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Microsoft becoming Apple with Windows 8 control freakery?

Richard Vanags

Like Apple but behind the times.....

Microsoft's limitations on Windows 7 phones was the thing that finally pushed me to an iPhone. Apple may limit the way Apps are created and make specs to meet their devices spec to optimise their products. But when Windows did the same with creating a spec for their OS which would have many brands running the same spec I didnt see that as a problem.. But I did see an OS that was and still is out of date as a thing that I was not willing to use when it had less features than the older OS in my older Windows Phone. If this tablet OS is behind the times too I see Apple again gaining new customers and linux/Android devices becoming the thing manufacturers push more and more.. There are now more Android HTC phones than ever... Yet they were one of the leading Windows suppliers... Own goal for Windows 8?? Possibly.....


Tesla hits ejector button on staff

Richard Vanags

Site down? Or Gone???

I wanted to read more and take a look round the site....It will not open and looks like they have closed shop over night! I would have liked to see an electric sports car make it to market.

Maybe we will look to sustainable bio fuels like Virgin Airlines say they are trying soon. If we can use more sustainable bio fuels which do not eat into the resources we already use for our own use then this maybe the future until greener sources are available to us.After all we still use a lot of our earths resources to create the power needed to keep the electric vehicle running.


15 years ago: the first mass-produced GSM phone

Richard Vanags
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My first phone.

It seems like a life time ago. But my first phone was a Nokia Talkman 620. Huge,heavy and crap battery life! But it worked and I almost always had a signal. It was a car phone with a battery stuck to it but I could run my business and keep in touch with others while I was out. But as I was one of the first in my town to own a portable (mobile would be stretching it!) phone, mates would call me from work just to see where I was and it was embassasing to answer a phone in town with people looking at you as if you were weird. I would have got less attention if I walked round naked!


Cops seek 179mph net vid biker

Richard Vanags

Correction for the Befuddled American

Sorry, I'm confused. All of these articles lately are referring to MPH. Since when did Britain use miles per hour? Are we talking about 179 MPH or 179 KPH/111 MPH?

-A befuddled American

The British have always used MPH as well as Gallons ( hence Imperial Gallons not your small US gallons) feet and inches. Metrication came as part of a deal with the European Union. But our distances have stayed miles and not Kilometers.

The Video claimed 176MPH although the most i saw was 174MPH. But whatever the real indicated speed.... It has to be proven the speedo is accurate and the gearing is standard. I have a 600cc Suzuki in the Garage which hits 186MPH on the speedo very easily...But as it is a race bike and the gearing has now been changed for a smaller tight track the real top speed is only about 130MPH!

OK if the guy was clever he should have said it was at the Isle of Man.... No speed limit out of town and it would have been OK.



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