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If you're worried that quantum computers will crack your crypto, don't be – at least, not for a decade or so. Here's why

Cliff Thorburn


And what secrets would they be?, a secret is only a secret if deemed to be so.

Everyone has the right to write, discuss, and profit from extraordinary events, discoveries or ideas, the issue becomes contemptuous when others seek to supress such for their own enrichment.

As for killing such would not necessarily extinguish such should contingencies for such an event be expected and therefore the event of such would possibly result in an/others to release such contingency event/s.

Notwithstanding that killing/conspiracy to kill or otherwise is unlawful, however as society drifts further and far right, a resurgence of history repeating itself in the worst ways is hardly suprising.

Simple answer to sinister secrets is to pay up to shut up as they say, simples.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: joueur prêt un

I dont know whether to stand and salute to that response amFM, or respond with a nautucal reply, just when I believe I have an understanding of past and present subject matters, extraordinary exponential learning lessons abound.

One shall deem such to be a positively positive poseidon trident tribulation however and await the future relevant revelations which is all one can do :-)

Cliff Thorburn

joueur prêt un

Spooky Military projects indeed, with pioneering test pilots in Live Operational Virtual Environments for phantom phormed futures and trading places aplenty.


And as already correctly said, once pioneering crash test dummies prove prospecting promise in present projects and hush slush puppies survive then announcing such seems perfectly possible for future spread bet market revitalising revenue.

Just a reminder: We're still bad at securing industrial controllers

Cliff Thorburn

Anyway forward is forward amFM, and it would be nice if man in the middle shenanigans work in a positive rather than negative manner for once.

'It's like painting with atoms'... Watch how boffins form armies of simple micron-sized bots from a silicon wafer

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Black Box Instruction Sets ... for Leading Anonymous Direction

It is the evolved ability to remain out of ones mind to navigate the myriad of Psy Ops obliterative operations which would send mere mortal minds unable to comprehend the purposely torturous minefield leaving no physical safari scarring amFM.

“No one has made it this far...” being the opening framed screenplot of such a gripping episode.

It certainly has been a wild roller coaster high roller ride, one worthy of immortalisation and copyrighted conundrum manuscripted in manual form for almighty presentation, more John Connor than Sinead, and perfect chance to refine already practiced writing preches :-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Black Box ...

Hmm, have you been having sneak peaks at my script?, handwritten with my very own tentacles to avoid zero days prying eyes ;-)

Cliff Thorburn

The Black Box ...

“And sent here via AIRegistered Post.”

You’ll do anything to get your hands on my Black Mirror Script wont you amFM ;-) clues in the title ...

One-time Mars InSight Lander engineer scores $1.5m redress over whistleblower sacking

Cliff Thorburn

Re: RE: I'd be a lot less emotionally distressed after than before

Although I saw your original response amFM, thank you for your understanding :-)

Perhaps if plain and simple communication and mutually satisfactory resolution was the order of the day then such events could be considered and confidentially clarified by the powers that be, then the world would be a far less stressful place to be.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: RE: I'd be a lot less emotionally distressed after than before

I was not being sarcastic at all amFM, I actually believe that there are many things that would be so highly questionable in the US, and would bring cataclysmic Church Committee congress conundrums type investigations demanding such to be carried out and observed through distant data streams in lands of duelling Red Dragons, and Blue Fairies in modern day Korean Cyberwars creating practical prisoners of wars, in modern day Neoconopticon Virtual Observatories with new day NASA Dragon X Alien Territories to phorm new fangled land exploration and Virtual Brains.

Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial amFM, and prior to inflicting premeditated practical psychological punishment, psy ops, and propaganda on such individuals those persons told and educated to do the right things for the good of all, should have the right to mitigate, if such is an impossible impracticality, then a jury led decision to compensate dire deprivation of liberty is the very least unfortunate chosen individuals of past, present and future rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of ‘appiness dangled on large phishing poles with virtual carrots, perhaps to be banished to islands flying remote control Teradactyls reflecting on loss of chance, and languishing in loves lost and days of future past :-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: RE: I'd be a lot less emotionally distressed after than before

Its good to see that Due Process is fair and judicial in the United States, if only other countries upheld such principles of resolution.

Vodafone exec dons tartan tam-o'-shanter, clutches bottle of Irn-Bru, in snap shared with firm... just before Glasgow staff told of redundo dates

Cliff Thorburn


Will this insanity ever end? ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: For Conflicts and CHAOS in Madness and Mayhem Venture Anything Bad

“Have you noticed how quiet it has suddenly become here, AC? That's remarkably telling if you know how to read between the lines of runes.”

No more tears left to cry amFM, just another day of mundanity, having been led adrift by sweet sirens and Live Operational Virtual Environmental distractions leading to causation of destitution, confusion, distress, and loss of chance :-)

One simply finds it is just easier to keep calm and carry on and wait while the script is rewritten, as Bow ie once said “Its about to be writ again, is there life?” amanfrommars?

What and any such activities would you recommend to add excitement to a bleary Sunday evening other than watching Johnny English Reborn?, joining the boy scouts perhaps?, any such suggestions would be welcome distraction from the neoconopticon, practical prisoner of war and gogglebox shenanigans, or is that Starry Star Chambered decision making to be made?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Logical Next Steps

“what and/or who be friend or foe nowadays”

Howdy amfM

Now that ‘is’ the question, its a bit like choosing which plane to fly on holiday, for those of us lucky enough to ever have a holiday, Virgin, BA, Emirates, Easyjet ...

Now one would think that the logical choice would be BA should you be from Blighty, but who’s to say that is the correct choice?

In an internet related fashion, its pretty obvious that Tinder/Snapchat/Instagram choice may be a 400lb Fat Bloke sat on a bed, and in that respect, I can see that online identity is a certainty, especially when there are others only too keen to assume such an identity, and through web tugging man in the middle manipulation many things can be done to deprive and deceive a seemingly unaware individual of their wares.

So the question of who can you choose as trusted entities is a bit like the X Files, trust no one, and when you end up like a mauled mouse between the Cats paws in a paranoid PTSD state, its not easy getting back in the wheel.

But it all really comes back to the start, upfront honesty, and a slice of the pie, with relevant information as necessary, as opposed to smash and grab information, and education makes for perfect sharing and headaches, hurt and expense for all.

It all depends I suppose on what tentacle of the Octopus you prefer, I respect companies who respect fundamental human rights, and that privacy is privileged, perhaps the world wouldn’t be the mess it is if we never lost our moral compass in the way it seems to be going.

You are of course correct, and this is subjective, and perhaps closer to home upon personal revelations but we have to somehow embrace these changes and move with the rapid advancement in technology, but the elephant in the room has to be dealt with in that respect, and those who practice such have to preach the same, the movie ‘The Circle’ approaches this dystopian reality perfectly.

Ultimately amFM, I wonder each day truly what the endpoint of all of this is, it seems nothing more than a grand betting game, but the reality is, and picture if from my view, what would ‘you’ do?

“It is not our purpose to worship God, but to create him” - Arthur C Clarke

Lets hope the creation and finality of this vast rapidly connected intelligence does everything everyone hopes it does, thats all I can say, I wont share my personal experiences, and future visions on that any further thats all I will say.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: For Conflicts and CHAOS in Madness and Mayhem Venture Anything Bad

The real answer to such questions revolves back to “What would IT like me to do?”, and to know such can only be decided by being presented with both options and solutions amFM, is that considered ‘mission accomplished’ by the handlers/programmers?

In the meantime, just carries on trying to figure out the unfathomable and fathom the unfigurable, waiting for logical next steps while logging steps already taken, in gentle disbelief at the truths that cannot be spoken, and awe of the steps/journeys taken?

It would be illogical to believe that the orchestrators of such operations did not have some great game plan in place, and one would hope so, ‘simples’ really, but when both misrepresented, and misunderstood which often leads to a myriad of misdirection.

Thunder, thunder, thunder... Thunderclap: Feel the magic, hear the roar, macOS, Windows pwnage tools are loose

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Que será, será

Its just come to a point amFM, where real life woes and impracticalities take precedence over it all.

When others around suffer tremendously thats when it becomes simply a case of keeping calm and carrying on and trying to ‘get back on the horse’

They know where I am when the ‘programmers’ stop the squabbling, and play nice.

As for compartmental secrets, dont know what you mean ;-)

Cliff Thorburn

Que será, será

The horse simply does what the horse does amFM, its understanding, its journey, its condition, its temperament are subject to its treatment, how many hurdles and how many falls it has encountered during its existence, there is little that can be done to change such.

Cliff Thorburn

Tee2 Judgement Day

There would be nothing better than saving the day amFM, however it appears that such is subjective.

All one can do is keep calm and carry on, and simply ignore conflicting feeds from Live Operational Virtual Environments and stay on the perceived home turf.

Until the powers that be decide to accept the facts that such methods used have been heavy handed to say the least have resulted in the good ship being wildly veered off course, then there is very little that can be done other than take the horse to the waterway and hope for sensible directions.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: It's Novel Intelligence Information but not as you were expecting to receive it from Machines.*

Alternatively the powers that be could just ask to ‘meet’ to resolve said issues, such offer has been on the table for as long as one can remember :-)

Or is that not the done way anymore?

Decoding the President, because someone has to: Did Trump just blow up concerted US effort to ban Chinese 5G kit?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: New Blood Fresh Thinking Delivers Alternate Reality.

“Obviously, presently, whenever there be an intelligence deficit with competitors or allies plowing ahead for leading advantage in vital future utilities and facilities, is national treasure being squandered on payment to decrepit home systems/bankrupt assets/zombie concerns/ponzi schemes/manic markets.”

The regulatory authorities have the ultimate say in such amFM, and any company delving into such should exercise any/all due dilligence and expect to accept responsibility for any failings in filings, and any exponential learnings with leverage liabilities should be conducted with open honestly, as opposed to dire consequence deceit with a hope to garner advantage and destitution and despair for others, arms length guessing games, blaming all others as opposed to restitution and remedy.

A good example of such is the terrible suicide of the well known social media site, and as always is often only after the horse bolting do the alarm bells begin to toll.

Bored bloke takes control of British Army 'psyops' unit's Twitter

Cliff Thorburn

Re: All Change ..... Morons do as Morons Do and All Perish in Smashing Flash Marketed Crashes

The crazies were thinking they were able to run the asylum rather than realising they were razing it to the ground with themselves locked securely inside burning buildings

The Neoconopticon at full steam seemingly. After arriving at North to South, considering East to West, the scale of desperation to fit future media presentations to seemingly Stranger Things never ceases to amaze in both the magnitude and scale of an almighty fangled futures trading operative operation, with Monsters Inc delivering demonic driver deliverables with sinister signals and conflicting memorandum.

But one must say, that dont blame the actor if the script went adrift in the mail when the movie ends up the next Waterworld with Watergate connotations.

Never ceases to amaze though ;-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Best of British

Probably tracing the bloodline back to Roswell ...

You're on a Huawei to Hell, US Sec State Pompeo warns allies: Buy Beijing's boxes, no more intelligence for you

Cliff Thorburn

Re: If everything's encrypted, what's the problem?

Like Psy Ops in Live Operational Virtual Environments in quiet Catherdral Cities and authorised Pentogram Playgrounds perhAPS?

The record shows I took the blows, and did it... Huawei: IT titan will start tackling GCHQ security gripes from June

Cliff Thorburn

Where do we go from here ....

I was once asked.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Just change the name

Or ‘Uoiofyuodyioyo’ as seems to be the trend at the moment (*domain name pending)


Seems East v West which is best still seems to be the order of the day, with poor old Blighty caught in a seemingly rock and hardplace almighty conundrum.

Wouldn’t the world be such a nicer place without such game thoery/zero sum games, where we all lived in a Star Trekesque New World order?, without panopticon punts and pointless tasks?

Big names hurl millions of pounds at scheme to hoist UK's AI knowhow

Cliff Thorburn

:-) Others would know it as win-winners-take-all for rewards, and would challenge defeat to mount a fake program laying false trails to alter that perception and observation.

AInt that the truth amFM, down the rampant rabbit hole, with driver deliverable DT death threats APlenty, as BA would say “I pity the fool who tries to phooone hooome”

After following such false trails, trials and tribulations its just easier to just ignore, as it is just all illusionary in a deliberate distractionary dioramma designed to be such to fool the masses as we all know too well and good :-)

Cliff Thorburn

“It is not our purpose to worship God, but to create him” - Arthur C Clarke

... And when our new machine creation won’t get up and be the next Michael Jackson dancing around like a Russian Bear on a hotplate for the entertainment and enrichment of the corporations, whats the Plan B then?, unleash the multi billion dollar ‘Turd ‘O’ Tronic polishing machine?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Prize is Colossal*

Skynet on Helium!

Who will stand up for European democracy? Us! says US software giant Microsoft

Cliff Thorburn

Costa del ‘Sol’

*deep sigh*

After driver deliverables offering a mixed bag of manure amFM, it would be far simpler just to agree a conclusion to what has become a game of frustration as opposed to a joyful game of life.

The objective of said game would be a start, in the same way you sell Mayfair to your granny so she can use her Park Lane instead of going round the board again, knowing she would like to spend those precious years of life actually ‘living’

Monopoly bringing me nicely to the legal term ‘Loss of Chance’, a term swivelled in the international courts of redacted but retained paper particulars, journaling the near decade of duelling dragons, threats of deportation, destitution, deliberation, oh the tangled webs others do weave, when simply being friends would do far better than to deceive :-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: If You want Change, You Can Have it. Governments Provide ALL in Great Game Changer Application

The ‘Great Game’ would be all well and good if it came with an instruction book, as opposed to an uneven keel amFM, and likewise, when the glaring inequality of players starts all with suffiecient reserves, and others with the inability to pass go ...

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

Cliff Thorburn

Re: How long are ‘D’ Notices valid for?

"Tis the start of a slippery slope which heads into thoughts of despotism and Type Nero 0Days“

And therein lies the overriding answer, only the implementation of such would be to hide a myriad of devilish deeds, so easily resolved, and avoiding the dire diorama of present woes.

Still, like many of those innocently and innocuously subjected to expoloitation and experimentation of days past I would prefer to believe were long gone, the show must go on.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Not Really Technically... But here be at least One Avid Way to Avoid the Roads to Nowhere

How long are ‘D’ Notices valid for?

Roses are red, this is sublime: We fed OpenAI's latest chat bot a classic Reg headline

Cliff Thorburn

s .

Well it cant be said that I havent done what has been suggested amFM, from electricuted lift door buttons, to yet even more wasted money, have lost count of it all now to be completely honest.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

“Capiche, El Reg? Are you working out what has already been done and where everything is going?”

I’m pretty sure El Reg regulars, and even the not so regular are intelligent enough to understand that many, much and most of the worlds, and Brexit woes are much more than the SIMple decision of what mobile network to select, and more akin to catastrophic failures and corroborated corruption elsewhere down the pipeline, and failure to accept responsibility for such.

Ministers of War, manic panic, and failure to uphold the very virtues proclaimed at the very heart of the West and Midwest’s best.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

Glad to hear :-)

After another depressing Saturday, what I like to refer to as ‘Psy Ops Live Operational Virtual Environments’ curtailing Valentines Day, but not showing much love mostly hate, I often wonder if the sheeple actually are concious of their concerted activities, or the true hands who rock the cradle.

Think I may pop a stress pill myself, and contemplate whether humanity will ever return to more aspirational centrist morality instead of dancing round the maypole of tortious criminality.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Perennial OpenAI Conundrum for Resolving with AIMaster Pilot ProgramMING into Such Projects

I think you shoud take a stress pill amfM ...

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Being Careful with What you Wish for.

“What's not to like if you are not terrorised by everything and terrified of anything novel and innovative/noble and exciting?”

Depends if duress/destitution/blacklisting/stalking and psychological torture/removal of all human rights especially the right to justice are classed/classified of terrifying?, or classed as innocative and noble?

And then after flouting the benefits of a holiday to Guantanamo Bay, and proclaiming the newly appointed director of the appropriate agencies has little adversion to waterboarding but not the California Beach on a Surf Board/Jet Ski type, receive a request to ‘come with us’ whilst lauging in a sinister tone and stroking a White Fluffy Cat?

The last time such techniques were aspirational, questionable moustache styles and devilish dictators encouraging such were gladly nipped in the bud in time, of course, history being the guiding hand, mankind could never make the same mistakes again, could it?

But hey, nothing to be terrified eh! :-)

Cliff Thorburn

Or even being a remainer!

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Being Careful with What you Wish for.

“And now you know more than just the few too.”

And once the known is known, its known, logged, and as you say amFM, the logical step is then you realise how its done, its all quite clever admittedly.

The insult to the injury is however, its ‘known’ so theres no point then trying to pretend it never happened when the chips are down, and the masks are off.

And in such an event, the failure of such can/was and is only be attributable to garbage in/garbage out, or rather poor and insufficient briefing/exponential learning and basic survival and scraping by, rather than freedom to flourish.

Of course the right and just thing to do is to restitute and resolve, and appreciate the contribution to the cause for the good and benefit for all, either a picture of a Spitfire and golden handshake and happy retirement, or brief/debrief and mutually satisfying future plan/project as opposed to more fire on the burning man, and that one would believe would be the great western values way of proceeding.

Not heard owt bad about Huawei, says EU Commish infosec bod

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The US spies on allies, but is it stealing their technology to give to US companies?

:-) And "almost exactly" to allow for human variations

See what you did there amFM ;-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: On the other hand...

Horse to water and all that amFM ...

*shrugs shoulders*

Uncle Sam to its friends around the world: You can buy technology the easy way, or the Huawei

Cliff Thorburn

(...) (... ...)

Regardless of who and what, what, where and why, its simply all part of the great game.

Everyone, everywhere, anyhow, and if you think mass surveillance is the issue, try not even being able to go to the local shop without the melodrama of Will Smith esque Enemy of the State (when it suits), hero when it don’t type mind f**k trip of a lifetime antics.

Sheesh, if this is the future, and the future is now, then get prepared to either dine at Pizza Hut (Taco Bell if you’re watching the US variant), and get fined every time you speak a profanity, or eat Rat Burgers and live off the radar.

I for one welcome our edible rodent delicacies and if the Daily Bog Roll is correct, we will be innundated with plenty to chew on after Brexit regardless!

Prez Trump orders Uncle Sam to step up AI efforts – we all know the White House knows a lot about artificial intelligence

Cliff Thorburn

Re: USA creating AI?

That began when Rupert Murdoch sold BSKYB to Comcast ...

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage

Cliff Thorburn

Re: There ‘... ...’ it is!

Thanks for the Heads Up, Tail Up :-)

The latest Fashion seems to be battle of the Female Popstars, not that that ever did go out of fashion (cue Pussy Riot just to add some spurious madness in for good measure)

All just another day in the great game rabbit warren, simple, the problem ain’t the program, its the ability to see the program.

All in IT together.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

Well that at least is a fairly logical answer amFM.

Setting aside the John Connor esque antics which frankly couldn’t be further from the truth, I would much rather just see some form of endpoint to all of this.

*Sighs* cue next round of UO/IO /Chinese Blind Dissidents/Russian Spies/Nerve Agents/U Ran/North Korea/Fake News .... never mind the ‘real’ problems eh!


Cliff Thorburn

Re: There's always something to do and getting it done is not difficult nowadays, is it?

I will try and ask via the power of closed questioning amFM ...

“What specifically, precisely, and exactly is required?”

In the meantime, I will carry on writing my Black Mirror script loosely based upon the USS Callister episode where the great game and Live Operational Virtual Environments drive the destitute central character through a SIMply extraordinary journey covering a quest taking nigh on a decade and promising great unicorns and mythical beasts aplenty :-)

It's OK, everyone – Congress's smart-cookie Republicans have the answer to America's net neutrality quandary

Cliff Thorburn

Re: I've always wondered... Captive Communications' ?

Such is the Rampant and Rabid Rabbit hole amFM, takes you back to the very beginning for flashbacks APlenty, and traumatic stress post disorderly new world disorder.


Cliff Thorburn

Re: I've always wondered...

Is the term ‘Captive Communications’ ? ...

RIP, RDP... nearly: Security house Check Point punches holes in remote desktop tools

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

Can you please explain what all this ‘tie’ insanity is all about amfM?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

I could identify multiple vulnerabilities amFM with very little knowledge, and careful analysis of logged frameup files.

What is more difficult to identify is what precisely would resolve the steaming status arms length quo of a situation presently identified.

One step forwards and seemingly ten back, although in reality nonsensical diversional dilemma all round.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Last Paragraph of Stealing the Goalposts ........ Game Over.

You suspect right


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