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Nokia N95 8GB smartphone

Simon Turner

Battery life

I've never understood the complaints about N95 battery life. After conditioning the battery and a few charge-cycles later, and I get 3+ days on standby if I don't use the phone too much. Not great, but not awful either - certainly way better than the <1 day some people report. Can only assume that they are leaving WiFi scanning on permanently or something..

Oh and the assisted GPS is fantastic - around 20 secs to get a fix.


Best GPS-enabled Nokia phone?

Simon Turner

Assisted GPS

I don't know about the 6110 but the latest firmware for the N95 ( adds assisted GPS via Nokia's own SUPL servers, and this has sped up my time to lock from many minutes to 20 seconds. It even works indoors near windows. Unlike some, I have no problems with battery life - I'm getting 3 days or so with light usage. My understanding is that A-GPS reduces the (considerable) drain that GPS would otherwise make on the battery, though it is too early for me to verify this.


Managing Software Complexity with Virtual Chapters

Simon Turner


Am I the only one who has no idea what the hell Bill is talking about?

"The Virtual Chapter is usually one “chapter” per programmer in the virtual project book "

sorry the what?

"where he/she keeps notes on each External Entry Point (EEP) used by other programmers"

um, ok, think I get this one, though identifying such may be non-obvious

"It is simply a text file that can be directly copied from the current code"

What, so it's already in the code? You mean it's first written as (special) comments in the code? So each update to the virtual project book (whatever that is) involves finding and copying each comment relevant to that (as opposed to all the other comments in the code base)? Sounds like a horrible error-prone faff to me.

"identified by virtual chapter number"

Which would be determined by what?.

Can someone please explain this to me in words a poor developer can understand?



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