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'God, Send Mobiles,' the industry prayed back in the '90s. This time, 5G actually has it covered


Re: When the Essence of Being is Virtually Vulnerable,

I almost caught you making sense there.

Dear humans, We thought it was time we looked through YOUR source code. We found a mystery ancestor. Signed, the computers


Re: Maybe it was...

Immunised for Infection with Diabolical Works to Perform and Transform

I know everything you say is random... but that is strangely beautiful.

Hands off that Facebook block button, public officials told by judges in First Amendment row


Re: Also facebook

Allowing Facebook to monitor and control information then could be seen to set the precedent that while Public Officials may not control free speech, corporate entities working in the interest of those political entities can. Giving them a legal work around necessary to control free speech even if by proxy.

UK white hats blacklisted by Cisco Talos after smart security code stumbles


Re: Every fule nose

Or Cowboys in old Wild West Films.

Musk's popstar girlfriend Grimes croons about next-gen AI, plus more machine-learning news


amanfromMars 1

Every time I feel like I am beginning to understand what you are saying then I have to remind myself its only designed that way.

I don't think its a basilisk move, it appears that way but its just meant to grab the edgy crowd with a slightly nihilistic viewpoint.

Your specialist subject? The bleedin' obvious... Feds warn of RDP woe


Re: Useful advice that won't help

Wish there was a way to rip away certifications if you made an obviously over the top security snafu like leaving RDP open to the outside. But then it would probably increase the price or availability of receiving at least higher end certifications.. which is not always a bad thing.

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