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Trade unions demand right to Facebook

Tom Charron

Wow, how lame.

Social networking is a waste of everybodies time. But fortunately for me I find other ways to waste time. Since I spend anywhere from 55 to 70 hours a week working and I'm a salaried employee that means that I am spending an additional 15 to 30 hours of my personal time working. So if I waste 10% of my time doing non-work surfing the company is still ahead of the game.

Also I am a work from home employee so it's my bandwidth that is being used not the company's. The company's bandwidth is only being used when I connect to the company intranet.

So what do all of you work nazies have to say about that? I firmly believe that if you have enough time to keep track of what your fellow employees are doing then you don't have enough to do. Personally I'm too busy to worry about or keep an eye on my fellow employee.



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