted.

Not that I care about what happen to people who harass others...

on the web or otherwise.

EU turns beady eye on flaming iPod menace

ratfox Silver badge

Clearly it is...

An unintended activation of the self-destruct ability of the iPhone!

Apple did say they would fight against jailbreakers, didn't they?

Mine's the fireproof one...

38% of large US companies have full-time email monitoring staff

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Watch the movie!

Blade Runner tops sci-fi movie poll

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Pretty much agree

Predictably, the list takes into account the influence of movies. Blade Runner fairly established the cult of dystopian megacities...

Among recent movies, I'd say Matrix would definitely have a place too. It will obviously become one of the greatest classics. The sequels will fade into oblivion, though.

I'm surprised anybody here suggested having sequels like Terminator 2, or even movies that evolved out of TV series like Star Trek. Being original, or at least more famous than previous works, is a necessary condition to be a classic, in my opinion.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

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Pissed off

Yes, it's Apple's product... They want to choose what devices work with it... They want to lock out competition... It is their right, apparently. Perhaps.

Apple might have the right to do all that. I still get royally pissed off that they restrict on purpose the usefulness of their products. It is hard enough to get computers to do what you want without having these people working against you. It reminds me of DVD region codes.

BTW, here is the description of the latest version of iTunes:

"iTunes 8.2.1 [...] addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices."

They would not say "will not synchronize with non-Apple devices any more". They know people would get pissed off. I cannot help feeling it would be more honest.

Apple says jailbroken iPhones endanger cell towers

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What? Hush-A-Phone?

And you want to attach these Hush-A-Phones to OUR phones?


Truck drivers! Don't go texting now

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@Why have an extra law

The point is to have a good reason to blame the texting driver after the accident.

Otherwise, the lawyer will counter the argument "driver was not paying attention

because he was texting" with such wonders as "it has never been proved that texting

diminishes the attention of a driver" and "if it was dangerous, it would be forbidden".

US tactical bot has no taste for humans

ratfox Silver badge
Black Helicopters

that's not our mission

...The whose mission is it?

Gamer embezzles virtual cash to settle real debts

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pocket change

These $6000 are relatively pocket change compared to what gold farmers make...

The interesting thing is that he apparently was not bothered by the law for that. There are interesting discussions to have and is/should be legal with relation to virtual worlds...

'Get cameraphones out of nurseries' plea

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How come...

It is STILL legal for lab assistants to take pictures of the fetus??

Conviction overturned in MySpace suicide case

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On the side of the judge

What that woman did was wrong, but repeat after me:


I.e. if you cannot find a law that makes it illegal, don't twist the rules of logic to make it so.

BTW, my name is not ratfox.

Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting

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@Jimbo 7

It does not sound too much to me. Remember that prison terms add up: he got one year for this, two for that, and he did so much that he got eleven years...

it was more than just pranks. He was terrorizing innocent people.

US calls for China to revoke censorware plan

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I don't get it

Which is the country again which tried to impose DRM to the whole world? I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure it's not China.

Honestly, this has very little to do with free trade. They might complain about the censorship, but that's all.

Disney punts hetero luuurv to wide-eyed kiddies

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Hang on, wait a few years

Disney barely got to the idea of having a BLACK HEROIN... Give them time!

(and critics are complaining that her counterpart is kinda light-skinned)

Joke aside, most of Disney's movies use old traditional fairy tales.

These stories are usually devoid of homosexual love.

In fact, the first gay main character in history to appear in a story for

children may well be Dumbledore, and that is at most hinted at in the books.

Don't call me Ishmael

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How about...?




Obama disconnects 'obsolete' cell phone tax

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Makes sense

Taxes should be fair, but there is such a thing as going too much into details.

This is a good example.

The next thing they could do is to simplify how to pay tax over a nanny or

a babysitter. Currently, you need to register as a business in order to declare

your employee. No wonder few people do it...

Gartner: Windows 7 upgrade catch for XP converts

ratfox Silver badge

Dangerous game

Didn't they try to force companies to change to a new OS a couple of years ago?

Didn't that failed?

All right, Win7 is much better than Vista by any account, but you would think

they would try to make it easier on the companies this time, given how much

the strategy failed last time...

Periodic table adding new element

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Paris Hilton

This is a case

where I wonder why those scientists get funding. What is the point? So that they can try to get 113 now?

All right, I suppose the way it decays gives them potential insight on the way atoms are built... Still.

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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Increased risk for developing sexually deviant tendencies

I wonder what they mean EXACTLY by this. As far as I know, there is no law in UK restricting people to have straight, plain vanilla sex in the missionary position (though there is such a law in Florida)

What is their criteria to call a sexual preference "deviant"? Anything they would not do?

Bing 'better' than Google for advertisers

ratfox Silver badge

So it's Google for me

Since I try to avoid looking at advertisements, which I consider as the first step to brainwashing and mind control.

When by chance I see an ad which does interest me, I google the product rather than clicking on the link. I do not want them to know their ad was effective :-P

Engineers are troublesome 'expert loners', says prof

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Working in a team

Anybody who has worked in a project knows that it is often best to break tasks down.

If done properly, this is much more efficient than group work. Decisions should be

taken at meetings, implementation should be done separately.

Twitter Yi not, as Beijing bins Bing

ratfox Silver badge

The you-know-what that happened you-know-when

When you-know-who ordered you-know-what to you-know-what you-know-who

...Children in China must be wondering if they're stuck in Harry Potter...

The one with "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" in the pocket, please

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

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Bill Killed

So she got him in the end...

Mine's still... in the wardrobe...

LoTR fan film set for net premiere

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Looks great

I'm sure the budget would be far higher if they had not had millions of fans pitching in for free

Apple moves to patent mobile color

ratfox Silver badge

Process can be patented

Of course, coloured carbon fibers are nothing new, but a new process to make them coloured can easily be patented.

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