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Android approaches 80% smartphone share as Apple's iPhone grows old

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Re: "As usual, Linux phones managed to scrape a percentage point of market share"

I'm not sure Android is trying to hide the fact it contains Linux… It's just that for this particular brand, the fact that it contains Linux has become irrelevant.

You might well see people say that UNIX has practically disappeared… They just have forgotten that OS X is UNIX-based, and has been UNIX certified since 10.5.

'Look, give us Snowden' - this Friday's top US-Russia talks revealed

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Re: My contempt and hate of everything Obama is growing...

Can you counter the effect by talking about UNladen swallows?

Yahoo! announces! plan! to! change! logo! 30! times! this! month!

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Queensland bans IBM from future work

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As it happens, I see no Send Corrections button for this article.

Maybe they are planning a new version which points to a proper form, rather than an email address. This has been my personal reason for not using the Send Corrections button. I should not use my work address to send an message to a news site, and I'm not going to the trouble of logging into a throwaway Hotmail address just for reporting a correction.

Google patents swish, swosh, swoosh pattern unlock app swipe

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That should not be a problem, considering that there are over a hundred thousand patterns. My iPhone only lets me set a four-digit PIN, so they could have ten different unlocking patterns and still be more secure than iPhones… Which are plenty secure enough.

Behold, replica Nazi-code-cracking Colossus computer IN LEGO FORM

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Re: Wow

I was however surprised to see that the Lego City Space Shuttle includes a mug in the cockpit of the shuttle. Somebody obviously did not pay attention.

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'

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Re: @NomNomNom

Yes indeed, the trolling was surprisingly successful.

Transdimensional rift appears above Australian bolt supplier

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USA reverses iPhone, iPad sales ban

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Re: Correct descision, even if the taint lingers

Agree with this, as I don't think that standard-essential patents should ever be used as a barrier to doing business.

Of course, it is going to take years before Samsung and Apple agree on what are fair and reasonable licensing terms, but Samsung hardly needs the cash urgently, and Apple can obviously pay, so…

The Old Reader drops Google refugee eviction plan

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All is well that ends well?

Capitalism in action, working properly for once it seems…


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Old news

Surely this has been known for a long time?

If I remember correctly, they also have restrictions on using Google fiber for businesses? Eg Yahoo cannot open a data center in Kansas City and order a dozen of Google fiber connections to connect it to the Web? Surely that also goes against pure net neutrality, right?

Google Glassholes to be BANNED from UK roads

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New rules?

Surely there are already rules about paying attention to the road, and GPS displays. If they are going to write a new rule for every new gadget, they will hardly have time for anything else...

FCC votes to bring faster internet to US schools

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Re: More Obama and his meaningless bullshit.

So true! The proper way to provide jobs to the population is certainly not to make sure it gets a better education and training than the rest of the world in important technologies like the Internet; it is to make new laws that forbid US companies from outsourcing jobs!

No wonder they prefer to hire foreigners.

Google teases hush-hush Android event on July 24

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Something new

Maybe it's a smart watch?

You, Google. Get back here and bend over again - EU antitrust chief

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Re: The Googletards are awake, I see

The problem is that there is no way Google can satisfy the demands of Almunia and especially the competitors.

The competitors claim that Google shafts them in search results, Google claims it does not, they just appear lower because their websites are crap and/or users don't click on them. And since there is no way to reconcile that without Google giving all details of their ranking system (which is obviously never going to happen), there is no way out. The competitors have no interest in agreeing to anything, since they have every advantage in causing trouble for Google.

The problem Almunia has with Google is not a particular law that Google is breaking. It's not like he's able to say: "This part of what Google does is wrong", because there is no single part that is wrong; otherwise it would be easy to just tell Google "do this exactly or else". His problem is that Google controls a larger part of the market than is healthy. So he has to ask Google to "do more", even though he does not know what exactly.

So he is going to ask for more and more using the threat of fines until he feels that he cannot get any more. Google on its side is going to try to give in as little as possible without actually telling him to sod off. And competitors are going to complain as loudly as possible.

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev

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Re: He's rude, but he's right

"Wrong stuff made by nice people, or stuff that actually works"

If you keep insulting people, you might get stuff that is not made at all because nobody wants to do the job anymore.

Google study finds users ignore Chrome security warnings

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Re: It only applies to women - apparently

I was once told by my professor to replace he/his by she/her because I should not assume people are male…

Be still, my quivering atoms: Here's a new way to count a second

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Re: Measuring Time

The definition of a second did not change; however we might be using a different second than before because we are able to stick closer to what the definition is.

It's like the definition of π never changed; it always has been the ratio between the perimeter and the diameter of a circle. However, with centuries we have been able to know more precisely what the actual number is, from ~3 to 22/7 to billions of digits.

BAN UK tax breaks on patented tech, fumes German finance minister

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No shit, Sherlock

Though in this case, rather than encouraging them to do something, it is encouraging them to do in this country rather than in that country.

The solution is obvious: They should create the same tax breaks in Germany!

Human error blamed for toxic Russian rocket explosion

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Easy to fix

Just reverse the polarity of the Proton beams…

Inventor lobs spherical, throwable camera

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Do you get bonus points…

If you chose Pikachu?

France's 'three strikes' anti-piracy law shot down

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Re: I'll bet this shitze don't fly

Eh, if you weren't an AC, I'd take you up on that bet… The decision comes from the Constitutional Council, which generally has the last word in these matters in France…

But do keep spluttering!

Italy scores in SPAAACE: ESA 'naut Parmitano pops out for walk

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"replace a Space-to-Ground Transmitter Receiver Controller"

Is the part called AE-35 by any chance?

Run for your (private) lives! Facebook's creepy Graph Search is upon us

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I assume because he considers the word 'pervert' was chosen for Daily Mail-like scaremongering rather than to inform.

A bit like a politician would talk of 'terrorists' rather than good old-fashioned 'criminals', which are much less scary for some reason, even though terrorists are statistically way less likely to hurt the population.

Apple files patent for 'Waze-plus'

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You've got to be kidding me

"There is a hint of a trivial novelty in the patent: once a user has rated a route, other subscribers could have that rating pushed to them – so if there's an accident blocking a freeway, a user's report would alert other users to find a different route."

This is the novelty? This? This?? <blink>This?</blink>

I need to go lie down…

Mastercard and Visa block payments to Swedish VPN firms

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@Phil O'Sophical

If you do use a credit card for using an anonymization service, you can do anything you want anonymously; people would only be able to tell you used the service, but not what you did while anonymous.

US Navy coughs $34.5m for hyper-kill railgun that DOESN'T self-destruct

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Re: Erm, curvature of the earth, anyone?

At Mach 7, the rotation of the earth would not be much more than what they already need to take into account while firing normal shells… That is two minutes and a half.

Some guns in WW 2 had their projectiles staying 2 minutes in the air already,

Apple back in court as Shanghai firm takes offence at Siri

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If anybody needed any proof

That the patent system is an obstacle to innovation…

US states: Google making ad money on illegal YouTube vids

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First amendment?

It's probably legal to show these videos, otherwise they would get taken down… Are they suggesting that Google should show "moral leadership" and censor these videos?

Zynga zinger: Xbox chief bagged as new CEO

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Wow. Leaving Microsoft for Zynga.

Is it me, or does Microsoft have trouble retaining people?

Google 'disappoints' US congressman over Glass privacy controls

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"New technology should have built-in privacy"

No doubt that people of the RIAA keep dreaming of going back in time to insist that DRM be built in that new fangled Internet technology…

Brit fantasy artist sues James Cameron over Avatar world

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I was strongly reminded of World of Warcraft

Floating islands in the sky - check

Blue people - check

Luminescent vegetation - check

Huge tree with mystical/natural meaning for the natives - check

I'm sure there are other examples; not that all of this has not been pretty much done a few times before.

Secret US spy court lets Microsoft, Google reveal their petitions

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Passport revoked

Does that mean that he is officially not American any more?

FTC tells Google and pals: Not labelling ads properly is 'deceptive'

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Doesn't everybody do this already?

In the vast majority of cases, it seems to me that ads are indicated clearly enough, though maybe my l33t Internet skillz allow me to avoid traps that more mundane surfers fall into…

'Do the right thing and tell on a pirate' - software bods

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Do they also guarantee anonymity for snitching on your co-workers?

Internet daddies win Blighty's 'Nobel for engineering'

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If anybody, it has to be them first

Of course there are other people, and these ones have been celebrated already; but it would make no sense not to give the prize to people who deserve it the most, just because they are already famous. It would be like giving the gold medal to the one who finished fourth, because the others are already standing on the podium.

US Supremes sit on hands in $625m patent case, hand Apple victory

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I approve each and every decision against patent holders.

Google defends search biz as EU competition market test nears end

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So what would make them happy?

It was always obvious that the competitors were going to reject the proposal. So far, I have not heard any constructive proposal of what they think Google should do. IIRC, they asked for "clear guarantees" that Google would "stop pushing it own products" in the search results. That is practically impossible, unless Google made public its ranking algorithm; which it would most certainly never do.

It is true that Google having 90% market share makes it hard for others to compete, but nobody seems to have any feasible idea of how this could be fixed. Even the EC does not seem able to propose anything, other than telling them to "improve their proposals" somehow.

Google gets gentle Street View slurp slap from UK data cops

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Won't somebody please think of the children??

Waiting for the outcry. Google must be guilty!

Google preps wave of machine learning apps

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Re: One request

If teenagers want to find porn on the web… They will find it. No amount of work on Safesearch is going to help.

Hey mobile firms: About that Android thing... Did Google add a lockout clause?

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What about the restrictions on forks by the Open Handset Alliance?

From what I understand, you can be a part of the alliance and sell Windows phones; however you are not allowed to sell incompatible versions of Android. As far as I know, this is the only place Google is putting restrictions on manufacturers.

Maybe that could be seen as an attempt from Google to strong-arm the manufacturers, though not in a way that Microsoft would care about it. What do manufacturers lose if they get kicked out of the Open Handset Alliance?

Julian Assange: I'm quite happy to sleep on Ecuador's sofa FOREVER

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Reality show will come out any time now

It's usually the way used by people desperate for attention.

That said, at look with much anticipation to the day Assange will leave the embassy. It is most likely he will get out in a very large Diplomatic bag, which would be disappointing; but I have not lost hope that he will eventually get sent to Sweden, and get sentenced there to a month of community service.

Six nations ask Google for answers on Glass privacy

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When they say… They mean…

How does Google intend to address the specific issues around facial recognition in the future? (Dear Google, we have no clue how to solve this problem. Can you solve it for us?)

Has Google undertaken any privacy risk assessment the outcomes of which it would be willing to share? (Dear Google, we really have no clue, but you people seem to be more intelligent. Can you help us write new regulations?)

Would Google be willing to demonstrate the device to our offices and allow any interested data protection authorities to test it? (I WANNA TRY IT! ME TOO! MY TURN!! WANNA WANNA WANNA!)

Tor users locked out of Facebook after wave of dodgy traffic

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Wrong enemy

It is not third parties they are afraid of; it is of Facebook.

They are using a fake identity on Facebook, and they want to be sure that Facebook itself cannot trace them… Cos, y'know, the US gov can ask Facebook to do that at any time.

ratfox Silver badge

There are people who use Tor to go on Facebook?!

Do they also go to the beach in a full-body burqa?

/Jackie Chan meme

First look: iOS 7 for iPad

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Re: Game Center Looks Childish

Anything to replace the old pseudo green felt crap!

Google flings another £1m at online child sex abuse vid CRACKDOWN

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Re: ^ Very much this.

The reason people accused Google is because they have money to spare, and they care about their public image… And hey, it worked.

Google probably had a look at the subject and immediately decided to shell out the dough rather than have these people nag them any more.

Red Hat to ditch MySQL for MariaDB in RHEL 7

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Re: Usage of this product is near zero outside of web hosting and internet companies

I think I remember people saying that about Linux too.

MPs demand UK rates revamp after Google's 'extraordinary tax mismatch'

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Re: "pay its fair share of tax" - @ the goalpost-moving politicians:

I'm not sure it matters where the "selling" is done. European law seems to allow companies to pay tax in a single country, no matter where the "selling" is done. What matters is which country is on the bill. This was very explicitly meant to be a feature of European tax laws, and not a bug: It means that you can sell in many countries without the hassle of paying taxes in each of them.

Google may have been wrongly claiming that sales were happening in Ireland, but this is probably just for saving appearances; the fact is that they are allowed to pay taxes wherever they want.

You may go to a travel agency to buy a plane ticket; you may get convinced by the travel agency to buy a certain ticket; you may never talk to anybody from the airlines company. Yet, the ticket you buy is still a British Airways ticket, not a Kuoni one, even though Kuoni did the selling. The travel agency only pays taxes on the commission they get, which has nothing to do with the amount the airlines company earns.

Facebook turns on frigid Swedish ice-maidens in new data centre

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data centers from Google […] run at between 1.08 and 2.12

I think you mean between 1.08 and 1.12

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