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REVEALED: Google's proposed indie music-killing contract terms

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Content ID

In theory Google has a content ID system that could block the unlicensed uploads - but nobody can compel it to use the system

Huh? Is that a claim that Google is not taking down videos through Content ID?? That I remember, most of the complaints about that system is overflagging videos for content that should be in the public domain, or is not even owned by the claiming entity. I have never heard of content producers complaining that the Content ID system is not working… And God knows they know how to complain when they feel like it.

If Google remembers whom it has forgotten, has it complied with the ECJ judgment?

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Re: Practicalities?

If somebody wants the information to be known, it is probably trivial to regularly have an article published about the matter, and it is almost certainly impossible to stop this from happening. I believe this whole right to be forgotten can only work when nobody really cares except for the person in question.

YouTube in shock indie music nuke: We all feel a little less worthy today

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Re: Im shocked I tells ya - shocked!

> YouTube works because stuff gets uploaded and viewed globally before anyone has a chance to object

I take it you haven't heard about ContentId? Producers don't have to find all the uploads. They just tell YouTube which music belongs to them, and YouTube blocks all pirate uploads automatically… If that is the wish of the producer. More often that not, though, the pirate uploads are allowed to stay, but the ad revenue goes to the producer.

Canada to Google: You can't have your borderless cake and eat it too

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Re: "Is the Canadian Judge so big headed to think his judgement outweighs any others in the world?"

According to what Google said, results for non-European TLDs are not modified. Google.com still returns everything.

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According to the article, the Canadian judge has ordered Google to stop showing these results to anybody in the world, not just to Canadians. Because most of the business made by the companies is made outside of Canada.

Also, technically, it is the Chinese government firewall that is filtering the results in China, not Google.

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Oh boy, wait until China discovers this

Dear Google, following Chinese law, our Chinese judge orders you to remove the following pages from your index worldwide:





DON'T PANIC: Facebook returns after 30-minute outage terror

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Re: What do you expect?

I suspect they are using a goldfish for yardstick of "living memory"

Google will 'pre-select' an 'independent' competition inspector in EU search case

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Re: Good

Hang on, is that a claim that Search results are manipulated by money paid to Google?

Finding the formula for the travelling salesman problem

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Slippery Google greases up, aims to squirm out of EU privacy grasp

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re: bouncing all requests to the courts

I really don't think Google is going to be able to just bounce all requests to the courts. It would be way too easy for to many companies to reject all legal requests, force claimants to pay for a lawyer, bog up the legal system, and ultimately not do it.

Engineers have trouble to understand this, but laws do not work like computers programs. Using bugs and loopholes to game the system and violate the spirit of the law is punished.

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Re: In other mildly related news:

I think the flaw in this particular ruling can be more clearly explained as: "China would like nobody to be able to search for the Tienanmen incident". Should it be censored for the whole world because Google happens to also do business in China…? According to this Canadian judge, it should.

Microsoft 'Catapults' geriatric Moore's Law from CERTAIN DEATH

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Re: A troupe of boffins?

A school of boffins? A pod of boffins?

Facial recognition tech convicts man in Chicago robbery case

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22 years for armed robbery?

Damn, that's like twice what he would get for rape or what?

…Maybe it's one of these recidivist clauses?

Facebook's new self-destructing pic app SELF-DESTRUCTS

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Send 1x1.gif

Actually, forget that. Don't send anything. You probably don't want to see the pic you received anyway…

EU privacy A-Team tells Google: Get a grip and obey OUR laws

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I don't get it

I thought Google were actually following the law to the letter by having put up this application form for removing embarrassing links from their results (though obviously actual removals will take some time to be approved). So what are they doing wrong?

Tech talk bloke compares girlfriend to irritating Java tool – did he deserve flames?

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The joke made me smile

I believe there should have been one more possible answer to the second question in the poll, which is "He was talking about nobody, since it was a joke".

Has Google gone too far? Indie labels say it's crunch time for The New Economy

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Re: Google notice:

The actual motto was: "don't be evil"

Google: OK world, make our 'End-to-End' crypto tool SPOOK PROOF

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"Google backdoored the root of Android for the NSA"

Really? I must have missed that particular revelation. Do you have a link, Mr. AC?

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Re: Google, privacy

…Says the nth Anonymous Coward attacking Google in the same thread…

New software nasty encrypts Android PHONE files and demands a ransom

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Re: Why?

Does it really happen so often? I don't actually know anybody who lost their phone, broke it, or had it stolen…

I wonder what the numbers are. Probably very different from place to place.

'Inaccurate' media misleads public on European Court's Google ruling

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Complete confusion

I believe that most of the confusion is due to the fact that the new rule has just been decided, and nobody knows exactly what will happen. Here in the comments of the Reg, I have seen people opining that Google will ignore all the applications, refuse them all, or even accept them all. And Google themselves probably don't really know.

That said, I'm wondering how this can all work. Unless Google accepts practically all the applications, the data protection authorities are going to receive every day hundreds of complaints of people who got rejected by Google. I rather doubt they really want or even have the resources to go through all of it.

Google's Nexus devices get stealth Android update

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Re: @E 2 : NSA, GCHQ, etc.

Completely comfortable. Honestly, why would you trust this new version any less than the last? Did you check line by line the code of the previous version and make sure nothing was sent to the NSA? If so, you can do the same with this one again, right?

Do tell us of all the backdoors you find.

Supreme Court nixes idea of 'indirect' patent infringement

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Please tell those federal circuit courts to stop bogging down the system.

YOSEMITE GLAM: Apple unveils gussied up OS X

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Interested by iCloud Drive

If it works just like Dropbox, I could see it take off. The only unfortunate thing is that you won't be able to share it with a non-Apple person.

Google to plonk tentacles on 'unwired' world with $1bn launch of 180-satellite fleet

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Damn. Must feel good to have all that money to spend on whatever you want.

Amazon workers in Germany celebrate strike anniversary with ... ANOTHER STRIKE

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German unions

On one hand German unions tend to be reasonable and not make crazy requests.

On the other hand, I suspect they consider Amazon like a "rich US company" that can afford to pay its employees more… Which would almost be the case were it not for the fact that Amazon uses razor-thin margins in order to grow its market share.

I'm curious to see the answer from Amazon, but they seem quite used to playing hardball.

FORGET OUR PAST, 12,000 Europeans implore Google

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Why is Google in charge of the process?

That I understand, people have to contact Google using that form, then Google decides if they agree or not (I suspect their answer will be no more often that not), then people need to appeal to the data protection agency of their country. And then people need to redo the whole thing again for Yahoo and Bing.

Why wouldn't people directly contact the data protection agencies, which would then notify Google et al. of their decision? This would speed up the process, and let people have a single point of contact for all their privacy needs.

It's not clear to me why the courts decided that a first decision about privacy should be taken by Google, which people don't exactly trust on the subject, rather than the data protection agencies, whose job it is supposed to be.

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Re: Has anyone done the slightest bit of thinking here?

Just wait until they charge £50 to process your application…

100% driverless Wonka-wagon toy cars? Oh Google, you're having a laugh

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Re: compelling arguments.

If it drives in California, I would insure one, actually. You know how insurances offer you a discount for putting detectors on your car? This one comes with more sensors than you can imagine, and is guaranteed to never be drunk, and never go over the speed limit. It should be their wet dream.

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I'll note that despite your pessimistic certainty that no insurance would insure these cars, the example you are giving is about electric cars, which are quite common nowadays, and insured like any other car. Tesla has not gone bankrupt yet.

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they're buying Surface fondleslabs

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Re: Acer

Could change again, though… The next Nexus is probably going to be released soon, which usually means a bump in sales.

How to strip pesky copyright watermarks from photos ... says a FACEBOOK photo bod

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"Thank you for allowing me to think what I like"

Well, there are things where personal interpretation has no place. You stated an opinion which is, simply said, wrong. You might as well have said "as far as I am concerned, 2+2=5".

Note also that asking permission to take a picture of you is respecting your privacy (and is indeed required, even in public places, in some countries); but the picture still belongs to the photographer.

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Re: So what actually was

I believe it was the statements implying that copying pictures from the web without permission was a proper thing to do. Perhaps also, the claim that these pictures "belong" to the students, instead of the guy who took them.

Google's driverless car: It'll just block our roads. It's the worst

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"Them automobile thingies will never catch on; they always break down, and they're unable to drive in the snow. I'll keep my trusty horse, thank you."

This article raises some excellent points. I am sure Google will realize now they cannot possibly make this work. They obviously didn't think about the fact GPS stops working in tunnels.

It's Google's no-wheel car. OMG... there aren't any BRAKES

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Do teenagers do that in front on non-self-driving cars? I can't say I have seen anybody playing that game…

Amazon turns screws on French publisher: Don't feel sorry for Hachette, it's just 'negotiation'

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I understand this is something many companies do

…But I wonder how this type of practices would be translated, say, for the cloud business. Where a certain "book store" happens to also be the market leader.

I think large companies eventually stop noticing that everything they do tends to make them look like bullies.

Tech that we want (but they never seem to give us)

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Re: everything about phones has improved leaps and bounds apart from

I am shocked, shocked, that a million-pixels color display uses more battery than a LCD…?

French teen fined for illegal drone flight

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Totally worth it

Of course, it might be easier for me to pay than for him, but considering how cool the result is, I would not regret anything.

Facebook wants to LISTEN IN on the songs and vids playing in YOUR living room

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You are listening to…

…4'33'' (John Cage)

Google hit by class action lawsuit over claimed AdSense fraud

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I would add, that other lawsuit from the same firm does not encourage me to take this seriously. They claim there that Google is using their controlling position in mobile to force people to use their search engine… When practically everyone will agree the search engine is what Google does best, and has no need of such tactics. And somehow, Android is too expensive because Google forces manufacturers to include their free apps.

Fanbois Apple-gasm as iPhone giant finally reveals WWDC lineup

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Despite the Apple reputation for being secretive, everybody knew in advance that an iPhone was coming, and same for the Macbook Air and the iPad.

But nothing is eagerly expected this time, so I wouldn't expect anything particularly new. Not even a watch.

Apple haggles with ISPs for fast lanes to its own websites – industry guru

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Fine with me

Deals like these only allow Apple to make their own service faster. However, breaking down net neutrality would allow Comcast and the like to throttle their competitors. What they mean by creating a fast lane is putting anybody they don't like on the slow lane.

More chance you came a cropper on a UK road than bought a Chromebook this year

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"people like to work offline"

You mean, companies like their employees not to have Facebook access?

Personally, I find fantastic to have all the documents of my company in the cloud. It's a dream compared to moving files around, or having documents that can be edited by one person at a time. I would never want to go back.

iPhone-stroker-turned-fandroid sues Apple over iMessage text-slurpery

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Re: Easy fix

Yeah right. Apple intends its software to be a selling point of its hardware. E.g you can't use Apple Maps unless you have an iPhone or a Mac. They don't even have a website for it.

I think iTunes is about the only exception, in that it is also available for Windows… But I wouldn't hold my breath about an Android version. No way, no how.

Europe's shock Google privacy ruling: The end of history? Don't be daft

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While this does not seem the end of history, it is strange to me that Google would not be allowed to display, or more actually reproduce, an information which is displayed freely and legally on a Spanish web site (and thanks to the Streisand effect, all over the web by now).

To start splitting hair, how about a web site which would start gathering exclusively the type of information that Google is not allowed to show? Would that be legal, for instance, for a news organization to do this? I understand Google was refused a particular protection available to newspapers. And would Google be allowed to link to such a site?

Google Maps adds all UK public transport timetables

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In a city with a complex public transportation system, that's a real time saver.

Droid malware cloak outwits Google Bouncer and friends

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Re: Surprise!

The media is not reporting any more about the civil war in Syria… must mean there is no war anymore, right?

FCC chairman to rethink controversial net neutrality proposals

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What is a controversail?

Is it an invention of the Oracle team for the America's cup?

WTF is Net Neutrality, anyway? And how can we make everything better?

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"it can't really work any other way"

This right after explaining that the TOS headers have never been implemented… Which means that it can and did indeed work another way up to now.

Not that it has to keep working the same way, but to claim "it can't really work any other way" is sophistry.

HP-Foxconn wave cloud kit under the nose of Google, Facebook et al

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Seems to me that by the point Google or Facebook have finished choosing the details of what they want, from the shape of the rack to the custom CPU, they might as well bypass HP altogether…

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