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Facebook: Your code sucks, and we don't even have to run it to tell

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Re: I hope they ran the tool on itself.

Nice try, human.

Google wants you to buy Nest CCTV, turn your home into a Brillo pad

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There are big advantages for a security camera to be web-enabled. It makes it a lot easier to check your home while on a trip.

INTERNET of BOOBS: Scorching French lass reveals networked bikini

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Re: Why IoT

For that matter, a "you need sunscreen" tattoo would also work.

ISS 'nauts quit orbiter and aim for Kazakhstan splashdown

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Re: Splashdown!

I was surprised by this. I'd have thought that splashdowns would be safer and easier to manage. That's what they did for the Apollo missions. When did that change?

Google shares optical layer SDN with its friends

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It means Software Defined Networking

And it is to networking what virtualization is to servers. Apparently.

Adobe to hire security auditor to prevent repeat of password SNAFU

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> Adobe

> Security Audit

Mmmpf… pffrft… BWAAA HAA HAA HAAA

Everything Apple touted at WWDC – step inside our no-hype-zone™

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Re: El Capitan?

I find rather weird their idea of naming their releases about something that 99% of the world has never heard of. The big cats were infinitely better.

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The thing about Apple's 'one MORE thing'? It's a streaming music thing

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Version for Android coming up?

Wow. That's not the Apple I know.

So why the hell didn't quantitative easing produce HUGE inflation?

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The proper expression is

A bear of very little brain.

FBI: Apple and Google are helping ISIS by offering strong crypto

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Die Gedanken sind frei

Once again, I note that the FBI/CIA/NSA has not demanded mandatory, regular brain scans in order to read our every thought, and check we have no terrorist intent.

And I ask, is the reason they haven't done so that they do not think they should have such an access to our thoughts, or is it merely that the technology does not exist – yet?

Lonely Pirate cheers on Big Copyright-bashing EU commissars

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Clap clap

Go Vestager!

Science teacher jammed his school kids' phones, gets week suspension

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Re: Its the parents

Walking home? You get arrested if you let your kids walk home, nowadays.

WikiLeaks offers $100k for copies of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – big biz's secret govt pact

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Under the terms leaked so far, transnational corporations would have the right to sue governments for loss of earnings if they pass laws that hurt their profits

I really cannot comprehend how anybody claiming to work for a government can have thought this was a good idea.

"Oh hey, you've discovered that our new drug was causing cancer, so now you're trying to ban it; but that would make us lose money, so you'll just have to reimburse us then."


Swordfish fatally stabs man after man stabs, fatally, swordfish

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Cool title

It's not a palindrome, is it? One of these things.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

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Paris Hilton

Re: I'm confused

Nonsense. How could Jesus Christ have been born in 6 BC, that is in year 6 Before Christ??

New kid on the blocks: Lego Worlds game challenges Minecraft

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Gonna have to stay away from it

Self-preservation instincts are kicking in, and reminding me that food and sleep are important.

OK Google, how much of my life do you observe and disturb?

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Re: Google hater article?

So how do they use my WiFi passwords for ads?

Unless I missed an episode, Google knows nothing about your WiFi passwords. You might be confusing with the StreetView WiFi slurp, which consisted in Google recording transmissions from unprotected WiFi (i.e. without password).

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Re: Gmail is the only Google service

I don't think that protects you much. Unless you reject all cookies from Google, and possibly unless you use some kind of anonymising service to change your IP, Google will still have a profile on you.

The only difference is that instead of being about user xyz@gmail.com, it will be about "the user with ID cookie 12345", or possibly about "the user from IP address 123.456.789"

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Thanks for this article

Thanks to you, I was able to search for articles on other web sites which actually describe what this new privacy tool does.

The Tech Crunch article was quite informative. Unlike this one.

The time on Microsoft Azure will be: Different by a second, everywhere

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There's 15 minutes difference between Nepal time and India time

Also, is there any difference at all between the way Amazon and Google handle the leap second? The descriptions look pretty much the same to me.

And then the Google lad says: Of course you can use Android Wear without a smartphone

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Re: Smartwatch 3

I don't think the Android Wear smartwatches are ever meant to store music. Or even to play music for that matter. There's too much of a race to make them small and long-lasting for the required battery or memory.

Android M's Now on Tap cyber-secretary is like Clippy on Class A drugs

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Re: Android M will also include much finer user controls as to what apps can access

Isn't there a simple (for the users) way to ensure that no app would have undesirable side effects?

It's more tricky than it looks. Say, any game involving other players, like Clash of Clans, will ask to address your address book and access the internet. That can already cause a lot of mischief.

In the end, it really depends more on whether you trust the maker of the app, than what the app demands.

The 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate change

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On a larger scale it's been repeatedly established in recent surveys that most people don't agree with the idea that climate change is mainly caused by human activities.

Because a population-wide survey is the proper way to know whether something is correct, as opposed to doing a scientific study, right? …Right?

I mean, I also harbour doubts on the question, but that's because I doubt the quality of scientific studies done so far, not because the majority of the population thinks this way or the other.

Why are all the visual special effects studios going bust?

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Re: there's plenty of people willing to see ads

The surprising thing is that considering Google mostly only makes money when somebody clicks on an ad, and since Google makes money hand over fist, then indeed there must be plenty of people willing, not only to see, but also to click on ads.

No, I don't know who these people are either.

Google patents DEVIL TOY which will BRAINWASH KIDS

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Thank you for making a simple door very happy!

VR rift OPENS UP: Total Recall Technologies hurls lawsuit at Facebook's Oculus

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Re: At last! The business use case for VR

You are eaten by a grue.

Amazon cloud to BEND TIME, exist in own time zone for 24 hours

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Sounds complicated

Wouldn't it be more practical to have a gyroscope turn really really fast to accelerate the rotation of Earth?

Robots.txt tells hackers the places you don't want them to look

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Google found the solution

They have a http://www.google.com/humans.txt file.

Sprint and Verizon to pay $158 MILLION over bogus 'cramming' fees

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Re: actually

It does matter if the same companies are bitterly fighting the new net neutrality guidelines. Sometimes, there is a price to be paid for being the least liked industry in the country.

Amazon creating 500 ‘fulfilling’ jobs in the UK

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"fun, past-paced warehouse environment"

Also required reading: I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave

(Though admittedly this particular story did not happen in an Amazon warehouse).

Google cloud: rubbish at updates, world-class at rapid rollbacks

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Re: Kharma...

Microsoft are over a 1$ billion a quarter ahead of AWS in cloud revenue

Yes, I'm sure their accountants would like us to believe that too. Not that revenue and market share are the same thing anyway.

So a year out of date then....

2015 is not over, so you can't have numbers for 2015. Anyway, do you seriously want us to believe that Microsoft could catch up on a lead of 28% to 10% in five months?


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Re: Kharma...

Google's cloud is currently a desert with rolling tumbleweed compared to #1 (Azure) and #2 (AWS) in the cloud space...

Bull. AWS is way in front of Azure.

Swedish Supreme Court keeps AssangeTM in Little Ecuador

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Still looking forward to…

The day he's finally shipped off to Sweden, where he's sentenced to a month of community service.

FCC: Thanks for the concern, telcos, but we're not delaying Open Internet rules

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Mildly successful flying car crashes - in mildly successful test flight

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Re: an unexpected situation

I assume the Aviation Authority must certify the machine before it is even allowed to execute test flights?

I'd certainly hate it if people were allowed to test their prototypes over my head without undergoing some kind of vetting process.

OECD nations gang up on internet retailers, tax dodgers

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Do Australians customers deal mainly with Australian employees

Seems a loophole to me. It would be enough to outsource all sales people to India to avoid this new tax.

Apple taxpayers swarm to stone-age iPhone 6+ purely for the bigness

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Larger size

Apple has caught the market’s changing tastes just in time

Er… Actually, it took them two years to catch up with that particular changing taste of the market. The larger size of the iPhone 5 was already considered at the time as a reaction move to the popularity of bigger phones; and the iPhone 6 came two years after that. Have a look at this article from two years ago:

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Here's Why We Don't Sell An iPhone With A Big Screen, Even Though Lots Of People Want One

Of course, they had many good reasons for that; in particular they wanted to simplify the life of developers and give them a small number of screen resolutions to work with. That particular condition is one they had to break with the iPhone 6 and the 6+, each having a new aspect ratio, and downsampling to display apps made for previous versions: The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions

One of the reasons the iPhone 6 has been so popular is that it finally has a larger size.

New Tizen phone leaked: Remember it's not all just Android and iOS

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Re: get the units right

Like everybody says 1.0 Mm instead of 1000 km?

Or like floppy disks were 1.44 MB instead of 720 KB, defining MB as 1024000 Bytes?

Round Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's men

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So what now?

Skype must rename themselves, despite being more famous by far than the other party?

Zuck'ed up: Facebook opens up free internet in India – but bans HTTPS

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Videos and large images banned

No Instagram, then? Or does it get a free pass for being owned by Facebook?

Singapore's prime minister releases source code for his hand-coded Sudoku-solver

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Not bad

I wonder who taught him to declare loop variables at the beginning of the methods, though. That's a style I haven't seen in a long time.

Bridge, ship 'n' tunnel – the Brunels' hidden Thames trip

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Re: Don't Forget....

The Brunels are featured in no less than three videos of the Big, bigger, biggest series: Bridges, tunnels, and cruise ships.

OMFG – Emojis are killing off traditional 'net slang

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At least, emojis are restricted to the written word; they cannot be said aloud like "lol". If internet slang dies out, people will have to find proper words to express themselves.

Of course, we might find ourselves again in this kind of situation: http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=19991120.

Intellectual property laws in China, India are flawed, claims US govt without irony

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Wall of text alert

I have a confession to make: I'm cynical about laws. I don't believe that laws are written to enforce what is right and just, or balance of crime and punishment, but merely to ensure a functioning society with a minimal amount of trouble.

One of the reasons for my position is that what is considered right and just varies considerably with time and place. Slavery, homosexuality are viewed in a very different light now from two centuries ago. Copyright law is no different.

Copyright law and the content industry are in my view evolving to protect artists in ways appropriate to the current technology. It used to be that possession of an official recording gave you the right to listen to the music it contained. Giving, selling or inheriting the physical object transferred that right. Copying was hard and caused loss of quality, so little needed to be done to stop people from doing it.

Nowadays, since copying without loss of quality has become trivial and widespread, the industry is moving to licensing. You buy the right to listen to the music, with eventual time restrictions. The right cannot be resold or given away. This is becoming both possible and necessary because of the Internet.

The key point is that when an old law is becoming increasingly difficult or impossible to enforce, the solution is not to introduce increasingly complex systems to enforce it. The law does not necessarily represent a moral absolute which must be enforced no matter the cost; it is often merely the most efficient means to an end. If it is not efficient any more, it is more reasonable to change the law in a way that attempts to achieve the same goals, than to turn society upside down to try to keep the statu quo.

Attempting to shame China and India about copyright law does not seem very efficient to me.

Rand Paul is trying to murder net neutrality. Is there a US presidential election, or something?

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Wasn't there some kind of hugely successful campaign getting people to write to the FCC and ask it to introduce net neutrality rules? Could we start a similar campaign to write to Rand Paul and ask him to kindly shut the fuck up? Since he has an election coming up, perhaps he would pay attention to what the people think?

SECRET PROTOTYPE iPAD 'stolen from RANDY Apple employee'

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Apple's stratagems to "leak" prototypes of their upcoming devices are getting more and more complex.

FT and Guardian eagerly grab Google's 30 pieces of silver

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Re: Scrapegoats

As I understand it, German publishers had complete control on how much of their scraped data Google News would display. And they all eventually let Google News display as much as they wanted, because they would lose traffic otherwise.

Google News is just another platform to advertise your web site. Instead of paying money for it, you have to agree to let them display your data for free. But you can hardly complain that you're losing business because your competitors are advertising their product more aggressively than you.

Google News might be especially troublesome for big publishers, since it is not a platform where they can "outspend" their smaller competitors, who seem more willing than them to "pay" for Google News coverage.

Welcome, stranger: Inside Microsoft's command line shell

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That's pretty bad. I understand that Powershell is considered by its users as superior to bash, but at least that's a problem that bash does not have.

I can totally imagine the reasons for which MS would have developed its own rather than going with bash, between the fact bash was considered the competition, that it would have been losing face to adopt it, that they were intelligent enough to create something better, influential enough to get their solution accepted, and so on…

Feels a lot like something Google would do nowadays. MS seems to have grown humble in comparison.

REVEALED: The 19 firms whose complaints form EU's antitrust case against Google

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What about Amazon?

Google themselves list Amazon as one of their biggest competitors for online shopping. I'm surprised they are not on the list.

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