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GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name


It's so easy to be offended these days

Well the title says it all, it really is easy these days for people to be offended. Perhaps there is far to much fluoride in the water. They better calm our mass drugging down a bit. Gimp is well known and loved, not like pulp fiction gimp, but we can all, well most of us can, differentiate between the two.

Seems very childish to me, grow up folks and grow a backbone.

Brit startup Graphcore tossed a £200m early Christmas pressie for machine learning CPU


turning off iusnt like killing it

You know if you Need a general anaesthetic, they put you out with a needle, this doesn't cause you to forget everything, you are "Parked". Same would go with this kind oif technology, turning off would "Park" it, but its state would be preserved by solid storage. Both humans and machines ready to be unparked, ready to fight another day (if all goods well with the I operation!). So yes it is ethical, because you aren't destroying it.


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