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Cyber-insurance shock: Zurich refuses to foot NotPetya ransomware clean-up bill – and claims it's 'an act of war'


Re: War? Nope

They don't have to prove that Russia is at war with the USA, they need to prove that Russia is at war with Ukraine and that the damage caused by NP was collateral damage in that conflict which will probably be much easier to argue.

Opens up interesting legal arguments; collateral damage used to be easy to work out - 'was your chocolate factory close to where the bad guys were dropping bombs?' In a cyber war it could become - 'was your network connected to the same internet as everybody else's networks?'

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


A few years ago I saw a demo of a counter drone version or RAM-PRAS (made by Cunning Running software) that is designed to show you all of the places that meet those criteria. I wonder if someone is rushing through a purchase order right now?


What happens next

What happens next will shed a lot of light on who was doing this. If they're never seen again then we'll probably never find out. If they wait until the military and the police have left then start flying again at Gatwick then it's probably personal and somehow linked to Gatwick specifically. If it's environmental protesters or someone who wants to cause maximum disruption then they'll do the same at Stanstead tomorrow, then Luton just after Christmas and Heathrow over New Year.

Whoever it is doing this has demonstrated a degree of planning and operational security awareness, so I doubt it's over.

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