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Three UK does it again: Random folk on network website are still seeing others' account data

Cavey Wavey

What the shitting Crikey!!

Now completley unrealated to the article, and rant incoming...

Reading this article I thought i'd log in and check my three account..you know just out of Curiosity.

I noticed I had a £3 charge that was outside of my normal fees...Looking in to it I'd been charged for receving a text message!!! I had a look at the text message in question and it reads "To get our short simple tasty cooking recipes and enjoy hassle free cooking visit http://my.recipefind.co.uk". I had just ignored it as spam, but had been charged £3 to just receive it...the number it came from was 65144.

Just phoned up 3 who have refunded the cost and blocked future paid messages..... Thank you el-reg without you I probably wouldn't have noticed it. I would never have imagined you could be charged for receiving spam.... Sorry folks rant over

Game over: Atari VCS architect quits project, claims he hasn’t been paid for six months

Cavey Wavey

On the same day you post your article

TomsHardware posted this today:


Now i'm particularly lazy so I skim read some bits, but this is the same Atari isn't it? I mean there can't be another one can there??? I think i've been dragged into an alternate reality...only by following the teachings of the reg can I make my way back to sanity..

Baby alert! Japan Air lets passengers book seats far away from screaming abdabs

Cavey Wavey

Could we have an oversized Marker

I know i'll get downvoted for this, but as someone who on more than once occasion has had to spend an uncomfortably long flight enveloped by the passenger next to me, could we please get an icon to show my portly neighbour may be straying into my seat. Flights are uncomfortable enough in cattle class without being forced to share body heat and ending up with a spine like a boomerang for just trying to get some space.

More than a third of Euro IT pros worry about keeping server lights on

Cavey Wavey

IT Pros???

Funny, the title says "Euro IT Pros" but reading the article it sounds like they actually asked IT managers...

I find the two very different things, to me IT Pros would mean someone with technical knowledge not an in house Politician.

Oh and to finish my rant...Ive heard the "Outsource so you guys can get on with new interesting stuff" a lot, but In my experience the stuff that is outsourced is usually the new interesting stuff, so that the in house staff are left to deal with the boring bau problems... sorry its still early in the morning...are the pubs open yet??


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