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EU will have agreed a tech tax by March, says French finance minister


Re: That could plug the EU's brexit budget gap.

To plug the Brexit budget gap it would be easier to cancel all the contracts to build HS2 already signed with the private firms. The EU is providing 50% of the funds. BTW all the British media has been quite dishonest about the divorce bill. Nobody really explained what the money was for, the purpose was to hide that the gap between what the UK pays to the EU budget and what comes back is quite small.

Holy crappuccino. There's a latte trouble brewing... Bio-boffins reckon 60%+ of coffee species may be doomed


Re: Global warming as a useful label

Climate change is the poster child of all environmental issues right now, and even it is being given scant attention because of the economics concerned.

I don't think so anyway I am saying that the situation is not correctly reported.

The other issues you've raised are even less likely to gain any attention, ...

It's the media that decides the attention. Don't believe the claim that they report what the public is interested about, they decide what the public is interested about.

Personally I don't think the earth is overpopulated - at least not quite yet.

Consider Britain, the net balance between food imports and exports is negative, British countryside does not produce enough to feed the population, British forest do not produce enough oxygen to offset British CO2 production. The UK is already living on borrowed resources. Now check the population density and check the charts of the population density in most of the third world countries.

This wasn't meant to be an anti-capitalist rant (and I apologise if it's coming across as such), but the reaction to climate change is sadly very typical of how we treat problems that need global cooperation. On this basis the future doesn't seem very assured.

Why should I be bothered by an anti-capitalist rant? To be honest I don't like the kind of reasoning: "if you don't think it this way then you must be thinking in this other way" The world is not just black and white, and if someone says that mainstream media communication about climate change is misleading you can't assume that this person is a pro capitalist climate skeptic,


Re: More to coffee than Arabica and Robusta!

My main bean is grown in india - Monsoon Malibar. I but it in green and roast it myself.

Most of the coffee is bought anywhere during the day, not homemade, rarely people really know what kind of coffee they are drinking.

I doubt coffee makers, given the price it fetches, will not let many breeds go extinct.

It happened for bananas that are now almost a Cavendish based monoculture. Makers are very well aware of the issue, but short term earnings and the scale economies brought by concentrating on few breeds prevail.


Re: Global warming as a useful label

Doesn't mean warming isn't happening,

I agree.

we need to address all of those issues not hide behind one to ignore the other

No, they're not being addressed and media information is so misleading that we are largely ignoring them.


Global warming as a useful label


Excessive exploitation of fertile land driven by corporations grabbing huge swathes of land worldwide and cutting down forests to plant monocultures vulnerable to any kind of pest or disease, but more efficient moneywise.

Misuse of water causing excessive evaporation and unpredictable weather patterns.

Careless movement of fruits, beans, saplings wooden frames without checking for any infestation thus spreading globally fungi, pests and diseases.

Global warming has become a useful label behind which to hide a lot of problems that nobody wants to address.

BTW Ethiopia mentioned in this article has become in the last ten years one of the primary targets for foreign land grab.

Vodafone signs $550m deal with IBM to offload cloud biz


Double luck

The IBM rate of acquisitions and dumping is getting so fast that sooner or later we'll begin to see people going through the same experience twice or trice.


Re: Blame it on David....

The story of the psychopaths is a way to concentrate the attention of few people and cover up the larger group. The management structure of a big company is complex and the plundering at the high levels is so widespread and systematic that it must involve a big group. Anyway it's not just Cable & Wireless, you can add to the picture Mannesmann since the operations of the cloud services are shared between the UK and Germany (Düsseldorf). You can add to the picture Omnitel the Italian operator that was acquired by Mannesmann before being acquired by Vodafone, it provided part of the workforce.

The Large Hadron Collider is small beer. Give us billions more for bigger kit, say boffins


Re: Dark matter/energy question

"My profile here is not anonymous"

Yup. I didn't check before writing, but it doesn't make a big difference, in a conversation like this only the content of the comment should matter.


Re: Dark matter/energy question

You are personalizing the comment too much. People should learn to think about what they read instead of thinking about who might have written it, after all we are anonymous profiles here. This time rather than downvote I preferred to answer, but I see the downvote just as a way to say "it won't work" nothing else.


Re: Size vs position?

Additional detail:


As you can see position, or better said being part of a complex, matters


Re: Size vs position?

I guess that the plan is to use the existing accelerators to inject particles in the bigger one, LHC already works in this way.


Re: Dark matter/energy question

When virtual particles pop into existence they borrow energy from the surrounding space, the energy within the larger volume is constant. The energy of empty space has already been calculated, unless the error margin is much higher than expected the gap remains.

Iran satellite fails: ICBM test drive or microsat test? Opinion is divided...


Re: Red Herring

The continuosly repeated suggestion that someone might want to start a war against a power thousands time more powerful with the certainty of being annihilated is the proof that US propaganda has exhausted their arguments falling into ridiculous absurdity.


Red Herring

The discussion about dual non dual use is pointless. Iran or North Korea don't have the resources to build thousands of missiles together with the warheads and a country with a stockpile close to 10000 nuclear weapons cannot be scared by such flyweights unless they need scarecrows to subjugate their population.

Googlers to flood social media with tales of harassment in bid to end forced arbitration


Taking credit

Eventually workers started fighting against a widespread abuse and what happens? The big corp pops out to take credit.

Biz game in the mainframe: T-Systems buddies up with IBM


Re: IBM in search of a strategy?

T-Systems is not a manufacturer, it's an IT services company, it was once part of Deutsche Telecom IT division.

So it can be seen as IBM kicked out by their clients trying to sneak in again.

CES flicks the off switch on massager award… and causes a buzz


Publicity stunt

Withdrawing the prize was the best publicity stunt they could have ever hoped for. By 'they' I mean both the inventor of the toy and the CES that this year in not making a lot of headlines, the killer app was missing so they had to kill something.

IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise...


Those who accept long commutes are preferred. Since they are busy commuting they have less time outside work to organize their lives, inform themselves better on how thing work and so on, Eventually they are easier to exploit.


Re: Nice one, cheers

Anyone now over 50 still working in IT should have made their $Ms day-trading during the .com bubble. Simples.

For that you need good friend at the high levels. It's all based on insider trading.


Re: Just to play devil's advocate here

If we assume that the baseline workforce, if there is such a thing, is evenly distributed between the ages of 23 and 65, and layoffs are likewise evenly distributed, then you would expect 60% of layoffs to be of people over 40

You are starting from an assumption that should be verified. IBM has regularly had this cycles of layoffs for decades, there are a lot of old workers, but I'm not so sure that the average workforce is so old.

And the much-ballyhooed private documents refer explicitly to hiring decisions. Not firing decisions.

What about the relocations designed to be more acceptable by younger workers?


Re: Older long term workers cost more than newbies

So what is new? Older long term workers cost more than newbies.

Yes younger employees cost less, but they have to be trained and training has a cost. Once it is clear that the company may get rid of the workers on a whim all of them are more likely to jump the ship and usually those who go away are the best ones leaving the ranks filled by those not skilled enough to attract new employers. It may pay on the short term, but it is a company culture that hurts on the long term, however it ensures that there are a lot of people easier to exploit, it's easier to push younger workers to work overtime and to do what the managers ask without asking too many questions, moreover they are less likely to organize or to join union ranks, it's not just a matter of money, but a matter of power. This is how corporations end up having enormous pay gaps between the high level management and the rest, it may also end up with the numbers showing big profits, but when you look at the dividend paid off year after year often you notice something strange, not only the workers are paying this strategy, but also the shareholders, those who should be considered the owners, are getting just s small share of the money flowing around. Big corporations have become self serving entities that benefit just a small network of managers (who often have second roles as board members of other corporations).

This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far


Is it a matter for the anti-trust?

Isn't dumping considered a monopolistic behaviour?


Re: Industrial espionage?

Industrial espionage can be even more than inspecting the code. If someone logins at the same time on LinkedIn and Azure or Github Microsoft has now the ability to identify the user by cross checking the IPs. Microsof can now make a list of those who work for a particular company and rank their importance within the company judging by the number of deployments and commits.

Imagine selling the information to a competitor who might start to poach the company employees targeting the right ones.

Senator Wyden goes ballistic after US telcos caught selling people's location data yet again


Re: The only privacy you can trust, is that you make yourself.

The first question is whether you really need to keep the phone with you all the time.

Sure there are a lot of services designed to hook people to their phones, but are they really necessary?


Re: Just

America. Home of the vested interest and, since Trump especially, a banana republic

Why since Trump? Do you think they went to war against ex-Jugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen on behalf of the people? If you think that Trump signals any difference with the past it means you are paying too much attention to the appearance.


Re: FCC and FTC are totally unreliable to regulate industry

So, are you saying that "Major Euro ISPs" are in fact doing such in-depth spying on their customers, and then defending them against the evil Comcast?

Sounds like a straw man argument. Doesn't it?



Those who think that the situation in better in Europe because of GDPR are naive, this is a field where GDPR is hardly enforced. The same is true for transport payment cards, those that are not anonymous are easily tracked, but after some time even the anonymous ones can be associated with a person giving a rough overview of their whereabouts.

BTW what is the legal status in the US of prepaid anonymous SIM cards? Mandatory registration is also something that makes things worse.

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate


Re: Incredible

Incredible how many people keep abusing the concept of freedom. Yes in this case it may sound really bureaucratic, but shouting about freedom is an overreaction. BTW what was the goal of that law? It might have been not so nice like protecting local corporativism or it might have been just wishful thinking, trying to curb scams.


Re: Great for this Engineer

But what really gets my goat is people calling themselves "Software Engineer" when they have no academic qualifications in Software Engineering, nor membership of a professional body.

You are blaming the wrong people. Managers and HR departments started mislabeling job descriptions a long time ago in order to dress up job roles that sucked and they cold find no candidates for. The tone has been amplified with time and as someone said, when something is repeated long enough eventually people buy it. In the meantime IT ranks grew with the new generations an with the increased competition more people began to apply for those job roles, obviously they had to present themselves in a way that matched the request.

Germany hacked: Angela Merkel's colleagues among mass data dump victims


Usual scapegoating article

As usual, big media keep fingerpointing Russia to cover up their responsibility. Never forget that what brings fame or what brings votes is not the tone of the coverage, but the attention, when a party is covered by such obsessive attention it can only gain votes as it happened with Trump in the US. Afd is similar to Wilders' VVD in the Netherlands, the Northern League and M5S in Italy, Golden Dawn in Greece and so on. Fake parties created to divide and rule the opposition with the support of mainstream media. In Germany and the Netherlands they helped the center parties to keep their majorities even though they lost votes. In Italy and Greece it worked even better, but not for their merit, but for the collapse of the real opposition slowly corroded from the inside (see the Labour).

So can this be a Russian operation? Maybe, Russians may have done the dirty work on behalf of who can pay. Germany is becoming like the UK or other European countries where most of the media is controlled by few rich families and a bunch of American corporations. But seeing this event as a sole Russian initiative is ridiculous, they don't have the power and the resources to counter the the US backed establishment.

Slap for Slack chat app after US, Canada chaps zapped in Iranian IP address map whack


Re: get a grip

You are missing the point. This is a private company, not public officials. They collected data and tracked their users beyond the scope of their business. Who gave them such authority? If we accept that private corporation can assume unilaterally the right to protect our "security" we let them accumulate such a power that sooner or later they'll abuse it.


Re: Is it a GDPR violation?

If it was "a few years ago", that would have been before GDPR came into force.

No. They stored some data years ago, but they are still logging and saving those data. They allowed now a person to access the data and take decision upon sensible data. This case really shows tht GDPR has a purpose, here we have normal persons allowed to take decisions that should be left to public official. There's a lot of room for mistakes or abuse.


Re: See what you made us do?

This is the equivalent of dropping plates on the floor "accidentally" so as to get out of washing the dishes.

Is there a law that makes user tracking mandatory? Were they obliged to log, store and analyse every single IP address their users used in the past? I don't think so.


Is it a GDPR violation?

A Belgian who said he traveled to Iran a few years ago also reported an account closure.

Wait a minute. For something like this to happen it means that the must have logged and saved in a databased all the IP addresses they used in the past and then they must have used those data to analyse the moving patterns of their subscribers. This means that even commercial services use to snoop into people lives much more than what they what are supposed to do, and they aren't even afraid that their users find it out, they basically openly admitted it.

Is it consistent with GDPR? I don't think so, the IP address is considered a sensitive datum. The Belgian citizen might have something to say about it, he might have room to sue them.

GDPR: Four letters that put fear into firms' hearts in 2018


Rules already flouted

The article seem a little bit optimistic given what I saw, since the beginning the private companies flouted the rules without worrying of any backlash. Yes when the law came into force I received a lot of notifications, but 99% were illegal, they offered two options: grant them the right to use my data or unsubscribe, but what it means unsubscribe? Unsubscribe means that you don't want further notice, but you let them keep the data. So basically both of the options had the same result, they didn't let the people ask for the data deletion as the law required.

Furthermore, more than 30% of the notification I received came from companies I never heard of (notwithstanding I never had a Facebook account and I have a very limited amount of public data), they acquired my data from third parties and held them without letting me know. Not only this is already upsetting, but the availability of the unsubscribe option was really appalling, for sure there was nothing to unsubscribe from given that they never sent me an email and the denial of the possibility to delete the data was really a shame.

Going down this road I can bet that the GDPR will never be enforced, they will chase and fine small spammers to have some publicity, they'll go on with few show cases to let people think they are doing something, but the real issue, the power that big corporation are accumulation over private citizens will never be addressed.

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


Re: Same old story

thats weird. i usually fill an empty water bottle ... if you have an empty bottle.

As usual. There cannot be a private interest behind this decision because a tiny minority know how to avoid the problems caused by the decision. What actually happens taking into account the big numbers doesn't matter because corruption and private interests do not exist.


Re: Same old story

No. They suddenly decided that I could not bring liquids into the gates area. Which isn't only a good excuse to snoop into my hand luggage, it is also a way to increase the sales of water at inflated prices in the airports malls.


Same old story

I was used in the air traffic disruptions in August creating as much chaos as possible in the peak season in order to justify authoritarian measures. It worked well, now airport gates can be compared to nazi checkpoints.

Now I've been a little bit caught by surprise because they targeted the beginning of th Christmas holiday season, but apart from that it seems the usual pattern.

EU politely asks if China could stop snaffling IP as precondition for doing business


Re: Have the cake and eat it

The problem is more one of access to the Chinese market. ...

I beg to disagree. It's been American outsourcing that turned China into a big market. I heard corporations wailing that the Chinese were copying their products for decades, back then there wasn't a Chinese middle class making China an interesting market.


Have the cake and eat it

I don't think the problem is just China forcing them to hand over their IP. If they want to squeeze western workers by outsourcing all their production to countries with lower wage they can't do anything else than handing over designs projects and industrial processes with all the related industrial secrets. So they teach them how to manufacture their products, but then they complain because they copy their products.

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace


Is it a joke?

Is this article serious? There are already a lot of anti-drone technologies out there. Bigger drones equipped with a net, short range jammers and so on. A lot of airports are already equipped, it seems that Gatwick wasn't.

France next up behind Britain, Netherlands to pummel Uber with €400k fine over 2016 breach


Re: Thing are going well for Uber

In Germany you cannot transport paying passengers (transporting for profit, the passengers can pay for their share of the fuel used, but nothing more) without a professional driving license, which has more rigorous conditions than a normal driving license - this is not a taxi license, you need the professional license in order to get a taxi license.

Of course. That's the European Driving Licence D and all the European countries have similar rules. In some countries there is also the taxi licence. Getting the D class driving licence requires special exams and health checks, but there's no limit to the number of licences issued. The taxi licence was meant to control the market fixing the maximum number of taxis on the roads, as usual it turned into the classic corporatist system ensuring high prices and mafia like attitude, that's the environment that favours companies like Uber when there are public officials willing to turn a blind eye in some occasions. The shame in Italy is that they worsened the situation creating a licence systems also for car rental companies who offer a car with a driver (with D class licence), basically they are legally restricting the number of professional drivers on the roads and turning a blind eye on the increasing number of low paid unskilled drivers. It's so absurd that you can't explain it unless you take into account the money flowing under the table.


Thing are going well for Uber

In France they get a fine that given the amount of capital they recently raised is comparable to a slap on the wrist.

In the meanwhile in Italy the new friendly government has frozen the licences for car rental companies thus blocking a possible competitor, obviously the media blame the taxi drivers, but also their licences are frozen, only Uber will benefit from the increasing numbers of tourists who are pushing up the market.

Silent night, social fight: Is Instagram the new Facebook for pro-Trump Russian propagandists?


Re: The wrong culprit

And you assume the news about Russian interference in the Brexit vote is "fake" why, exactly?

I note that the only "world leaders" who seem actively enthusiastic about Brexit are - Trump and Putin.

As usual. You write a lot of posts about the weight and the prevalence of different communication channels and then pop out the trolls who pretend they did not understand and restart everything from scratch. Fake obtuseness that betrays the exhaustion of the argument. Anyway, it doesn't matter whether Putin has an interest in dividing Europe or not, he does not have the power to alter the vote, if you want to know who has the power look who are the owners of big media.

Everyone else is still hoping it can be stopped,

BS. A lot of European citizens who were never allowed to speak on the matter are fed up with British egoistic bickering and would be very happy so the the door closing once and for all.


Re: The wrong culprit

Even though I think Trump is a disaster, I believe it would be a terrible idea to get rid of the electoral college.

Nobody talked about it. Now it's matter of understanding what is happening, getting the facts. The bias of the current system is evident and as I wrote before it can be used to show that mainstream media matters a lot more than the internet to determine the election results. Britons should take notice because the Brexit vote had similar voting patterns, and I already saw fake news about Russia interference in the Brexit vote popping out.


Re: The wrong culprit

Err.. I think you'll find he didn't.

So what? The system in the US is skewed towards rural areas and states with lower population density and everybody knew it. He won a skewed system, but he won anyway, all the talks about popular vote (which legally does not matter) now are useful just to heighten the tension and polarize the opinions, the usual divide and rule.

Actually the skew is a further signal of the importance of mainstream media, because of average age, education, bandwidth and other factors the penetration of old communication channels in rural areas is much higher than the internet. So Trump got more votes where mainstream media dominates and Clinton got more votes where internet usage is higher, but all the noise keep blaming the internet, do you really buy it?


The wrong culprit

There may have been some propaganda on the internet, but Trump won the elections because he has been on TV for years, Trump won the elections because mainstream media dedicated most of their time to an obsessive Trump coverage (talk good or bad, but talk about him used to say the advertising industry already decades ago). Internet fake news have never been as effective as mainstream media fake news, internet propaganda has never been as effective as mainstream media propaganda.

Bonne année, Google, Facebook! France to tax tech giants from 1 Jan


I don't think that those now wearing un gilet jaune would be happy about it. Probably they would switch to Qwant en masse, even though Qwant pretends to be French but returns the results of Bing API.


Sounds fishy

A lot of states complain that a small number of states is stalling the whole process and each of them decides to go alone with uncoordinated measures. Why don't they form a smaller group of states willing to take an action and agree something that could be adopted by all of them? It would be easier to enforce rules shared by different countries and if big weights like France, the UK and Germany had already something in place it would be easier to push the same measures in the EU wide talks.

The current approach seems designed to fail, a way of letting the citizen believe they are doing something.


how do they fudge the rules ...

There doesn't seem to be any fudge.

Since it is a new type of tax on local earnings there is no double taxation.


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