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Lead roof thief eyeballed targets on Google Earth



to be fair, many of these buildings would have been built centuries ago. No-one knew lead was dangerous back then, so groundwater contamination wouldn't have been an issue.

As the article says, many of the buildings are listed - which to summarize briefly in very simple terms means you can't change them.


American Express web bug exposes card holders


While we're on the subject of CVV numbers...

... how do services like Amazon One-Click [pat. pending ;-)] work within the law? With these services, you don't have to enter in any credit card details, so in order to process the transaction, they must be storing the CVV number.

Or do they get exempted from having to provide a CVV number by the card companies "because they're Amazon" and therefore "beyond reproach"?

Anyone know?


Cops seek 179mph net vid biker


@ A Boyer

In the UK we use a strange combination of Imperial and metric measurements.

A few examples:

all road signs etc are in miles / yards / miles per hour; beer and milk is sold in pints but fruit juice is sold in litres, when we buy our petrol (gas), it's priced in pence per litre, but we tend to express fuel efficiency in miles per gallon.

Food in supermarkets is sold by metric weight, but many supermarkets still list the price per pound for loose produce (as well as price per kilo).

Temperatures in the weather forecast are expressed in degrees Celcius, but many people will convert this mentally to fahrenheit.

Strange, eh?



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