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Cop films chap on body-worn cam because he 'complains about cops a lot'. Chap complains


Re: I'd go in with a camera recording too.

If the officer had said " Sir, I'm recording this so I can go back over this when I type out the report so I will not miss anything pertinent to our investigation." Even if the guy doesn't say anything about the officer recording, there is a record of him being told.

Face Palm since the cops over there haven't figured that one out.

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary


Re: Start cancelling the flights.

our first phone number after we got married was that dreadful one last digit different form the local housing authority (In the US they handle the low rent, public housing.). Calls would come in about broken plumbing, heater not working, light bulbs blown, all kinds of emergencies that people call about between midnight and 3 AM.

if it was an elderly person, or someone who explained without a dozen scattered expletives in each sentence, particularly if it was a woman with children and something was really an emergency, we would give them the correct number. Those with an attitude, or a silly request such as the blown light bulbs, would be told that help should arrive in about 30 minutes.

Then again, you get those who can't understand they dialed a wrong number and fuss at you about the problem.

IT Angle

Re: It'll never happen...

I had the same problem and it kept getting worse.

i was sent private information on loans (house and car) for many different people using gmail accounts similar to mine, confirmation on reservations for the cross channel hovercraft (I live in mid georgia US), meeting notes from a large financial company, interview requests from companies for one of my 'clones",

AA meeting details, confirmation of porn site registrations, photos of relatives (replied and let them know they didn't get to the right person, a full list of all the female obama supporters on the University of Cincinnati-with phone numbers and dorm rooms, e-mails for a professor at same college, service updates on my Caddilac in NYC (I own a Ford truck), bills for another clone in California, and a link for one of my clones to see the Christmas Eve celebration going on live feed from the roof of the birthplace of Christ.

I changed over to my nickname@gmail.com and haven't had that problem. I still get all those e-mails to the original one though.

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


@Ramses Niblick the Third

So you actually believe that criminals doing this are going to obey the new regulations?

Oh Deer! Poacher sentenced to 12 months of regular Bambi screenings in the cooler


Re: 'Murica never ceases...

We had a farm in Twiggs County, Ga. Some mornings you could walk a field of peas and see where the deer would straddle a row of plants and snip the pods as if you had taken a pair of scissors and cut the.

Local Department of natural Resources set up a all year/no limit permit that allowed us to hunt the deer at night. When a deer was harvested, the Game Warden would come by, register the deer, take the animal to a processor, and the meat was donated to local needs (food bank, children's' home, veterans' hospital).

I remember the wardens saying that the hide was sold to help pay the expenses for the project.

PS: We're coming to England and Australia to make you own guns. Take That.

Pork pulled: Plug jerked out of beacon of bacon delight


Here in middle Ga, USA, we have a minor league baseball team named Macon Bacon. The mascot wears a overly tall bacon outfit, and his name is, Kevin, of course.


Canuck couple returns home after night on tiles to gaggle of randomers hanging out in their flat


Re: It always pays to carry a Micro-Uzi in a shoulder holster

Is this while they are being held with an ax wielding homicidal maniac?


Re: It always pays to carry a Micro-Uzi in a shoulder holster

It isn't talked about very much, but read the US Constitution, Section 8, paragraph 15 and 16.

The militia, much of the populace, is to be armed the same as the military. So, legally, it should be equal.

There have also been instances where the local populace refused to allow the army into towns and villages here in the US.

One of the best can be checked out here: https://www.history.com/news/confederate-womwn-militia-civil-war

A group of 40 stopped almost 3,000 Union troops from looting the town of LaGrange, Ga.

Did I mention they were all women?


Re: It always pays to carry a Micro-Uzi in a shoulder holster

You must be a Democrat, and can you show where that "statistic' comes from?

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab


RE:- Montyzuma

About 20 years back a customer brought back a computer someone had "fixed" for him. his complaint was that the computer wouln't turn on.

Told him it wold take a couple of minutes, laid my hands on the top of the case and said "HEAL" in my best faith healer voice.

Plugged in the computer, turned it on, and there was his start screen.

When he offered to pay me for the quick fix I told him next time to make sure the switch on the power supply was on 110, not 220 (being in the US, ya know).

Since then I've had customers swear that all I have to do is touch their computers and they work.

Wombats literally sh!t bricks – and now boffins reckon they know how


Re: Kinda macabre, but alright

If the car, or even a land train, were traveling northwest, it would really have be going fast, having to go over Africa, the Atlantic, and have to miss all the planes around Harstfield.

Northeast? Not so hard.

Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops

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Re: Now he can get a tattoo, "Shot by the Mom!"

Burning match (fuse) firearms were first recorded being used in 1364 (according to PBS)


Re: @AC ... The cat is pretty well out of the bag already

It came from the widely used phrase here in the US "A mans' home is his castle." Old advertising phrase, but yes, there are some castles here in the US. Look up Biltmore House.


Re: @AC ... The cat is pretty well out of the bag already

Mostly in "Gun Free" Zones , Chicago, New York, most of California, Philly and other places run by Democrats

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