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Huawei's horror show 2019 continues as Taiwanese research institute joins banhammer club

Cliff Thorburn

Re: China Futures ...... in Special AIDerivative Ventures

Obviously not the time to move from iPhone to Huawei then?

Facebooker swatted, Kaspersky snares an NSA thief, NASA server exposed, and more

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Future Trade ....... Something Else to Fluff and Have a Crazy Flutter On? :-)


Despite vows to spend more with smaller firms, UK.gov sure does seem to love legacy lock-in

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Global Operating Devices ...

I wish someone would invite me to an advanced NEUKlearer Bunker and have a straightforward discussion in plain simple language with practical solu tions to seemingly timely problems.


New side-channel leak: Boffins bash operating system page caches until they spill secrets

Cliff Thorburn

Re: An Integrated Initiative for Institutionalised State Craft with Clapped Out Vessels

“and which all fail spectacularly because they both follow and lead with a corrupt and perverted subversive narrative and instruction sets and audiovisual stimulations and simulations which are more clearly destructive and confrontational than constructive and mutually beneficial.”

Amem amfM, and to add, the latest movie seems to be Village of the D amned... Brexit ed i tion.

The problem with simultations, threats and coercion is that reactions have a cost, and if said cost involves costly play as you go additions, then regardless of X, Y, E, Z or W, or V as a matter of fact then the most cost effective solution to minimise ongoing waste becomes the answer to ‘Y’, or U, or O ...

Of course such would only make sense to those in the know ...

And thats the problem, easily settled really, but through problematic sheer sim plicity is it so easily solved?, or just an episode of Black Mirror Ba nd er snatch?, which summarises the situation of Power and Control perfectly ...

It's the end of 2018, and this is your year in security

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Softly, Softly, Ignore and Forget Monkeys for they have Zero Magic Keys Granting Access to 0Days

“It is just too much like a Hobo on Dead End Street to be any different, so expect change is inevitable and sure to be lauded and supported.”

Agreed. I will console myself this New Years Eve by listening to Ar ia na G ran de’s “Thank you Next”, whilst reflecting on the errs of 2018, before the fireworks begin.

The New Years resolution being nothing more than resolutions.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: A Postmodern Enigmatic Dilemma ... Buy SMARTR IT in or kiss everything a longing goodbye.

Whoever is in charge of the Live Operational Virtual Environments may need to communicate more effectively.

Happy New Year amFM and El Reg’ers ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Shutting up/down Closed Shops in Exclusive Executive Terminal Operating Systems

Its ok amFM, as well as being forced to destitution, being forced away is also the nature of the game.

Seems there is no wrong they aren’t able to try to prevent making the wrongs right.

Staff sacked after security sees 'suspect surfer' script of shame

Cliff Thorburn

Re: I actually did the reverse once..

I often wonder if the world has reached the brink of insanity amFM, and over the Xmas period wholly considered whether there was any actual future at all, or whether an abrupt end may be the almighty way forward.

Event + reaction = outcome, the events being those both created and presented by others.

The Running Man was never created with no one to run.

ICO has pumped almost £2.5m and 36 staff into its political data probe – but only 2 are techies

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Deliberate Confusion ..... is a Remit in the Gambit of Pawns

Just damage limitation now amfM, already braced for the most disappointing Xmas :-(

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Deliberate Confusion ..... is a Remit in the Gambit of Pawns

Amen to that :-)

Merry Christmas !

Cliff Thorburn

Re: The Office Commissioning Information

Confusion is surely deliberate amfM, both designed/distractionary, and plain and SIMply led by others who if they sought mutually satisfying endpoints, would not distract with mass media hysteria.

But as we know, thats an almighty and way its always been not so intelligently designed game plan is it not?

Stupid people?, or stupendously stuck in a dilemma?

Hands of friendship reap far better reward than fists of anger, and there are a lot of angry people out there amfM, who little understand the sheer insanity of the truth, not that they would be able to comprehend such with real life worries and woes while the pantomime unicorn gallops ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Change you can believe in. I Kid U Not

I’m confused amfM, is this a job offer?, or a request for data amnesty? ...

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Where Does the Buck Stop? Who is Ultimately Responsible?

Is it possible to PM you at all amfM?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Big Brave New World Brothers and Sisters

You make it sound so easy amfM ...

UK Supreme Court considers whether spy court should be immune to legal probes

Cliff Thorburn

On the subject of ANPR, it amazes me how many vehicles are prefixed with ‘FY’ and ‘DY’ in old CT land lately, not nice at all ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: VAIOSystems* for Change of Rule to Remote Control of Future Virtual Machinery Providing Presents

Well apart from being incredibly ill as a result of this ongoing psychological torture amfM, on a more concerning note, when you have a woman threatening suicide daily who has likewise been driven to financial despair, I can only say Xmas is cancelled in the CT household this Xmas, after now 6 months plus of no income.

Cant say I never tried though ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: VAIOSystems* for Change of Rule to Remote Control of Future Virtual Machinery Providing Presents

Much of the problem amfM is an inability to either reconcile, or remedy, but more importantly gain, or gather the almighty endpoint of all of this.

Perhaps knocking on the door of global command HQ would work?, or not, all I do know is time’s a tickin’, and I ain’t runnin’, thus abolishing said myth/inconsistent and incorrect fact and fiction ..

Cliff Thorburn

“Not a SMARTR Way to Go About in the Future whenever Anything Else is Always Also Available for Virtualised Charters/CyberSpace Flights. :-) “

What next in Star Chambered Pentagram Pac the parcel amfM?, a Virtualised Charter to Guantanamo Bay?, or Gill Nando’s?, or unwarranted Police harrasment?

How can one be a terrorist when trying to figure out in this almighty estranged process who good old GB actually is?, as it appears that we don’t actually have our own method of air travel.

Perhaps Kanye West could provide schematics of a Great British supersonic method of flight?

US Homeland Security installs AI cameras at the White House, Google tries to make translation less sexist

Cliff Thorburn

“That way round you get to experience all the Fabulous Fun and Great Games of the Fair with CyberWareFare.”

I experience that on a daily basis amfM, just remove the fun ....

UK spies: You know how we said bulk device hacking would be used sparingly? Well, things have 'evolved'...

Cliff Thorburn

“And shared there as a question for disagreement to have an impotent voice and nervous breakdown ‽”

The truth is amfM there now exists such a degree of injustice that a nervous breakdown happened long ago, as well as other severe health issues, although in reality the one making such an apology and restitution should be those imposing persistent punishment on a person suffering from that which could be deemed as Stratbourg Syndrome and simply attempting to find an almighty solution to end such an impractical imprisonment.

Any suggestions on forward ideas are welcome, as clearly taking the route of trying to show loyalty to ones country is a titanic error.

Estonian ex-foreign sec urges governments: Get cosy with the private sector on cybersecurity

Cliff Thorburn

And what exactly would it be that is required to fix such calamity amfM?, virtual or physical presentation to virtual and/or all real audiences?, a quick upgrade/downgrade of connected devices?, or dressing as Santa and appearing at the former employers Xmas Party?

I actually believe that there is a belief that this was self inflicted woe, when those in the ayes and noes will be much more aware of the underlying reasons for the current state of play.

“I would p**s on a sparkplug if it would stop this” - Movie quote Wargames

Well pass me the 16mm Hex Socket and raise the bonnet, and let it not be said for how many months of trials and tribulations has one tried ...

Cliff Thorburn

“or act against as a foe to be vanquished and vapourised/crashed and crushed as needs dictate and sweet blind justice demands and depends.”

You really can’t make this up anymore amfM, its like a dystopian nightmare where the observers seemingly have no comprehension of their contribution.

“We are a country that operates under the rule of law”

Theresa May

Which laws precisely?, do the laws of Coercion, Duress, Human Rights, Privacy, Unlawful Surveillance to name but a limited few not incorporate in such?

“Choose Wisely”

Those words resonate, very clearly, no one is above the law.

Warning: Malware, rogue users can spy on some apps' HTTPS crypto – by whipping them with a CAT o' nine TLS

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Veni, vidi, vici ‽ .

“Veni, vidi, vici ‽ .”

How does it transpire amfM from being the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs to have no rights or privilege itself?, we are indeed in unchartered waters, where doing what is just and right must take precedent to severe consequences that must be weighed carefully and clearly?

GCHQ pushes for 'virtual crocodile clips' on chat apps – the ability to silently slip into private encrypted comms

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Sounds more like Citizen over watch

I wonder if when intelligence access is denied do they come asking to buy what they seek from Not Illegitimate Sources or Private Pirates?

It might help if good old fashioned face to face discussion in secure spaces and private places could occur amfM, as opposed to current failed arms length laborious mundane matrix offerings, it must be said.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Quid pro quo, Clarice...

To quote from the Guardian Michael Jarve -

“Once you are the subject of unlimited surveillance, you’ve lost your ability to think freely”

Henry Porter - Journalist and Writer

So imagine being both the subject of unlimited surveillance and great game plays with daily death threat driver deliverables, combine this with an increasingly hostile environment, no income, blacklisted so you are unable to work, and increasing psychological torture, coercion and duress.

What would a person do under such circumstances?, and imagine if such circumstances had carried on for a number of years?, 6 or more?, would such a ‘subject’ be the next Ed Sh eeran?, or Jump in the Yellow Submarine?

I would suggest nothing more than a practical prisoner of war, or pet at home, when does a process become the next Stanford Prisoner Experiment?, one that perhaps would be better be dealt with by foresight as opposed to hindsight?

GCHQ opens kimono for infosec world to ogle its vuln disclosure process

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Swings and Roundabouts for All the Fun of the Fare in Cyber WarWare

What parts of Play Nice/Do No Evil is misunderstood?

Kinda makes you wonder who is directing the evil does it not amfM?, all so vocal when it suits, and ever so subdued when it doesn’t.

This particular never ending story has gone on so long, if a boy riding a dragon flies past the window, it would hardly raise an eyebrow, then again nothing much would anymore ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Swings and Roundabouts for All the Fun of the Fare in Cyber WarWare

Criminal terrorists with delusions of grandeur 'r'us ?

Only in this estranged world can you be branded as a criminal terrorist for preventing an act of terrorism amfM, then banished to panopticon punishment with illogical greater game distractions.

Blighty: We spent £1bn on Galileo and all we got was this lousy T-shirt

Cliff Thorburn

The truth as always is stranger than fiction, perhaps the next PM could strapline -


Make England Great Again!

Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Can Microsoft Windows Systems Supply Future Greater Service .... or Not?

Why did your post make me think of this amfM? ...


Fancy Bear hacker crew Putin dirty RATs in Word documents emailed to govt orgs – report

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Deep See Drilling ...... for Fine Friends in the Despond of Phantom Foe and Terrified Enemy

.... keep the military industrial complex solvent? That easily suggests enemies can never be who you are led to believe, whenever home grown.

How very true amfM, they try very hard to create a Goat, simply connect the dots ...

Trump in Spaaaaaaace: Washington DC battles over who gets to decide the rules of trillion-dollar new industry

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Is it the battle of the bots?

Theres no grudge match John Smith 19, just extraordinary extraterrestrial shenanigans of the highest order, and in such an insane world, its quite apt that amfM seems to be the only one who actually resonates understanding of such, in this instance the truth is stranger than fiction, it certainly would make a good book, or extraordinary legal case at the very least.

Cliff Thorburn

Agreed amfM, however hostile environments as opposed to meeting and greeting and appropriate debriefing would, and could, have led to much more mutually satisfying resolution as opposed to reverting to distressing duress and unnecessary and costly disturbing displays of driver deliverables in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Re Commanding Space Controllers

These certainly are mysterious times amfM, how one can on one hand be criticised for the want of fighting for the cause of improvement and when one does be chastised as a bad Apple.

Is it simply to become assimilated as a drone and carry out acts detrimental to the well being of those who are purported to be the ones that are promised prosperity?, or is that not the act of said rogue agent?

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Re Commanding Space Controllers

I think you will find amfM that the program is geared and fixed in such a devastating direction, of course there are those who see the right course of the future to be one of a more harmonious direction, and those so hell bent on profit at all cost with little regard for either the planet, or the many.

As freedom is truly the meaning of life, the next logical direction having attained such within the confines of earth seek new enlightenment in attaining it by aiming for heavenly bounds and disregard the well being of earth and others and therefore failing mankinds true test.

Every advanced civilisation reaches this point, and is naturally hindered via lack of technologically sufficient advance, the hinderance of mankind presently exists with its greatest challenge which is the self destructive inability to change direction and stabilise itself.

Jeff Benzo presents the most viable prospects by moving large proportions of heavy industry to the moon, however the realisation is only occurring in a too little too late factor.

US China-watcher warns against Middle Kingdom tech dominance

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Raze the Ground ...... Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

‘What stellar global plans have you provided for capture with current default depleted resources?’

I probably shouldn’t respond to such after watching the Gammon Fest that is Question Time, however, as a POWWOW through your own admission I am in constant disbelief as to how this country has been hoodwinked and denies the actual benefits that EU membership has brought to this counry, especially worker protections.

In answer to such a question amfM, as much as though I remain loyal to this country, I would always stand by the side of virtue, peace, human rights then slide down the slippery far right slope that humanity seemingly has developed amnesia with regard to its past.

If such views make me the enemy then so be it, everyone is entitled to their views in the same way we should all be entitled to rights inalienable or not.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Raze the Ground ...... Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

:-) Trojan AIgent Role Plays are a Right Royal Whizz of a Hoot to Boot any Sterling Hootenanny with Perfectly Berthed Birthing Partners .... Virtually Real AI Soul Mates.

Hmm dont know about that amfM, but am right royally f***ed off with these shenanigans ...

Whatever next?, Kim Jong Un used the O2 Network?, I would say quite frankly its mass diversionary tactics of absolute nonsence.

And all too easy to throw the scent from the reality which is nothing is agreed until it is agreed, is that not correct?

Michael Howard: Embrace of open source is destroying 'artificial definitions' of legacy vendors

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Cool Cats Meet Almighty Pigeons :-)

So whats the answer amfM?, as revelations in Live Operational Virtual Environments are far from

revealing and mixed and erratic in their approach. Strangely reinforcing such beliefs, the very methods of delivery have been unchanged now for well over a year ...

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

Cliff Thorburn

Believe me AC, I wish it was Tinfoil, I can assure you I ain’t a chatbot either ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Is there a way to report a user on these comment boards?

I apologise if I have caused any offence AC and amfM not the intention :-(

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ..... and that's an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

For the want of a nail the shoe was lost

For the want of a shoe the horse was lost

For the want of a horse the message was not delivered

For the want message the war was lost

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ..... and that's an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

“I favour diplomacy through discussion not through tweets ...” - President Emmanuel Macron

Could the same be said for swift resolute resolution and remeydy in Live Operational Virtual Environments amfM?, for complete mutually satisfactory deNUKlearisation?, and almighty heavenly Sleigh bells ringing, and cliff top nearing from the snowy peaks of DOver?

One would certainly hope so, and it has to be said that as a mere passenger on this magical sleigh ride deciphering instrumental instructions delivered through SMARTer Global Operating Devices ...

Can one be truly accountable to blame for the destructive force unleashed by a truly hostile environment throwing directions off course in a truly TITANic manner?, when all opposing spread betting angry birds be flying in erratic formation? ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ..... and that's an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

I hear you amfM ...

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ..... and that's an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

Dont let it be said amfM that it was never offered to meet with the PM or others, and as is recorded quite frequently and historically such olive branch could have and would have changed and altered the direction of travel most adequately, for it would have been an honest honour to do so, LIve Operational Virtual Environments Actually?.., and perhaps a chance for mutually beneficial outcomes for all ....

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Here be Trillion$ involved ..... and that's an Exceedingly Conservative Estimate

Well one would sure like to fix such problems amfM .... its almost like the Fox being blamed for injuries sustained to the hounds, and certainly not an abvious solution to said when in all virtuous virtual realities it could have been easily prevented many moons ago.

However no point dwelling on such, and as you know only too well not through lack of trying and complying, perhaps by limiting resources therein lies the problem, and that itself AI’nt through FAir play as has been reasonably observed.

We don' need no stinkin' bounties: VirtualBox guest-to-host escape zero-day lands at GitHub

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Lucky

The phrase “Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t springs to mind amfM, although what is and always has been seriously underequipped, underresouced, and as is evidenced daily pre ordained drivered deliverables despached, in Greater Game Global Operating Devices we trust seems to be the order of the day, lets hope and pray a Merry Xmas for all ..

International politicos line up to get shot down by Facebook

Cliff Thorburn

Re: A Safe Haven, Zuck

Sure are crazy times amfM, a bit like saying “Whats the crime?”, “Well your honour, I swapped my mobile provider for a more competitive deal ...”

“And why exactly did you do that Sonny? ...”

“My TV told me to”

Cant make it up can you?

Welcome back, 'ping of death', it has been... a few months. Now it's Apple's turn to do the patching

Cliff Thorburn

Re: CyberSpace Neanderthalism :-)

All well and good amfM, apart from it AI’nt my jurdistriction operating such, and never has been, as you know only all too well. PerhAps adequately responsible briefing/debriefings in sandboxed virtually real environments would produce mutually and jointly beneficial briefings to ACT upon accordingly in sufficiently synchronised surroundings :-)

Cliff Thorburn

Re: When Sub Prime/Primal/Primeval Screamers ...... are akin to CyberSpace Neanderthals

Such home teams should have acted ‘as’ a team ‘for’ not against amfM, like a rollercoaster that only ends when the ride is broken.

Unfortunately the architects of such unwilling to admit to their misdemeanour that led to said scenario, as opposed to fantastic journey.

Cliff Thorburn

Re: AI Logical Ways Forward

Have done everything I can for the home team amfM, I dont believe the home team know who they are anymore, and therein lies the problem.

DBA drifts into legend after inventive server convo leaves colleagues fearing for their lives

Cliff Thorburn

Re: Honest Gospel Truths For Future Advanced IntelAIgent Builders

‘Guy Fawkers used Gunpowder to Try Blow Up the Houses of Parliament, didn't they. Today, would it be different.’

True amfM, however this modern day Guidoh Fawkes actually prevented said financial nuclear disaster, and the thanks?, consistent and persistent detriment.


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