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Tabletop battle-toys purveyor Games Workshop again warns of risks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP project


The one with two thin ones.

Boffins show the 2017 Nork nuke can move, move, move any mountain (by a meter)


Re: Nice headline

and of course no mention of the Shamen is complete without possibly their most (in)famous tune, Ebeneezer Goode. Great fun, and possibly the most transparent "we really aren;t fooling anyone here, but dear god it is funny" with the bloke in the cape and hat on TOTP

When the IT department speaks, users listen. Or face the consequences


Re: Been on the receiving end of that

Our school had the best excuse for losing coursework. After the end of term but before the GCSE and A Level art work were due to be sent off to be graded, half the school got burnt down by some scrote. As I recall, they went by mock results for those subjects that year.

You've got (Ginni's) mail! Judge orders IBM to cough up CEO, execs' internal memos in age-discrim legal battle


Apropos of, well, this.

"Not long ago, the Black Gate of Armonk swung open. The lights went out, my skin crawled, and dogs began to howl. I asked my neighbour what it was and he said, 'Those are the Nazgul. Once they were human, now they are IBM's lawyers.'"

US government sues ex-IT guy for breaking his NDA (Yes, we mean Edward Snowden)


Clearly the NSA, despite being surveillance gurus, have never heard of the Streisand Effect

or.... maybe they have.

Tinfoil Underpants time, but maybe that's exactly what they want. They know people will buy it, they go after it to make it a huge seller... and they quietly net the proceeds. Okay, so it's peanuts in all likelihood, in the grand scheme of their budget, but someone somewhere has to be on the end of the slush fund.

Magnetic cockroaches, dirty money, wombat poo and posties' balls: It's the Ig Nobels 2019


Re: The little girl on stage

The classic iron bar with a heater. The longer you speak, the warmer it gets. No gloves allowed, so the longer you speak, the more chance you have of getting burned. Encourages brevity.

Not so easy to make a quick getaway when it takes 3 hours to juice up your motor, eh Brits?


Other Fun Stuff (TM)

There are other factors in the "lectric car shenanigans" area that cause problems.

"Charge overnight at home" is one of those fun ones that works very well, if you are lucky enough to live in a home, where because you have a drive, or because your street is big enough, you can park your leaf or whatever directly outside. In a lot of older towns (especially with a lot of terracing or other dense housing) it is frequently impossible to park your car directly outside your house or close to, so that becomes "how long is my extension cable" or "can I persuade the neighbour it ends up near to run a feed if they haven't already used it?" Urban parking density for housing is an issue as it is, let alone if all of a sudden, everyone needs to get outside their house to charge up their main vehicle.

The still vanishingly small second-hand market for electric vehicles (due to their newness, and other factors) means that the people who will spend a few hundred to a couple of thousand on a car because it's what they can afford simply can't get an electric vehicle at any point in maybe the next 20 years or so. Cutting off their options before new options are ready is going to price people out of driving at all.

I do recall at one point they were looking at fuel-station-swappable battery packs (calor gas cylinder model). You come in, the old pack is taken out of your car, a fresh fully charged one is slotted in, and away you go. The old one is charged again, and someone else gets it later on. Never sure what happened to that concept, unless it fell foul of battery tech problems.

The seven deadly sins of the 2010s: No, not pride, sloth, etc. The seven UI 'dark patterns' that trick you into buying stuff


Works on me

"Urgency - Imposing a deadline on a sale or deal, thereby accelerating user decision-making and purchases."

Sad to say, I'm very well aware this works on me. I mostly blame a childhood where there wasn't as much money available as the other people in my local friends group, and usually the translation of "we'll go away and think about it" was a polite fiction for "we can't afford it, so we'll make our excuses and leave." The over-use of that particular euphemism left me heavily susceptible to "if you wait, you'll never get it."

Amazon boss snubs 'expensive', 'sub-optimal' relational databases. Here's looking at you, Larry


Alexa, Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once...

Uncle Sam charges Julian Assange with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion


Re: Is this the best that the USA can come up with ?

I'm seeing noise that Assange's cat was rehomed some time ago (presumably to a shelter initially)

College student with 'visions of writing super-cool scripts' almost wipes out faculty's entire system



and of course, for readability on very long lines, your WHERE clause is on the next line.



The classic "Forgotten your WHERE clause" is something that I have done at least once.

Bonus points for fully intending to type it, thinking about typing it, but executing on autopilot

All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer


The Bane of Tier 2 and above

Is when you've just finished fixing something tricky and long-winded for a customer, and they respond with "oh, while I've got you, I've got this other problem...."

Neatly bypassing all that First Line investigation, all the stuff that's designed to filter out crap, and all the stuff that shares jobs around amongst the team on a fair and impartial basis, so you're basically stuck with looking at whatever it is they've been forgetting to tll anyone about for three months.

Silent Merc, holy e-car... Mflllwhmmmp! What is that terrible sound?


I must admit I'm slightly more worried over running over some poor animal that hasn't heard my car rather than some person who should know they are on a road.

This may make me an awful human being.

I'm just not sure the computer works here – the energy is all wrong


Re: Mythbusters

Or in his case, an uncontrolled glaswegian proudly putting the boot in. I suspect being on fire just added to the indignity.

Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss


The problem with edge has never really been the rendering engine itself. It's always been the UI and ancillary bullshit.

As a prime example, for the longest time (I haven't used Edge in yonks so I don't know if they finally changed it) there was this "feature" in edge and IE that would turn phone numbers into clickable links so you could skype people from a web page (or presumably on a winphone, just dial them). You could turn it off in IE's internet options if you didn't want to to do that. Edge, however, didn't listen to those settings, and just did that bit of formatting, whether you liked it or not.


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