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Electron devs bond at Covalence conference: We speak to those mastering the cross-platform tech behind Slack, Visual Code Studio, etc


Visual Code Studio?

I'm always the last to hear of these new tools that all the cool kids and scrum whatsits are using. I'm still using boring old Visual Studio Code!

Microsoft boffin inadvertently highlights .NET image woes by running C# on Windows 3.11


Re: VisualBasic developers are daft enough to fail to realize this

This is what Trump doesn't understand about economics - if there are two parties involved in an arrangement they can both benefit. It's not a black and white win/lose scenario. You as the developer can win, as can Microsoft; they are not mutually exclusive.

Microsoft joins Google and Mozilla in adopting DNS over HTTPS data security protocol


Re: Real Issue

This is just lazy, boring and uninformed Microsoft bashing.

There is no reason a DC would need IIS to run DNS over HTTPS. You don’t need IIS to unwrap data in a HTTP/S request. AD servers commonly expose several RESTfull / SOAP APIs, AD web services is an example.

And the remark about IIS being a buggy insecure turd? Have you seen the number of vulns in Tomcat for example? IIS is commonly run on DCs and required for some roles on Enterprise CAs. It’s also required for AD Federation Services that manage SSO and other auth mechanisms. Both those roles often are placed on domain controllers. How often do you hear a large corporation was hacked because the IIS site running web enrollment was breached or someone hijacked their domain because insecure IIS was running on the ADFS server? You don’t.

I’m no MS fan, but it grinds my gears when people talk rubbish, slagging a big company off cause it’s cool, when they obviously don’t know much about the subject in question.

If you're going to exploit work's infrastructure to torrent, you better damn well know how to hide it


You are obviously unfamiliar with the South African telecommunications industry. Due to anti-competitive practices, connectivity is ridiculously expensive in SA, and 50Mb is a huge pipe. At my last job - a large multinational with very good buying power - we were paying Verizon several thousand euros a month for a 1 Mb MPLS between UK and SA. The moment you need connectivity between the outside world and SA, the price sky rockets.

We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit


Re: When to move abroad

Why is it that Brexiters seem to have trouble with spelling and / or grammar? It's a remarkably consistent observation in my experience, and I find it difficult to conclude it's merely coincidental. I've become tired of being nice and conciliatory when dealing with Brexiters. Increasingly, I'm inclined to say balls to it, I should speak as I feel, because I am angry, I'm really bloody angry.

The politicians that have got us here are egregious examples of what can happen when so-called public servants favour ideology over evidence and are motivated by self - rather than public - interest. They are a reckless, unprincipled, sack of self-serving c**ts.

Then there's the voters. The pro-Brexit cohort is the most gullible and insular, least well informed and meanest 26.9% of the UK population; their vote categorically does not represent the definitive will of the people, no matter how often our Goebelesque politicians bleat it. As things stand they are responsible for robbing me and my kids of EU citizenship along with all the opportunities and security that affords. It has now been demonstrated to anyone with a working brain that Brexit will have hugely negative effects on our economy (and already has in some areas / companies), our national security, scientific research, technological cooperation (e.g. GPS), nuclear medicine and energy. All this at a time of great geopolitical uncertainty and rising threats from Russia and China. How anyone can think we are better off on our own grey little island (protected by what remains of our Navy - 3 tug boats and a pedalo), instead of being part of a 500 million person world superpower is utterly beyond me.

With the exception of the super-rich hedge fund manager types; friends of BJ, Farage et al who will make a ton of money, Brexit supporters fit into three categories. They are either stupid, genuinely want the country to go down the plug hole, or just want to win what they see as a competition (and to hell with the consequences). There are many of course, who exhibit a combination of those factors. James is the perfect example of an idiot with the infantile win, win, win attitude: 'You lost the public voted just accept it'. Yes, he struggles with grammar and spelling and also demonstrates the petty arguments and superficial reasoning which are typical of those that still favour Brexit. But when we have a PM talking about 'surrender' and using other combative, war-like phrases we can't really expect much better from mindless sheeple like James.

I actually don't think we will leave now to be honest. But even if we do, the Brexit fetishists are too thick to realise that we will be back in the EU within a few years. Once sanity has returned into domestic politics and the like of Corbyn, Johnson and Farage have mercifully fucked off, we will re-apply. We would of course be welcomed back in, but without our rebate, our special status and of course, our pound. Yup, we will be spending Euros, driving in KM and buying in KG, and it will be the fault of the retrograde idiots, the Brexit believers who fought progress to get back to an England that never existed.

So, that was a long way round of saying I'm sick of being polite. Our country has been sent down the pan by populist politicians, gullible idiots, xenophobes, racists and morons. And the sorry, poisonous lot of them can just fuck off. God only knows what future generations will think of them.

Look, we know it feels like everything's going off the rails right now, but think positive: The proton has a new radius


Re: The lamb shift

I once provided a similar response to a question when on a C programming course many moons ago. In front of the class the instructor asked when I would use void main(), 'after 10 pints a dodgy curry' was my reply. I thought it was hilarious but only me and the instructor laughed!

On the third day of Windows Microsoft gave to me: A file-munching run of DELTREE


Re: Not a good look here.

Jeez.... there is so much ignorance and misunderstanding on display here. It's almost embarrassing to read. I know it feels great to support each other's anti-MS confirmation bias, but so much of this chat is juvenile and demonstrates that many of you don't have a clue. Repetition of the same old mis-truths doesn't make em any truer.

@Ian Emery - 'Back in the days of Win95/98... it deleted the entire contents of every OS created "My" folder' - you do realise Windows is not the same OS as it was in 1998? Heard of NT by any chance? That's like saying my Mk1 Golf had awful electrical problems - there's no way I'd EVER trust a Mk7.

@J. R. Hartley - what are you doing to your machines that makes Windows shit the bed every six months? The only time I have ever had to blat Windows since the NT kernel arrived was my own fault. I downloaded Chrome through a dodgy ad while not paying attention (and half drunk) and unwittingly installed a root kit. Even then I could have fixed it, but it was a new build so was less hassle just to flatten it.

... and then: "So, like others, I have NEVER trusted my data to those folders since", well I have been in IT a long time and have never seen or heard of Windows deleting my docs contents. My current company manages at least 25,000 Windows desktops - I would hear about it if it happened and it doesn't.

@Havin_it - The C drive root is most definitely not world-writeable by default - you need to have admin rights, and overide UAC - WTF indeed! And any difficulty applying inheritance / propagation of NTFS permissions is doubtless due to the user - this is an elementary and very simple task.... "As for AppData, I've never grokked the philosophical distinction between Local/LocalLow/Roaming". I suggest you read more, the info is there - MSDN is your friend. Also - there is a checkbox or cmd switch on all good backup software if you are struggling to back up sym links.

@Terry 6 -"I've never stored anything voluntarily in a folder that is addressed indirectly while buried away inside the OS' folders. One that combines "documents" ( my stuff) with "Settings" (the software's data)". What on earth is wrong with addressing indirectly? I expect you distrust sym links in Linux too? Hey and if you don't like indirection I have bad news for you - it's at the heart of computer science without it, without it you could do diddly squat (see Ken Thompson/Dennis Ritchie et al). Also the folder isn't buried away in OS folders ffs!

And for everyone that talks about my docs being a shared area for stuff and settings - IT ISN'T!!! App developers put data where they like - that is not down to Windows OS guys, not in the slightest. Again MSDN is your friend.

Look, I agree with a lot of stuff on here - My docs are a pain in the arse, Windows 10 phone home stuff isn't good at all, lots of other shite MS do is crap. But talking rubbish does not help your case. It's like listening to the Brexit lot bang on about uncontrolled immigration when EU law actually allows us to control it very tightly, we just choose not to.


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