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Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard


How are you question Apple!

Obviously you do not know that *everything* Apple do and make is innovative?

How dare you dare to question the money making innovation Apple continue to blind their faithful with.

Android is a load of bollocks and built on a crappy Linux kernel... oh wait....

I bet you drink instant tea with artificial sweetener!

'Not normal': Dell and NetApp price war puts crimp in Pure Storage revenue growth


Re: There's no price war

Dell would only buy Pure for their customer base, but 90% of Pure's customer base is already a Dell customer.

IP? Well EMC successfully sued Pure for the use of DD IP in their kit so nothing to be had their.

Cisco were always favourite but now they have sorted that arena out....

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia accused of hacking Jeff Bezos' phone with malware-laden WhatsApp message


Get your patient pads out....

There is a device waiting to be invented, a device that wipes your phone every night then does a restore to some previously known good state...

Obviously something needs to ensure your backup is not compromised (plug for Index Engines) or something.

Tea tipplers are more likely to live longer, healthier lives than you triple venti pumpkin-syrup soy-milk latte-swilling fiends


Re: Unfortunately,

Herbal tea = Not tea

In general plants that are not tea (leaves) in water are called a swamp.


Love Tea, Drinkers

You only have to mention the blessed cuppa on this website and within minutes you have more prose on the subject than the combined works of Shakespeare.

Flame away dear tea imbibers lets have a brewhahahaha!

Bewleys English Breakfast, 1 sugar, full fat milk.

I thank you.


Re: missing details

Woke for the win!

You're praying your biz won't be preyed upon? Have you heard of our lord and savior NVMe?


Anyone want a bit of cache?

Most 21st Century storage arrays use a cache based architecture so we are already talking to the storage at NAND speeds, how the architecture handles the NVM/SCM drives is where the clever stuff comes in.

NVMeoF is the real hero in this conversation.

Euro data centre club throws itself to the li-ions – to the delight of battery vendor members


Explosion anyone?

The one big disadvantage to Li-ion batteries is they love to explode. And we all know how careful sparkies can be in a DC. After all most DC power issues are not down to grid failure but down to a dropped screwdriver across two terminals (no I never did) so the likelihood of a scenario of a Li-ion battery setting on fire because of miss - ahem - handling is pretty high!

They said yes, grins Dell Technologies: Expects to go public this month


Look into my eyes...

Don´t look around the eyes.

BOOM! And there you have it

...a publicly traded company, errrrm. Again.

Dell EMC and more HPE arrays embrace storage-class memory


Re: Applications need much more than just SCM

¿Just how long have you worked for NetApp?


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