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Donald Trump blinks in his one-man trade war with China: US govt stalls import tariff hike on Chinese phones, laptops, electronics


> Although economists argue that all these levies do is push prices up, with the burden falling on buyers rather than sellers

This is bad economics. Yes they push prices up - that's the entire point. Yes the burden falls on buyers, so buyers don't buy the thing as much. If they would still buy it, the price would already have been raised anyways; otherwise you're suggesting the companies have been leaving money on the table. The goal is that it specifically pushes prices up for chinese products. The point isn't to get chinese sellers' money, as that quote would seem to imply, the point is to *prevent* chinese sellers from getting (as much) money.

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General



I mean, Trump wanting to do this, does in no way show China innocent. Freedom can have multiple enemies.

DigitalOcean drowned my startup! 'We lost everything, our servers, and one year of database backups' says biz boss


Re: Sad

Sure, sometimes every penny counts and sometimes things have to be cut. And sometimes DigitalOcean terminates your account and your Fortune 500 clients get angry at you.

There is only one standard that matters, and it's business success¹. Generally when you lose all your customer's data, this tends to end any hope of business success rather terminally.

¹And the law, I suppose.

Google finally touts $150 pint-sized Linux dev board with Edge TPU AI math copro brains


What a surprise

Businesses that reject business lose business?

Darn that meanie Google!

Boffins have fabricated microscopic sci-fi tractor beams for real


Carbon nanotubes?

Could you align a dozen or so of those in a circle and use them to trap and align carbon atoms to produce carbon nanotubes?

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