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Google: Thanks for the billions in revenue, UK. Here are your taxes, that's ... £11m

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Paris Hilton

What about VAT?

I have heard that there is no VAT paid on services such as those offered by Google. But would this be not a proper way to make large companies out of the country pay for running a business in the country?

PH, because she probably knows more than me about these money matters…

DEAD STEVE JOBS kills Apple bounce patent from BEYOND THE GRAVE

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Now that Groklaw is gone, there is now only FOSS… They used to balance each other pretty well…

NSA in new SHOCK 'can see public data' SCANDAL!

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Fairly standard

I used to do military service in electronic warfare, i.e. listening to the radio. We were only allowed to "identify", but not listen to, civil communications in our country. Everything else was fair game, including baby listening devices and old wireless phones which were still using non-digital transmission. We had trigonometric detection of the place of emission, so we could know that it was coming from outside the country.

French data cops to Google: RIGHT, you had your chance. PUNISHMENT time

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Google seems to be jumping hoops with Europe about the monopoly issue, I'd have thought they would pay attention to this. I guess they really want this new privacy policy to stand…

Google FAILS in attempt to nix Gmail data-mining lawsuit

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Well, actually…

Actually, it seems to me that Google's point is a good one.

If somebody sends an email, they are normally letting the recipient do whatever they want with the email, including forwarding it to third parties, publishing it in a newspaper, or indeed, letting Google read it.

I believe that in general, you make no assumption when sending a letter to someone that no one else has the right to read that letter. If the recipient decides to publish the letter, he publishes it.

In fact, only governments (ha!) seem able to restrict the right of the recipient to publish their letters. This is precisely the criticism that has been leveled at National Security letters and "super injunctions".

Google's boffins branded 'unacceptably ineffective' at tackling web piracy

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I think they should read again the company's mission statement. Not the thing about evil; the one about making the world's information universally and easily accessible.

Not showing things that are on the web goes directly against everything Google does; it's understandable that they are not trying hard to shoot themselves in the foot.

Google tentacle slips over YouTube comments: Now YOUR MUM is at the top

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Xkcd has already commented on YouTube comments.

Apple ups revenue estimates in wake of nine million–phone weekend

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On the contrary!

Apple is usually famously tight-lipped; the fact that they go to the trouble of making this announcement today (only one month before earnings) shows they feel the need to prop up their stock price and reassure investors. (And it seems to have worked when you look at today's numbers)

But Apple would never have made such an announcement three years ago, when they were systematically beating all estimates every quarter…

Paraphrasing Thatcher, being successful is like being a lady; if you have to tell people you are one, you are not.

Boffins debate killing leap seconds to help sysadmins

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But… but… That would mean that at the end of my life, UTC time will be a whole minute out of sync with the rotation of the earth!?

BlackBerry BLOODBATH! Company warns of nearly $1bn quarterly loss

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Feeling sorry for them

Have felt that way for about three years now

Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS

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Hey, we have another source of money

…So let's kill your business by offering everything you do for free.

If I remember correctly, some countries actually have laws against this (e.g in France, you are not allowed to sell something at loss unless during designated sales periods).

Apple CEO Cook: 'We're not in the junk business'

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But then why does it look like junk?

I am looking for a new phone, but honestly, I would have preferred to buy an iPhone 5 rather than the new iPhone 5C.

Maybe I am too suspicious, but it feel as if the reason the iPhone 5 got replaced by the iPhone 5C is that otherwise, people would have bought the iPhone 5 instead of the 5S. Now, if you want an iPhone that looks good, you have to shell out for the 5S.

Maybe I'll go for the 4S instead…

You thought slinging Photoshop into the cloud would fail? Look who's laughing NOW

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The real number her is -8% revenue?

I bet that quite a few companies would be satisfied with -8% revenue, if it comes with a subscription model. Getting money constantly and predictably is far safer than always having to convince people to buy the next version of your product. Why do you think Adobe is doing this? Realistically, the features from five years ago would be enough for most people. They are far enough ahead on features that the biggest competitor for their new release is their own previous release.

Everyone's waving their 5-inchers: BlackBerry outs new supersized Z30

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I got tired long ago already of the then-fashionable idea that pants pockets are not supposed to contain anything.

Bill Gates again world's richest, tops in US for 20th straight year

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It is Wunderkind, not wünderkind

I'll let you off starting this German noun with a capital, but I really don't think we need a metal umlaut here.

US plaintiffs can seek damages over Street View data slurp - court

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Tinfoil haaaats!!1!

Seriously, I hope for the NSA that they have better means of gathering data than randomly grabbing 20 seconds of data from unsecured wifi networks while the car is passing in the street. I cannot possibly imagine how useful this data could be to anyone.

400 million Chinese people can't speak Chinese: Official

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Doesn't matter much

They may all speak a different language, but they all read and write the same one…

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Re: No wonder

No way English is one of the top three hardest languages to learn. Finnish and Czech have got to be harder, without even mentioning Navajo and Swiss German which cannot be pronounced if you did not hear them in the womb.

Though English does have this particularity that, say, a word ending in -ough can be pronounced in seven different ways:

- tough (as staff)

- trough (as scoff)

- though (as low)

- thorough (as law)

- through (as brew)

- bough (as how)

- hiccough (as cup)

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived

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Re: iPad Mini 2 - The screen on the current Mini is awful...

Apple clearly felt they had to go ahead with a poor resolution for the mini iPad, just to have an answer to the Nexus 7. Indeed, most of the presentation was comparing the two devices.

Now that they had one more year to work on it, they better announce a resolution that is a lot better than the first version. Whether they can do that within the same price is another question.

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE

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Re: "make 40$ per device"

I think if you check your numbers, you'll find that the number of phones they need to sell is a tenth of what you claim. 7.2 billions divided by 30 is not 2.4 billions.

Women in IT: ‘If you want to be taken seriously, dress like a man’

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Re: Sexist numpty & Reg titles

"An entire article dedicated to missing the point and blaming the boys club for her desire to be the pretty thing with heels, glitter, make up and coloured hair while the rest of her workforce looked nothing like that. This is not a male/female problem yet she insists on pointing it out as one."

You are either willfully missing the point, or completely out of touch with the world. It is not about her desire to be the pretty thing, it is about her desire to look like a normal woman. Despite what you may think, wearing heels and make up does not denote a desire to stand out, it is just normal. Women dress like that, it is standard. Rather, it is wearing cargo pants which makes a woman stand out.

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Re: Sexist numpty

>> So you (YOU!!!!!!!!) didnt speak up

Note the multiple exclamation marks — a sure sign of a diseased mind.

Ballmer's emotional farewell to Redmond: I LOVE THIS COMPANY

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"I love this company"

That's why he is leaving. Stock is up 8% so far…

Yahoo! web! traffic! BIGGER! THAN! GOOGLE! in! July!

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Thank! you! for! complaining!

And thus ensuring that they will keep doing it!

UK mulls ban on tiny mobiles to block prison smugglers

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Not gonna work

1) even if they are made illegal, prisoners will still get them.

2) making devices illegal to the general population just so prisoners cannot get them is retarded.

Marissa Mayer in Vogue fashion shoot

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Stop it

If Branson can dress in a stewardess-and-lipstick outfit for advertisement, I fail to see what the problem is with these particular pictures. We do not need to analyse everything a female CEO does in terms of gender issues, just because she is female.

If any CEO can get to advertise for their company by doing a photo shoot, let them. I remember Larry Page and Sergey Brin did an interview for Playboy, and the only reason that got them into trouble is that it was during the quiet period leading to the Google IPO.

'BLING BLING, BLING BLING' 'Hello, yes, my iPhone is made of GOLD'

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Yeah right

I don't believe for a second that Apple is going to produce a gold-coloured phone. Honestly, they simply have better taste than that.

This makes almost as much sense as the third-year-in-a-row rumour that a cheap iPhone will be introduced. When will people realise that the cheap iPhone is always the previous model??

Microsoft announces execution date for failed QR code-killer

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Re: Is it me

It is not you… Though it is not exactly broken; it is just the source code displaying. It must have been HTML escaped by mistake.

Apple sucking triple the phone switchers as Samsung – report

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Re: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

This. Percentages are useless if we don't have total numbers. All statistics are good if you present them the right way.

Amazon DISAPPEARS from internet

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Black Helicopters

Time to don the tinfoil hats

First Google, now Amazon… Coincidence? YOU DECIDE!

Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law

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How can they even think that this will fly? It seems crazy.

12 simple rules: How Ted Codd transformed the humble database

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defining what something isn't

You mean, like GNU, WINE… …Bing…?

Bug-finder chucked for posting to Zuck

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Re: ...and here we se the "Head In The Sand" approach to system security...

I joined at the time to participate to a discussion/group/whatchamacallit.

But indeed, the most important attraction is to read what is happening to your friends, assuming what they write is not "had a donut today" and rather "will be in NY next week-end, anybody there up for a drink?"

YouTube Wars: Microsoft cries foul as Windows Phone app pulled again

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IT Angle

Did Microsoft just claim they are less capable than Blackberry?

"The roadblocks Google has set up are impossible to overcome, and they know it."

Sounds like Microsoft is having trouble finding good software engineers these days…

Google: Cloud users have 'no legitimate expectation of privacy'

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Re: Shock! Gmail works just like Google said it would...

I regret I have but one upvote to give to you, good sir!

ratfox Silver badge

Shock and horror

…There are people who signed up for Gmail without realizing that Google was going to read their emails and show them related ads!

I mean, I understand that some people like privacy, but then for Cthulhu's sake don't use Gmail…

Starwing: Nintendo, Argonaut's Brit boffinry and the Super FX chip

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Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition

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Re: Pronouns

Yeah, I didn't get what this was about. It's pretty clear that "between you and me" is correct, so why should it be "between they and we" rather than "between them and us"?

Does Gmail's tarted-up tab makeover bust anti-spam laws?

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Re: CAN-SPAM is toothless

Keep reporting them as spam. You spam filter will soon just get rid of them for you.

About this Promotions tab, I've largely been using it as a secondary spam folder, so I can't say I care much what happens in it…

Norway BANS Apple from Oslo's skies: No aerial Maps app snaps allowed

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This is a particularly good attempt at security through obscurity. Thankfully the terrorists are now stumped, since there is no other way they could obtain pictures of the place.

Xbox 180: Microsoft scraps mandatory Kinect policy

ratfox Silver badge

Let the conspiracies begin

What proves the camera is really turned off when you turn it off in the settings, eh? There should be a little red light which turns on when the camera is on!!1!

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow

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Good luck

He'll need it. This is far from the first time that the combination of electromagnetic propulsion + vacuum tube (or semi-vacuum in this case) has been planned. The results have been so far underwhelming.

I have to say, apart from the $6bn cost to build the system, the 7 million passengers a year also seems optimistic to me. Without even talking of having the whole thing self-powered by solar cells.

It is good that there are people who try to push the limits of what is possible, but don't count on me to buy these bonds.

Deutsche Telekom launches 'NSA-busting' encrypted email service

ratfox Silver badge


Does this mean that if everybody opens a mail account on a German email provider, and uses HTTPS to communicate with that provider, then everybody's mail will be private?

…Apart from the German government, that is…

Google to snub Samsung, hand Nexus 10 to Asus – report

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Re: And what of the Microsoft tax?

Hmmm… You could buy "Microsoft offsets", which consist in calling Microsoft support until you cost them $5…? That way, you could buy a device and still be Microsoft-neutral!

I should start a company.

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

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Re: But will I be able to use it?

Nobody can see things fractions of an inch from their eyeballs. The optics are set to make it seem like a screen 3 meters away, so that is fine for you.

Indeed, better than me, for with my myopia, I cannot see the display well, it seems too far away.

ratfox Silver badge


I find hard to believe that the hordes of people who still wear glasses are so unhappy about them, considering how contact lenses and laser surgeries are cheap and available. There are people whose eyes cannot be fixed by these, but they are a small minority.

Personally, I prefer to have glasses than contacts, and I did not bother with laser surgery so far, even though my slight near-sightedness would be easily fixed.

Web ad giant (Google) pops Adwords into Maps for iOS and Android

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Re: Google maps cost money

I download maps in advance fairly often. Every time I leave my country, basically.

I hope that somewhere down the road we will stop paying 10X for bits when roaming, but until then, downloading in advance is something I need.

Asus will bung 'Nexus 7 2' fondle-droids on Blighty's shelves this month

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Re: Specs make the iPad Mini look REALLY crap.

The screen of the iPad mini is slightly bigger, but the higher resolution of the Nexus is the biggest difference here.

Of course, the iPad mini is almost one year old, and the soon-to-come new one will undoubtedly have a retina screen (and cost a lot more, too).

Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying

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NomNomNom is always trolling

Sometimes, he is just more subtle about it.

Chrome, Firefox blab your passwords in a just few clicks: Shrug, wary or kill?

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An optional master password would be nice

Though to be honest, I've never used the feature. Partly because it feels unsafe, partly because I prefer to remember all my passwords, in case I'm using a different system where they are not saved. If you let your computer remember all your passwords, it feels awfully easy to forget them.

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