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Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

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Well-known fact

To all players of World of Warcraft. Drink alcohol, and the level of enemies drops. Scientifically proven.

Zuckerberg: Give me your children

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We don't need any steenkin Facebook

Ok, I am on the wrong side of 30, so I'm an old foggy. Cheers

Judgment Day prophet resets doomsday clock

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Judgement day is TODAY!!!

Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold.

The flames of Hell are upon us!

Rapture postponed as world inexplicably fails to end

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Not quite

From what the articles say, at least 3 people believed it. There are less than 3 billions Christians in the world. So no more than 99.9999999% of Christians didn't think there was going to be an Armageddon on Saturday – instead of 99.9999999999999% like you claimed.

If you use science as argument, obey it!

Apple, Amazon trademark spat turns surreal

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Lawyers should be executed on sight

"Apple denies that, based on their common meaning, the words 'app store' together denote a store for apps"

Is that intended to be a factual statement? How can these people live with themselves? What did they smoke??

LinkedIn goes ballistic following IPO

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Jobs Halo

Encouraging speculation?

You would think they would split their stock in that case. A stock price over $300 is hardly friendly to speculation.

IMO, Apple is not giving a dividend because they believe they can still grow. They are using a fair share of their cash to ensure they have enough components for that growth, so it is not like they are not using it. I don't see how a dividend would make them a more valuable stock.

New Mac fake-defenders similar to Windows scareware

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I severely doubt that Apple claims that their computers are "impervious"... Especially to malware installed by the user.

And don't point me to marketing, because it is just plain ridiculous to claim it has any legal value. It would be like claiming that Ford must take my car back because they claimed in advertisements that I would be able to drive in perfect safety, and I still managed to crash in a wall...

Remastered 4K, 3D Titanic steams towards cinemas

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As long as people buy, 3D remastering will go on...


Linux kernel runs inside web browser

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Can you run Wine on it?

I'll get my coat

HP breakthrough to hasten flash memory's demise?

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Sometimes I feel proud of the human race...

Quick think of all the military applications this will be used for!

...Ahhh, much better.

In-app payment patent scattergun fired at small devs

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These people have no shame

We get earfuls from Republican politicians about the people who live off the welfare system... But how do they compare to these parasites? They might even be proud of their cleverness.

Barf icon.

Apple seeks patent for keyboard that sucks

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An Apple patent?

Prior art!!1!

Errr... Hang on, I guess it is extremely unlikely that there will be prior art in something that weird. I guess every rule does have an exception, then. I'll get my coat.

Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound

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Duke of Post

That is the problem with being hunted by the US, and going without internet... You actually have to keep the stuff at your place, instead of googling for it like everybody else!

Italian bus driver goes completely hands-free

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He is a plant of the Vatican

It is a well-known trick to get a busload of people to pray fervently

Galleon hedge fund founder convicted on all 14 counts

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Math fail

Look again: $63.8m is not 9% of $7bn. Do you work for the investment sector? I advise you let the IT people do the computations, they can do hard math.

Google unveils Android 'Honeycomb' update for fondleslabs

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Lord post

...And the source code is still not open!

We need a G with horns icon

Microsoft Skype: How the VCs won and Ballmer overpaid

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Office on Mac?

Oh yes, good example. Does Ballmer know that Excel for Mac does not support VB scripts anymore? Does he know the pain that resulted for the users when that support was dropped?

Google won't open source fondleslab Android before 'year end'

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Ice cream sandwich?

Seriously, they could not find something that would be less of a mouthful? What about "Antidisestablishmentarianism"?

About Android on the iPad, I don't see how Google could possibly mind that. I don't think they really care that hardware partners are losing money, as long as Android is used...

WikiLeaks: East Timor knocked back high-tech Chinese spy base

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How perceptive of Timor

They accepted the boats, though. What is the radar on these boats?

Google says Android 'club' makes phone makers 'do what we want'

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You only really value openness when..,

It favors your business. Amirite? That or you don't plan to make money.

I do not remember that anybody has ever been happy to see the destruction of his own company, but maybe the writer is willing to give examples?

MobileMe drove Steve Jobs to foul-mouthed fury

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Here in US?

You do know that Apple is headquartered in the US, right? This was not a public/corp event, it was a meeting with the MobileMe team.

Chinese iPad 2 fanboiz in frenzied fight

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You mean, it has backfired because there is yet another article in the Reg that covers the iPad 2, underscoring how much people want to have it since they fight for it?

That is not backfiring, it is marketing.

Dear Google and Facebook: You don't want Skype

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Google already has a similar service

Why would they be interested?

End of the tether: Google plays nice with carriers

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Was it not Google...

Who insisted on this FCC regulation?

Is there anything to find on bin Laden's hard drive?

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You think he would have spilled the beans?

RIM taps Microsoft Bing for phone and tablet search

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Ballmer "We're going to invest uniquely into the BlackBerry platform..."

How do you say "Motherf***" in Finnish?

Ubisoft to turn games into movies, TV shows

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Could be good

I think games like say Splinter Cell do have a very good chance.

Japanese boffins build internet kissing machine

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Japanese are weird

No, seriously, they are!

Daddy, what were you doing when the 2011 Tsunami hit? Well, son, you see, I was developing my Internet kissing machine.

Wikileaks: Canadian piracy arrests were favor to movie biz man

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Finger pointing

The link from arrest to overdose is rather weak... And were it not for the overdose, this would be a non-story. The fact that the RCMP is not usually arresting cammers does not mean they should never do it. All in all, I am not schocked.

Beyoncé sued over aborted videogame deal

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Paris Hilton

Anything to do with video games...

Ends up on Reg Hardware.

No, I don't know why either...

China sets out space-station plan, asks public to name it

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Pure BS

Since when does the Chinese government ask the opinion of its citizens?

Airborne killer robot destroys Libyan anti-aircraft missile

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Drone destroying a SAM in flight

I thought the same too... but in my mind, the "destroying" part was done by flying still and getting hit.

'Anti alpha' mirror-matter made from gold in atomsmasher

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Let me get this straight (ha!)

If ever the probe on the ISS detects anything, it will mean that we are surrounded by anti-matter, and soon to disappear in a flash of energy?


Apple component lock-ups jump 40%

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Jobs Halo


Now THAT is a good use of money in the bank. Large commitments means cheap components, which means larger margins.

Apple seals $66bn in Jobsian wallet

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Dividends and buybacks

Historically, investors have regarded dividends and buybacks as admissions that the company did not know how to use the cash effectively. This is considered as a terrible failure.

Look at RIM: they bought back their stock last year... You would think this indicates confidence, and that market force should make the stock prize rise... But that has very much not been the case.

Robotic waiter service uses Kinect to see

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What about Roomba?

iRobot has offered a fully programmable version of their vacuum cleaner for years...

In fact, a team at IBM has made a robot detecting hot spots in data centers out of it:


BTW, I believe the "turtle" thing is meant to appeal to old fans of LOGO...

Japanese gov makes Fukushima evac zone compulsory

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In before...

Comments that the government is banning people from entering the zone in order to hide that the radioactivity level is far higher than they report.

Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict

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Sometimes I wish I was so shameless

Who needs to be productive and actually invent things, when you can just patent known techniques, wait ten years, and sue in hope that the company will pay?

A sum of $5 millions is calculated so that Google might just pay to get rid of the problem and hope they will go away bother somebody else.

Cops refuse to say if they secretly snarf cellphone data

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Give them the money

Then sue them to get it back. The idea that a freedom of information request could be stopped by just asking arbitrary large amounts of money is frankly disturbing.

Hands up everybody who thinks the real cost of providing the information is anywhere that high? Thank you.

Sanity saver: Fedora 15 answers Ubuntu's Unity

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@relax: Oh, ok

Allrighty then.

Thanks for humoring us alarmists!

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Hang on, no overlapping?

I did not try it, but people seem to say you cannot overlap windows...!?

Maybe *you* don't multitask, but I have seen people writing code while watching a video on youTube. And checking at the same time the stock market minute by minute in a third window. My question is: Can you do all that without alt-tabbing continuously?

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel

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Infringement of 6 trademarked icons!!



"The color(s) yellow, blue, green, brown, black, gray and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a gray, white, and blue rectangle with rounded corners depicting a stylized flower in the colors green, yellow, brown, black, white and gray."

You mean lawyers get paid to do this??

ratfox Silver badge

What's their point?

I thought that you needed to claim that a patent or something was infringed in order to sue...

I mean yeah, they do look very much the same, and the iThingies were inspiration but I am not sure that is illegal in any way... (and it is not clear to me that the design had never been used before)

I take it that aiming at a semi-friendly furnisher is a preparation for the big target starting with G.

Apple smears Web2.0rhea across online support

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Paris Hilton

What a high score brings?

I thought it gave you a longer, larger and more impressive... Sense of achievement. Right?

PH also gives a longer, larger, etc.

XXX domain names go live

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I am in awe of the business gambit ICM just won. They practically created for themselves an eternal source of free money. Without contributing anything of any significance to society.

It makes me want to puke.

Apple spits out increment iOS version

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Relative ease?

It may be me, but I think that you underestimate the difficulty here, both of unlocking the platform and of developing a platform that cannot be unlocked at all.

Anyway, Apple has probably done a cost-analysis and estimated how much money they were willing to stop people from unlocking their iThings. I believe users are not that bothered by the patching... Except those that do want to unlock their toys, but that is the point, innit?

Google native code browser plug-in gets tickled

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Wait... People still use Tcl?

It has been a while since I have heard anything about it. Maybe I hang around the wrong people.

US Marines splurge on Brit troops' armoured pants

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Silk underwear?

Strewth! I need a beer.

UK is 15th best place in the world to do IT

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Semi-useless rankings

Well, not completely, but one should not sweat the details of who is just behind whom... This takes into account various stuff such as "broadband penetration" and "smartphone ownership" which can plumb a country without having much influence on the actual work conditions of IT employees.

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Dead Vulture

Good idea

Not that I am on dial-up, but this should IMO have been included in the article... Or at least, say, the position of US.

Bad reg!

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