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Ex-Microsoft man charged with scamming Ballmer and Co

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Crook. Go to jail. Do not pass Go.

In before jokes that M$ has way too much money anyway.

Writers sue Huffington Post for back pay

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I'd be pissed off too, if I was one of the bloggers.

But then again, nobody forced them to post there. And whoever wrote the T&Cs certainly thought of a way to protect the site from this.

This is going to be VERY interesting.

Facebook twins lose court case

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Completely agree, they are creepy

And I have proof! Using the Assange™ technique, we find:

71,800 Google results for "creepy Winklevoss twins"

Google hits 'prove we killed no Afghans' – Assange™

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florida pastor blood on hands

A cool 6,840,000 results... But get this:

bbc blood on hands – 28,900,000 results! Ouch.

Wonderful logic, Assange™

Duke Nukem Girls give it some on video

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Paris Hilton

Bad move

There are a few good FPS already... But if they want to compete in the titillating business, the competition is overwhelming.

Feds defend Twitter dragnet on WikiLeaks supporters

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Learn to read

I was commenting on the creative spelling of the OP, not on the correct one. This is precisely why I said Hippocrates had nothing to do with it, because as you said, his name is very different from the *correct* spelling.

Next: The subject of the article is not an internal military memo, so your experience in the service is irrelevant. It is a legal filing. I fail to see how the disclosure of a request for Twitter records of WikiLeaks supporters can result in dead armed force personnel; but maybe you can imagine a contrived scenario for this?

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wrongdoings, hypocrisy

Leave Hippocrates alone, he had nothing to do with it.

...If they had not thought this objectionable, they would not have made the filing confidential.

US gov mulls issuing terrorist warnings on Twitter, Facebook

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Considering a government alternative would likely be, if not necessarily very expensive, certainly more expensive... And would likely reach less people.

Then again... http://xkcd.com/723/

Energy crisis over - for 250 years?

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In before...

Somebody suggests doing away with gas no matter what since we will have to do it in 250 years anyway. Assuming we don't find more until then.

Spanish cops rush to cuff 'webcam killer'

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Good reaction time

Honestly, I would not have thought that the Romanian police could make the Spanish police act within 45 minutes.

We often complain about cops, but we should not forget to praise them when they do something right.

Baby Googles: The answer to the Chocolate Factory dominance?

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Paying for internet services

This already exists to some point... There are paying services out there, that are used by companies who don't mind spending money and like to have technical support. I understand you can even get support from Google if you pay for it.

But unless you find a way to make them illegal, there will always be free email on the web, and it is very likely that the general population will flock to it. And THIS is what Google is good at, not making people pay for its services.

Dell, HP badmouth Apple's iPad

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What's a VAR?

Even the article linked did not offer a definition.

Vendor... Affiliate... R... R... Rebate? Nah. Robot? That would be for android. Reseller? Ah, Vendor And Reseller? Weird. Ok, googled it: Value Added Resellers.

Funny, of the three words I had, Reseller is the one I would have doubted the most. I would think that the whole idea of "reseller" does not sit well with Apple. The way they see it, there is only one company allowed to sell anything to their customers; and anybody else is a parasite trying to leech off of their success. Maybe that could be why they don't encourage it?

Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions

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You mean logic should actually apply to Trademark laws?

Who would have thunk?

Take-Two talent call betrays Grand Theft Auto V

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And already, I feel like playing it

Is this great advertising or what?

Google's 'clean' Linux headers: Are they really that dirty?

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Typical law argument

When both sides accuse the other of using Insane Troll Logic.

Comodo-gate hacker brags about forged certificate exploit

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Single hacker

Yet we were told that only a government could pull it off. Seems like this is becoming a standard excuse in the industry: We are but a poor commercial company, what can we do against the secret hacking units of governments... This could not be possibly due to our own incompetence!

iPad 2 tougher than iPad 1. True

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Good commercial

For the repair shop, I mean. I assume that we will be able to see soon that it blends...

If they put more force on the iPad1 screen, it is because it is less flexible... The point being that they bended both over one inch, but only the iPad1 screen broke.

MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln

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Doesn't anybody use prepared statements or what?

I fail to sympathize with any organization that fails to use prepared statements and gets hit by an SQL injection.

FCC official: AT&T deal faces 'steep climb' for approval

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On the face of it...

There is no need for a year of thinking about it.

The answer should be NO, and not only NO, but HELL NO.

I don't even see the point of pretending otherwise... Apart from the obvious corruption that will be involved, of course.

BlackBerry bans drink-drive apps

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Why don't the police buy the app?

Then they can move the checkpoint whenever it is reported

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

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So THAT is why!

I have been wondering about these URLs for months. I actually thought it was a weird random bug in the web site.

Thank you for the explanation, good sir. Have a cold one.

Judgment stalls Google book settlement

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I don't get it. Can a judge stop a settlement agreed between parties?

Not that he is wrong, really. I guess Google will appeal until the Supreme Court has its say...

China rejects Google snoop claims

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If they really want to go back to China

They'd better keep their mouth shut.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet release slips

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That might be a reason for the delay. Earthquakes and stuff.

Microsoft+IE9: Holier than Apple open web convert?

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How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low!

Microsoft is afraid of becoming irrelevant on the web.

Amazon is best hope of a viable alternative to iPad

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Isn't market fragmentation precisely a reason to choose to develop an iPhone App? There are few other models that are sold in greater numbers. If you develop for android, you have to be ready to debug for the many handsets, which are way more varied than the iPhone models.

IBM accused of bribery in China, South Korea

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What choice do they have?

You might as well forbid them of doing business in these countries...

Note that the only problem comes from the fact that in these backward places, they do not have a extended system of corru^H^H^H^H^H lobbying like the US have.

Pr0n domain approved by ICANN

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He got what he wanted. Loads of web acreage, and he is the one who gets to rent it.

I still don't get why they ever took this seriously.

Apple 'gay-cure' app severely slapped

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I think you will find out that these apps are few and far between, as they are rarely let through by the Apple thought police.

Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA

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Just coming from the New York Times website, I feel a strong case of whiplash. (The big title there says: "Frantic Effort at Plant as Japan Raises Warning Level")

Though I do feel that the concerns about the nuclear reactor are overblown considering the thousands of deaths due to the tsunami, Lewis does sound like an ostrich.

Supercomputer charts killer tsunami's course

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They were "lucky"

300'000 people in Indonesia 2004... "Only" 10'000-15'000 people in Japan, with the earthquake right next to their shore.

Google copyright purge leaves Android developers exposed

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I still find it incredible that after all this time, we still have all this trouble with writing up licenses that mean what we want.

Power and cooling in the data centre

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It's okay

They are pouring in seawater to cool it. It will be under control soon.

...What is that? Wrong article you say?

European parliament loves the Tobin tax

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The author does explain why financial activity is desirable. It is important for business to be able to diminish their risks by trading in options and futures.

You should also not state an assumption that 1% of financial transactions are involved in financing real activities, then ask "Disprove if you can". If you have an opinion, it is your business to defend it. Otherwise you just invite answers of the type: "I believe you have no idea what you are talking about. Disprove if you can".

There is no reason to believe that a transaction that is extremely low profit is unrelated to the financing of real activities. A small business is in constant need of small sums to be repaid next week. Whenever you order something, the business you buy it from has to build it first, give it to you, then ask for your money. Where do you think they get the money for the materials? They make a small loan, for a couple of weeks. Of course, the transactions are low-profit, because the bank does not charge much interest for such a small period. One of the largest impact of the recent crisis on small businesses is that they were unable to secure these small loans from banks, because banks were too scared to lend.

Facebook poaches Google exec to go on M&A hunt

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Whatever hiring competition between Google and Facebook can only mean reg readers get hired more often and at higher salaries.

Anonymous collective begins leaking Bank of America emails

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Thanks for the explanation

Looking forward to see what Wikileaks has.

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Huh? What of WikiLeaks?

I thought that WikiLeaks was able to somewhat function without Assange... Why aren't they releasing the info? Lost the password to the web site??

Microsoft pushes back cut 'n' paste update

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Beat me to it

It was already strange for the iPhone, 4 years ago, but now you really wonder what they were thinking.

Emergency declared at second quake-wracked Japanese nuke plant

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They did have diesel generators

They worked for an hour before stopping working due to being damaged by the tsunami.

They had also batteries, but these last only eight hours.

They will probably release the pressure into the atmosphere before a meltdown can happen. This would however release radiation.

Politically motivated exploits target activists on Google

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Politically motivated?

Can anybody guess who the

Hackers are working for?

I wonder what could be the

Nation that would do such

A thing... Heh.

App Store not invited to web's date with destiny

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Good points

The web is great because of the URLs linking from site to site. Not because it allows us to download programs and run them on our computers.

iPhone 5 design drawings spied on web

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Stop reporting obviously fake leaks

The faceplates from before are obviously photoshopped.

Considering the white iPad 2 has a white menu button, it is highly doubtful that they would go for a black button for the iPhone.

There is no way that this can be genuine.

Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum

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Ah see, that was the mistake

He admitted to being a reader of the Reg...

The icon is what Apple would like to see happen!

Google man opens curtain on cloud apps firewall glitch

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The fix involves whitelisting gmail, and in the discussion, people are saying that Gmail is blacklisted by policy. Wonderful.

I will count that as a Fail from Google, I'm afraid. They should have seen this coming. Considering how much they are hoping to convince people to use Google Apps, this looks really bad.

Apple frees iOS 4.3 two days before iPad 2 Arrival™

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What terms?

Is it $4.99 per installation on a Mac, or $4.99 per developer?

I don't really get the need for this. This must really be a drop in the ocean for Apple as far as revenue is concerned...

Google ads banned from Facebook apps

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I don't get it

Isn't the whole point of targeted advertising that the ads are more likely to advertise something that is of interest to the viewer? Isn't Google top in advertising because they do that well?

If the ad provider does not use data from the viewer, doesn't it remove the whole premise of targeted advertising, meaning they can only show random ads that are less likely to be of interest to the viewer?

Not that I care, but it seems to me that Facebook is opting to have irrelevant ads.

Courtney Love coughs up $430k in Twitter rant settlement

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The Salon article is worth a read.

Kentucky man denies drunk driving, blames blow job

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You do need to explain

Is there a beer called Paris now?

Apple cures iPad buyer's remorse

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Nice to see slack in the system

A friend of mine hadn't realized that after buying an Apple care package, he had to register it for his macBook Pro in order to get insured. Two years later, he brought the malfunctioning laptop with the still unopened Apple care package. He still had his laptop repaired for free, even though it should have been way too late.

Apple iPad 2 snapped in all its skinny glory

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Wait a day

You will have all the details

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