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Hackers steal personal data of military, gov personnel

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Goes to show that sometimes, there is no such thing as "good enough security".

Though, really, passwords? Which implies they were stored unhashed? Maybe I'm just nitpicking. After all, with the data they had, Gannet probably thought the lock of the safe was unbreakable anyway.

Oracle: 'Google owes $2.6bn in damages'

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So how exactly is Google making money?

On a system it is giving away for free?

Dwarfish two-legged dino 'was greatest head-butter ever'

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Yeah, but giraffes can clean their own ears with their tongue

Try to top that, thick-foreheaded Glaswegian precursor!

Budget airlines warned over 'hidden' debit card charges

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Do not let this go!

On the other side of the pond, hidden fees are the rule, not the exception. Do not let this happen to you!

E.g. if you buy a $20 plan for your cell phone, you find out eventually that with "monthly connection charge", "emergency phone numbers charge", "just-because-we-can charge", and sales taxes, you will actually pay $40.

Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year

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This is not planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is making sure the thing does not work after a short period.

...Unless you are one of those people who think their gadget only works properly if it is the most shiny around.

French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google

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Google probably would have to discriminate their own services

In order not to show them in first search results...

Blow to the head makes people feel good about religion

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Useless research

Until we get a similar study for not-bumped-in-the-head-people

Groupon faces multitude of legal headaches in US

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Does Groupon have a lock-in?

We all know that Facebook has a lock-in. Everybody is already on it, and unless you convince all your friends to move to a competitor, you have to keep using it (assuming you want a social network, natch).

But even assuming the business model of Groupon works, what stops a competitor from offering the exact same service? What would stop small business to go to that competitor? Or consumers?

Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

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Yeah right

Look, I like Apple, and I love Google, really. And I have shares in both.

But this is pure blackmail from their part. "Look at the big pile of money! You need money, don't you? You can have, say... 5% of it, right away! Or wait forever. Your choice..."

Dangle, dangle...

Brits told how much they'll pay for HP TouchPad

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Ha ha

Buy our stuff! As expensive as the other one, except nobody is writing apps for it! Be the loser among your friends!

Seriously, if they cannot make it cheaper, I don't see how they can get any market traction. Whatever the virtues of their stuff, it is not going to make people forget about the App Store™.

Rare video: Moon flashing in front of giant's face

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Dude, photoshopped

You should totally hear the whooshing sound of a moon passing merely 10000km away. And Zarathustra, you should hear Zarathustra, too.

Saab fingers BAE over South African fighter deal

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Wow – a bribe in an arms deal?

Who would've thunk?

Kindle Store awash with auto-generated crap 'books'

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Making it not free to publish

Heh. I remember Bill Gates also said once that the solution to spam was to make email cost something. THAT did not happen for sure!

That said, I could tentatively agree that publishing a book should not be something you want to do twenty times a day, so a small charge could be justified.

This could however be an interesting experiment: How long before we get software that is able to write a new "original" book from random bits of story? After all Barbara Cartland was able to write 23 "novels" in one year using this method.

Go Daddy sued over email alerts

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Why oh why?

Why why why was this patent accepted? Yeah, I know: the USPTO does not give a shit, because the more crap patents they accept, the more their job is secure. Let the courts deal with invalidating them. Lawyers earn money, and everybody is happy. Erm.


Microsoft+HTML: The antidote to iOS and Android

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Microsoft can be a winner...

If they think fast and act quickly. In other words: forget it. The last time MS displayed this kind of ability was when it created IE double quick and put it on Win95; which for the better or worse gave them a leading position on the browser market for almost a decade.

Is there ANYBODY who can tell me what the windows user icon represents??

HTTP-on-steroids busts out of Google

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Sounds poisonous to me. I want Phosphorus-free salt, thankyouverymuch!

The one with the periodic table in the pocket, thanks

Facebook hurls insults, punctuation at growth slump report

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Re: "XXXX, your friends are missing you"

1) Create a throwaway free mail address (I suggest Hotmail)

2) Set it as your contact address in Facebook

3) Remove your real address from Facebook

4) Delete your Facebook account

5) Forget the password of the throwaway mail address

THEN, you can be free, finally.

What is this icon supposed to represent? Please somebody enlighten me.

Commons hit by rash of laptop thefts

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What do you expect?

When you bring together so many people of low morality...

EA angers fans over Battlefield 3 pre-order exclusives

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I will boycott

Well, I would not have bought it anyway, but...

I am surprised they are not going the Farmville way, and letting you BUY more efficient weapons once you have the game.

...And after six months, new weapons are added, even more efficient. KA-CHING!

Venice not in major peril after all - new research

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Great Britain is in peril! Useful Royal Navy sees budgets reduced to pay for expensive European junk planes for the useless Royal Air Force!

iCloud Communications sues Apple for 'irreparable injury' to trademark

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iCloud did not register their trademark

So I think they are going to lose, period. In fact, even if they had registered their trademark, they would lose it now for not having enforced it during all these years. As far as I understand, that is how Trademark law works.

Cloud iTunes DESTROYS music business FOREVER!

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Quick estimation

I have on average 15 CDs of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner, Chopin, Mahler, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Rossini, Schubert, Verdi... Those are just the main ones. Classical music adds up fast.

ratfox Silver badge

Complete sync?

With about 20 GB of music on my computer, I am not sure I want to have all my music on my iPhone... And I might be wrong, but I do not think that my collection is very large.

HP WebOS tablet to ship early July

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I believe that any new entrant on the tablet market should have to realize they have to make it either cheaper or better than the iPad. Better is quite difficult considering the quantity of apps for the iPad, and that its design is mostly satisfactory. So make it CHEAPER. Remember that Toyota made a loss on every Prius sold for the first few years.

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

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copyright, not patent

Really? As far as I understand, copyright is only infringed if they directly lift his code. As long as they only copy his idea, and rewrite a program that works exactly the same way (being careful to write the code from scratch, and not modifying his code), there is no copyright problem.

IANAL, of course.

ratfox Silver badge

Lack of patent

Not patented = up for grabs!


iTunes Match is iPiracy, claims loopy Oz industry troll

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No, it is not a codec.

From now on, I will promote the abbreviation in the title for the quote in Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2:

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Apple 'spaceship' awaits landing clearance in Cupertino

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Seriously, is there anyway a sane city council would refuse a plan like that? I believe that Apple would easily have got the authorization with only half as much glitter, and without even having Saint Steve come hit them with the ol' reality distortion field.

Speck SeeThru MacBook Air cover

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Sorry, what?

What is this? A review or an advertisement?

What is the point of a "review" that only displays pictures?

Had the old "dead reg" icon still been available, it would have accompanied this post.

Antimatter hangs around at CERN

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10E100 is not 10 to the power of 100. It is ten times 1E100, and 1E100 is 10 to the power of 100.

For instance, 1E111 is ten to the power of eleventy-one. Right?

Apple hit by new competition complaint as iCloud launches

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How are they going to establish that their app is *unfairly* delayed?

They might also have to establish that Apple has to accept third-party apps, which does not seem a given to me. After all, if Apple had said from the beginning they did not accept third-party apps at all, the iPad would probably not be as successful, but I doubt anybody could claim it was anticompetitive behavior.

Chinese teen flogs kidney to buy iPad

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Aaaand that makes 50 upvotes!

Have a cold on me, too.

California set to impose 'Amazon Tax'

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@Read much

Do tell, what is the big difference between "use tax" and "sales tax" that make his comment to be invalid? You may think it is obvious, but most people probably believe the distinction to be purely semantic.

Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast

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Jumping out of the sinking boat

We all knew that Nokia was in trouble... but why MICROSOFT?

Does anyone believe that Nokia would have been considered so doomed, had they gone for the Android route?

Still do not know what the M$ icon is supposed to represent.

China goes on attack over Google phishing claims

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"The claims of so-called Chinese state support for hacking are completely fictitious and have ulterior motives."

I do not recall Google ever said the attacks were supported by the Chinese STATE; merely that they originated in China. Why are they so defensive? Tsk, tsk...

1) It did not happen

2) We did not do it

3) You cannot prove we did it

Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix

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That one needs to be installed, right?

I suppose the users need to click on "OK" after the message "this application has been downloaded from the internet, do you want to proceed?"

Mac users will have to learn to read, then...

Canadian prof: Wikipedia makes kids study harder

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I am not surprised in the least that the students are less than motivated when their work is just to be read by their professor before joining the big pile of paper in the sky. I remember very well the feeling of futility that accompanied each and every one of my essays. the goal very quickly becoming to fill the required number of pages with wide margins and large handwriting.

I dare say I put more effort in this single post than in many assignments. Just because you people are reading it.

US Supremes add 'willful blindness' to patent law

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This ruling makes it harder, not easier, to claim you did not know about the patent. Though it still leaves the possibility that you are in good faith.

Apple nemesis sues iOS, Mac, and Android devs

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I really really hope Lodsys loses...

I don't even wish them ill, but if they win, it will soon be impossible to put three lines of code together on ANY device without breaking eleventyone patents. Especially with the way the USPTO seems to grant patents without bothering to check for prior art, relying instead on the courts to sort the chaff from the wheat.

I have the sinking feeling that somebody is running the following script:

while (<PATENT_DB>) {

s/cell phone/tablet/;

apply_for_patent $_;


Apple sues teenager for white iPhone conversion kits

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Now, what is the Windows user icon about??

ratfox Silver badge

Lord post

I assume that is why Apple dropped the lawsuit right away. Either they realized how bad it would look, or they just filed it to make a point in the first place: "If we wanted to, we could sue you into oblivion."

From what I understand, only the Apple logo and the iPhone trademark make it illegal; but the infringement is as clear as it could be.

I still don't get what the fanboy icon is supposed to represent.

Reg hack applauds asinine augmentation

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Byte, Bluetooth...



Rampaging Android takes over Main Street America

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Thanks, I'll stay with IKEA

No Swedish icon... Tux will have to do (I know, finnish)

Zuckerberg labels Ceglia lawsuit a 'brazen, outrageous fraud'

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All of them?

That means my work contract is invalid then. Damn.

ratfox Silver badge


This may be the most high-profile case of doctored contract ever. I wonder what will come out of it. What would happen if we realized that this system of apposing a signature to the bottom of a contract is laughably insecure? (insert long ramble about credential theft, etc.)

Windows user icon, I want to see what it looks like.

Microsoft gets five bucks for every HTC Android phone

ratfox Silver badge

And how much for iPhones?

<--- what is this icon supposed to represent? I am clueless

Billionaire Zuckerberg kills to eat

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I believe you should only use a computer you have built yourself

So as to appreciate all the hard work that went into it.

Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

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Well-known fact

To all players of World of Warcraft. Drink alcohol, and the level of enemies drops. Scientifically proven.

Zuckerberg: Give me your children

ratfox Silver badge

We don't need any steenkin Facebook

Ok, I am on the wrong side of 30, so I'm an old foggy. Cheers

Judgment Day prophet resets doomsday clock

ratfox Silver badge

Judgement day is TODAY!!!

Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold.

The flames of Hell are upon us!

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