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Brexit text-it wrecks it: Vote Leave fined £40k for spamming 200k msgs ahead of EU referendum

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Instead of joining in the knee-jerk reactions, I look forward to reading the actual correspondence and evidence. Especially the part where the ICO told Vote Leave to delete the data, so they did, then the ICO fined Vote Leave for not being able to produce any evidence. As others have said, seems Kafkaesque and extreme...

First, Google touts $150 AI dev kit. Now, Nvidia's peddling a $99 Nano for GPU ML tinkerers. Do we hear $50? $50?

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Damn, that Jetson Nano looks like the wish-list spec for a Pi 4.

Linux4Tegra looks like a custom-built version of Ubuntu 14.


A cluster of those would be interesting.

Like this:


Public disgrace: 82% of EU govt websites stalked by Google adtech cookies – report

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: Barstweards


Plus PiHole to protect everything else.

Talking of which, please can someone provide some sample URLs for these offending gov websites?

So we can see what gets blocked by the combination of NoScript, Ad Block, Ghostery and PiHole.

Or not as the case may be. :-)

Brit prisoners to be kept on the straight and narrow with JavaScript and CSS

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: <daily mail web desginer reader>

Happily, they are not endangered any more.

They've been cross-breeding them with Grauniad proof-readers.

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Don't let me catch you writing case-sensitive code, Fletcher.

I won't.

Won't what?

Let you catch me .. sir.

Year 1 of GDPR: Over 200,000 cases reported, firms fined €56 meeelli... Oh, that's mostly Google

Rudolph Hucker the Third

What I want (what I really really want), is a FaecesBorg consent checkbox, checked by default.

As in:

[X] I do NOT consent to this website sharing my personal data with FaecesBorg

I look forward to El Reg leading by example.

Science says death metal fans delightful and intelligent people, great at dinner parties

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: Context please.

Par for the course when you can no longer tell the difference between the inmates and the staff. And that's just in the Day Job Office!

What today links Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – apart from being run by monopolistic personal data harvesters?

Rudolph Hucker the Third

From the Department of Good News

I'm shocked, *shocked*, that FaecesBorg has had a massive outage.


~ millions of people cannot post drivel and trivia!

~ FaecesBorg has already lost $millions of income selling those people's personal data

~ suddenly the world seems a better place.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ support to arrive in Linux 5.1

Rudolph Hucker the Third
Thumb Up

Just posting an early letter to Santa from my children.

Dear Santa

Thank you for the Raspberry Pi 3A which is very nice and lots of fun and we have learned lots and lots about Linux and Python because of them and that's a good thing for us at school and where my Daddy works.

Please can you send me and my Daddy a Raspberry Pi 4 as well? The one with USB3 and SATA would be very nice. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Rudolph Hucker the 4th.

Unless you want your wine bar to look like a brothel, purple curtains are a no-no apparently

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Purple curtains in a brothel?

Lostwithiel isn't in the diocese of the Bishop of Bath and Wells, but maybe he goes on holiday there?


"illegitimate goings-on, looking like a brothel or a funeral parlour"

Opportunity knocks for someone to combine the two?

"Get someone dead into your bed, get into necrophilia now"

Who sung that folk-song?

Crowdfunded lawyer suing Uber told he can't swerve taxi app giant's £1m legal bill

Rudolph Hucker the Third

c/o Guido Fawkes

The judge rejected both Maugham’s ‘Protective Costs Order’ and his initial appeal, which would have limited Jolyon’s liability to just £20,000 if he lost the overall case, instead of being on the hook for Uber’s costs which could be over £1 million. The judge noted that the “named claimant has significant assets which he is not prepared, albeit for understandable reasons, to expose to the risk of an adverse costs order.”

More significantly, the judge said the fact that Jolyon had received “substantially more than 50% of the funding” from his case from the black cab trade, including one single contribution of £20,000, was very much a “relevant consideration” in the case.

The effect (had he won the case) would be (a) allow him to claim the VAT as a business expense and (b) put up the price by 20% for the general public (that's most of us)

Moneybags Buffett on ditching Oracle stake: I don't think I understand where the cloud is going

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Highly likely, especially as Warren Buffett might almost have invented the phrase : "Follow the money".

Three quarters of US Facebook users unaware their online behavior gets tracked

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: MeWe Is Much Better Than Facebook - Make the Switch!

"Is your social media stalking you?"



Fancy a .dev domain? They were $12,500 a pop from Google. Now, $1,000. Soon, $17.50. And you may want one

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Just wondering, what would happen if you didn't bother with a trick-scheme domain name, and just told everyone to use your fixed IP address?

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: daffyd.gay

I didn't get where I am today without having to look up what all these acronyms mean.

My activist-daughter tells me LGBTTIQQ2S is the very latest thing to be, if you are "woke".

Wake me up before you go-go.

'We don't want a camera in everyone's living room' says bloke selling cameras in living rooms. Zuckerberg, you moron

Rudolph Hucker the Third

At the risk of being heavily down-voted by El Reg moderators, I can't help wondering why the El Reg team keeps posting articles like these. While all the time every page has an icon at the top of the page for people to "Like us on Facebook".

If the Register is so aware of Facebook's sociopathic tendencies, why does it still willingly associate itself with that beast in any way?

It is cognitive dissonance? Or, perhaps, are these articles just click-bait?

Lunar lander's brief jaunt will place Israel as fourth country to make soft landing on Moon

Rudolph Hucker the Third

"The spacecraft will use electric propulsion to get into orbit and has traditional, chemical thrusters for stationkeeping"

Because in space no-one can here you screaming "where's the charging point?"

Bored bloke takes control of British Army 'psyops' unit's Twitter

Rudolph Hucker the Third

I didn't get where I am today without being stuck in traffic jams outside their front gate (in a secret location near the Travelodge Newbury Chieveley M4) when the M4 or A34 is gridlocked.


If you would like to apply to join us please get in touch by email. For general media enquiries should be directed to the MOD’s 24-hour Press Office number 0207 218 7907. Please get in touch and we can discuss your options further.

EMAIL: 77x-Recruiting-GpMailbox@mod.gov.uk

ADDRESS: Denison Barracks, Hermitage, RG18 9TP

I must remember to go along to the next Hermitage Parish Council meeting and ask them to update the village website.


All bought to you courtesy of that oxymoron known as Military Intelligence.

Ministry of Defence's new payroll contract is, surprise, surprise, MIA: Missing In Action

Rudolph Hucker the Third

How times have changed (not)?

I didn't get where I am today without being a junior code monkey on an MoD IT project. Working for what was a major consulting firm at the time (but now long gone). The consulting firm's sales droids were quite blatant about the sales tactics. Get the naive customer to sign a contract for the most minimal and vague specification at a give-away minimum price that undercut all potential competition.

Then every single bit of scope creep and alteration to spec was charged extra. A lot extra.

The names change, but the tactics remain the same.

Autonomy trial: Key HPE witness might not testify, UK High Court told

Rudolph Hucker the Third

"If you were a cynic," mused one El Reg commentator over his keyboard today, "you'd say if this was a UK citizen being demanded by a USA court, they'd already have been bundled through Heathrow in handcuffs."

'Occult' text from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ep actually just story about new bus lane in Dublin

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Ní bhfuair mé áit a bhfuil mé inniu gan a bheith in ann aistriú Anglo sa Ghaeilge. Caith go leor gairleog agus faire amach as na fiacla géar.

Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Google/Doubleclick Ads?

I have heard of these.

But I've never seen them.

Except in the PiHole dashboard.

As part of all the spam traffic that's been blocked from all devices on the LAN.

As recommended by several El Reg commentators.

Plusnet vows to shove a sword in members area 'White Screen Of Death'

Rudolph Hucker the Third


SQL script used to count the number of complaints.

Guaranteed to always be a small number.


declare @Today date = getdate(), @CountComplaints int;

select @CountComplaints = count(distinct P.CustomerID)

from SupportForum.dbo.Post P

where P.PostDate > @Today

and P.PostTitle like '%billing system%';

if @CountComplaints = 0

print 'We are not aware of any issues with the Billing System';

Crispest image yet of Ultima Thule arrives on Earth, but grab a coffee while the rest downloads

Rudolph Hucker the Third

It looks like Mr Blobby. After he was violently ejected from Noel Edmonds' House Party.

Mozilla security policy cracks down on creepy web trackers, holds supercookies over fire

Rudolph Hucker the Third

EFF's Panopticlick (as mentioned in a previous Reg article) might still be a useful check:


(Before and after installing Ublock Origin, Ghostery, DuckDuckGo browser add-in for privacy protection, etc, etc)

Sadly their Self-Defence page has disappeared.

(Register link)


Is your kid looking at GCSE in computer science? It's exam-only from 2022 – Ofqual

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Somehow this reminds me of Hogwarts - with Death-Eaters in charge of the school - students are only expected to have a theoretical knowledge of the Dark Arts.

Re "schools to issue a statement that confirms that students have been given the chance to design, write, test and refine programs as part of their course of study" -

"Given a chance" smells like a huge festering ambiguity ...

The outfit where the NHS England Digital boss is headed? Turns out their code is 'not technically suitable' for the £6.4m NHS App

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Is that a Hancock App in your pocket, or are you just pleased to get an appointment?

Oracle's priorities for 2019? Repeat this handy mantra: Applications! Automation! Integration!

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: Why bother to report this?

Why would you sign yourself into slavery these days?

Presumably all the existing Oracle users call themselves consenting adults, not slaves?

Then they go and use Facebook and Twitter ...

Just wondering if there is an Ex-Oracle Users Group. For therapy and counselling...

Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again

Rudolph Hucker the Third

Re: As a dev system?

It was breathlessly given huge reviews in Byte magazine. The future had arrived. The price was in the small print.

Ooh, my machine is SO much faster than yours... Oh, wait, that might be a bit of a problem...

Rudolph Hucker the Third

I didn't get where I am today without starting with 80286 machines with 20MB hard disc drives, and a *one* Mb file seemed like something *huge*. If you were really lucky you go one of the special custom-built machines with (gasp) a 16MHz processor and a 1.44Mb 3.5" floppy disc drive. I'm pretty sure my bulging IT museum (in the attic) has some 8-bit coaxial Ethernet cards.

This must be some kind of mistake. IT managers axed, CEO and others' wallets lightened in patient hack aftermath

Rudolph Hucker the Third

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that the usual suspects have been rounded up and fired.

If only it happened here. Starting with UK plc management, Civil (Dis)Service, etc

Waiter, what's this? SpaceX delivery delayed for a day by moldy food

Rudolph Hucker the Third

I didn't get where I am today without insisting on mold in my diet. Those psycho-active mushrooms are a good addition to the Stilton from Ye National Cheese Emporium's stock as well. The mice can wait their turn, I'm first in the queue to get spaced out.

(Cracking cheese Grommit)

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