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Titan falls! Blizzard cancels World of Warcraft successor

ratfox Silver badge

I say good for them

Blizzard is one of the few companies able to look at a product being built, after a lot of work done, and say "not good enough". They've done it before, with the adventure game that was supposed to be about Thrall's youth.

That's what it means to have standards. I wish there were more companies like them.

Emma Watson urges UN to back feminism – trolls threaten to leak her 'nude selfies'

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((How do you insert a url?))

With old-fashioned HTML code, like this:

< a href="http://google.com">link</ a>

(This one is not made into a link because the tags contain spaces)

Italics and bold are also possible. You might have to have a silver badge though. Not sure if bronze is enough.

'In... 15 feet... you will be HIT BY A TRAIN' Google patents the SPLAT-NAV

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Re: Public domain.

Six months ago, I created prior art against such a patent in this post:

My idea to use echolocation to warn the user of incoming lampposts is much better.

And by the way, unless somebody filed a patent for that already, this post will count as prior art. I'll stuff a few keywords to make it easier for the experts to find it: Cell phone echolocation radar sonar detection lamppost wall advance warning system bullshit.

…Ok, now the USPTO will have to reject the patent for being insufficiently novel.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED

ratfox Silver badge

Nor an operating system with no sense of resolution independence.

When you control exclusively what devices can use the OS, you don't really need resolution independence. And when you want developers to write a lot of apps for your brand new OS, a single resolution is a feature, not a bug; as mentioned occasionally by Apple on the subject of Android fragmentation.

But indeed, they are paying for it now. Three different screen sizes, and the downscaling.

I find this downscaling rather curious coming from Apple. Surely it wouldn't have been very hard to have an actual 2208x1242 screen? Why such a compromise? Maybe the battery life…?

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Always Critical of Apple

Seriously, is anyone going to even consider the 16 gig flavour when there is no expansion possible?

I have a 16 GB Nexus 5 here, had it for a year. Never felt I needed more. In fact, I had to check in settings for the first time to know how much memory I had in total (~13 GB, I assume the rest is Android), and how much I was using (~9 GB, of which ~4GB of apps, ~3GB of pics and videos, and ~2GB for music and cached data).

Unless you have a lot of music or you are hoarding apps, I find 16 GB is plenty enough…

EU dangles $6bn threat over Google in endless search abuse probe

ratfox Silver badge

Essentially, stop showing its own products in a different way than standard results. Stop showing a map from Google Maps when searching for an address. Stop inserting a box of reviews from Google Hotel Finder when searching for "Hotel in London". Stop showing results from Google Flights when searching for "flight from LA to SF". Stop displaying results from Google Shopping with pictures.

Go back to displaying 15 blue links and ads and nothing else. Otherwise, they are unfairly displaying their products in a nicer way than those of competitors, which are only displayed as typical search results.

It would be arguably worse for the user; but it is precisely because the current situation makes it so convenient for the user to click on a Google product that the competitors are complaining. The day Google started displaying unit conversions when searching for "10 miles in km", a dozen websites lost 90% of their traffic. Just because Google answered right away the question of the user.

Microsoft vs the long arm of US law: Straight outta Dublin

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@Test Man: Welcome to planet Earth

If Microsoft US ultimately loses its appeal, and faces the prospect of heavy fines for not somehow turning over the data, they will order Microsoft Ireland to turn it over. Microsoft Ireland might well be technically an independent company, but it still has to do whatever Microsoft US tells it to do.

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Contempt

but I suspect it will loose

loose → lose

Moon landing was real and WE CAN PROVE IT, says Nvidia

ratfox Silver badge

Why don't they just…

…check the GPS data of the pictures?

Almunia faces GRILLING from MEPs over FAILED Google settlement deal

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Lets he honest

The accusations are overblown, but not entirely without foundations. Though the products that Google are pushing are often better or reasonably as good as competitors (Maps, News, Shopping), it sometimes shows reviews from Google+ more prominently that reviews from Yelp. And in that case, I dont feel users are better served.

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp

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Re: Am I the only one...

I'm not that into social networks in the first place, but I doubt it will be scrapped completely. The forced integration seems to be going away, but a lot of features are useful and can be recycled.

Microsoft staff brace for next round of layoffs – expected Thursday

ratfox Silver badge

Re: @ratfox

When I said income, I meant profit. Microsoft has a market cap slightly below Google, and a price to earnings ratio about half.

ratfox Silver badge
Paris Hilton

I don't get it

There is a company that is about the same size as Microsoft with only half the income. That company is Google, and it is hiring like crazy.

So why is Microsoft firing so many people, when it makes way more money?

Deutschland, Uber allowed (for now): Ban on taxi app lifted

ratfox Silver badge

How long have you been waiting to use that title?

Bonking with Apple has POUNDED mobe operators' wallets

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"operator-led NFC payments system"

No. Just no. Operators are among the least trusted actors of the Internet economy. People would prefer anything rather than a payment system they control.

Yawn, Wikileaks, we already knew about FinFisher. But these software binaries...

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Re: BoringGreen Destroyed @Matt Bryant

I suspect he means, legally irrelevant. FinFisher is not in legal trouble because of this leak. It can go on selling its software to many a government except Russia.

Let XKCD's Randall Munroe satisfy your curiosity in this excerpt from his book, What If

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should be required reading for geeks

Mine is on order.

Google to startup kids: Pssst, try our CLOUD ... the first $100K is FREE

ratfox Silver badge

For some reason, I'm reminded of Nestlé offering free milk formula to new mothers… I mean, I know the situation is very different for many reasons, but still, there's a resemblance.

Mexicans! accuse! Yahoo! of! using! corrupt! judge! to! dodge! $2.7bn! payout!

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Re: can't resist

Meh. Spain and Ireland are catholic countries, yet they are not particularly known for their corruption. On the other hand, China, India or Egypt have the reputation of being so corrupt it becomes a way of life, without being catholic.

I'd say if you discount Italy, it looks like corruption is more dependent on development than anything else.

ratfox Silver badge

Hmm… Complaining to a US court about allegedly corrupt legal proceedings in a different country. I'm sure Mexico is going to appreciate this immensely.

Apple iPhone 6: Missing sapphire glass screen FAIL explained

ratfox Silver badge

More likely, the plan was always to put sapphire glass on the watch, which is quite common from semi-expensive watches.

However, until one week ago, analysts and observers all thought that Apple would also put sapphire glass on phones. They risk nothing by pretending it, considering Apple emits about as much as a black hole.

By the way, sources in the know tell me that the next model will have a holographic display. You saw it here first!

spɹɐʍʞɔɐB writing is spammers' new mail filter avoidance trick

ratfox Silver badge

Re: And of course...

I suspect it might work here:

Let's say I write a message ‮reporp eht sniatnoc ti fo emos dna‬ unicode control codes.

There. Now copy/paste the sentence in bold in a terminal or a dumb text editor, and you will have a surprise.

EDIT: Emacs displays the same text, but vi displays something else.

FAIL.GOV – Government asks Dropbox for accounts that don't exist

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Re: no exact number?

More likely, they are allowed to specify in which range by 250… like 0-249, 250-499, 500-749, etc.

That's how Google has always reported these types of requests.

European Court of Justice allows digitisation of library books

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I really wonder if it makes sense to retain copyrights as they are, or if they are doomed by the advance of technology. I think that the only hope content producers have is already to make it easier to buy for their content rather than acquire it illegally…

Airbus developing inkjet printer for planes

ratfox Silver badge

You ATE it?

You… you monster!

US! govt! ordered! Yahoo! to! hand! over! user! data! or! pay! $250k! fine! PER! DAY!

ratfox Silver badge

"$90 mil a year seems pretty cheap for the trust of users worldwide." Csoghoian

Well, fuck you. Let's see you pay a third of your income fighting the government in a secret case that nobody would ever know about.

Google swallows SMARTSPOON manufacturer Lift Labs

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Why the hell is Google buying things like this?

There is not even a casual link between an innovative company like Lift Labs and an Internet advertising company like Google

Google has already bought many robotics companies. Why not this one too?

ratfox Silver badge

Keep that consumer browser tat away from our software says Oracle

ratfox Silver badge

Re: But what about the big boy who started the little and often update fad?

I assume they refuse to have anything to do with that.

Thieves… Nasty little thieves, they stole our precious!

Moto 360 wristputer batt boob, elderly internals revealed in teardown

ratfox Silver badge

I guess making an easy to repair watch must be harder than an easy to repair phone.

Microsoft tells judge: Hold us in contempt of court, we're NOT giving user emails to US govt

ratfox Silver badge


Maybe we'll get some clarity on the subject. Though I suspect the Supreme Court will have to get involved.

Apple's big bang: iPhone 6, ANOTHER iPhone 6 Plus and WATCH OUT

ratfox Silver badge

Not convinced by the crown thing

After years of touch screens, using a secondary control method seems a bit off.

Apart from that, looks all right, but I still don't see the killer use for watches.

Moto 360: Neat gizmo – if you're a rich nerd

ratfox Silver badge

Maybe it allows you to open the garage door…

But does it open the pod bay door?

Straight to video: Facebook to add 'view counts' to autoplay newsfeed vids

ratfox Silver badge

Looks like you answered your own question already…

HAMR time for Google's MapReduce, says not-so-startup

ratfox Silver badge

Re: "Flowlets, a patent-pending API set."

Yeah, I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Is there life on Mars? Cloud-gazing Curiosity accused of lacking scientific focus

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Robots

Do you volunteer for a one way trip?

Amazon hiring in Australia for 'new and confidential Amazon Fresh initiative'

ratfox Silver badge

Easy to guess

Google also test their delivery drones in Oz, because that's about the only place where you can do it legally.

India government: 'net should not be censored

ratfox Silver badge

Well, of course!

No one wants censorship. No one!

If it's a matter of national security, on the other hand, then obviously you are not allowed to post whatever you want. You don't want the terrorists/pedophiles to win, do you, citizen?

Like, say, it is illegal to put on Google maps the position of military bases. But that's not censorship!

Reddit wipes clean leaked celeb nudie pics, tells users to zip it

ratfox Silver badge

Re: I don't geddit.

It's not abuse. They do whatever they want with their website. They make the rules, and can change them whenever they want. There is no way to force a website to host something it does not want. Again, the only way to have a website exactly the way you want is to do it yourself.

ratfox Silver badge

Re: I don't geddit.

In the end, Reddit's rule is probably: We take it off if we want to. Like everywhere else on the web. Except they want it less often.

Definitely, getting hit constantly with high-level threats from FBI and private lawyers will make people consider very carefully their options. It can't have been a very quiet week.

And well, yeah, if you want a website that has rules exactly like you want them, you will probably have to create and maintain it yourself. And, possibly, deal with the legal troubles.

Google recommends pronounceable passwords

ratfox Silver badge

Strč prst skrz krk!

I wonder how many people have this as their password…

Judge: Google class action 'usual suspects' cash-fling 'smells'

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Hang on, this is a bit spurious

Agree with this. Claiming Google is violating your privacy by revealing to websites the query you used to find these websites is stretching it a bit.

They might as well sue W3C for inventing the referrer header, which lets websites know – gasp – which other website you are coming from!

In fact, they should sue again Google, along with Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple for distributing browsers that fill the referrer header by default. And now I'm going to stop before I give someone ideas.

Toshiba makes play to replace NFC with own speedy short range tech

ratfox Silver badge

Good luck

If we can believe the rumor mill, Apple is joining the NFC camp, after holding out for years. Getting a new system accepted widely is likely to be super extra hard.

Good luck with Project Wing, Google. This drone moonshot is NEVER going to happen

ratfox Silver badge

Re: Like hundreds of them doing a really, really boring job?

It is probably true that these drones are meant to be self-guided. But if you think Google does not have hundreds of employees somewhere doing a really, really boring job, you are probably wrong.

Apple, FBI: YES we're, er, looking into the NAKED CELEBRITY PICS. Aren't you?

ratfox Silver badge

From what I read, it's not pictures that were just found in a day; some of these had been deleted by their owners long ago. It's a whole archive assembled over the years that just became public. So the hack is not recent.

Apple tells devs: NO slurping users' HEALTH for sale to Dark Powers

ratfox Silver badge

Re: What's to criticize with Apple forbidding to sell that information?

What guarantees do you have they won't do it all the same?

Top beak: UK privacy law may be reconsidered because of social media

ratfox Silver badge

Icon for satirical counter-riposte?

How about this one?

Microsoft boots 1,500 dodgy apps from the Windows Store

ratfox Silver badge

Re: why Microsoft thought it would make sense on a desktop

Microsoft had zero developers for its mobile phones. No developers means no apps, means no users, means no developers, etc. Putting TIFKAM on desktop was a way to bootstrap development on mobile, by getting the countless developers for desktop Windows interested.

Women-only town seeks men

ratfox Silver badge

Did Gabriel García Márquez know about this town?

Sounds like one of his novels. Doesn't end well either.

NYC, LA mayors hammer Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

ratfox Silver badge

This deal would not cause less competition!

…Because they are already not competing. I think that's an argument actually advanced by the two companies.

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