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Accused hacker Lauri Love loses legal bid to reclaim seized IT gear


Re: Is this how far we have sunk?

Habeas Corpus seems to be a distant memory in the UK. Many magistrates for example let their right wing political bias show constantly.

Locally a suicidal man was jailed after trying to throw himself off a bridge, not only did the judge ignore the mental health crisis but subjected a very vulnerable person to an offensive tirade about "silly and stupid behaviour" "wasting police time" and "endangering the lives of others who had to come and get you"

The fiscal service ignores and wilfully so police officers threatening members of the public, ignore any complaints and refuse to answer why they claim "not enough evidence" despite multiple witnesses to what amounted to threatening behaviour and breach of the peace by a uniformed and serving police officer.

But hey its ok to berate and ridicule a vulnerable person.

Guess who's working on a health data-slurping digital tool? Bzzt! Nope, it's the UK Department for Work and Pensions


Re: DWP declined to answer questions from El Reg

When has the DWP or this govt for that matter given a hoot what the law or even the courts say?


Re: Crapita?

So much for politically impartial, might as well call it "UKIP devotees"

Not to mention the tabloid writing they now employ on their articles (look at the difference in quality between 1998 and 2018, its all be dumbed down and promotes reactionary and often bordering on extremism.

Cracker showing the BBCs schism is the contrast in articles from one shilling for Shamima Begum to be brought back to the UK vs the myriad of Pro-UKIP articles often light on research and often putting forward items of dubious accuracy coupled with a failure to challenge interviewees.

Better yet are their pro "extreme feminism" articles where they seem to scrape talking points from private facebook groups, i.e. endorsing those who vandalised an M&S window (erecting posters on someone else's window without permission could be easily seen as vandalism) for the crime of displaying lingerie in a window adjacent to mens formal wear, while ignoring the womens formal wear on the other window display.

BBC can't seem to decide if its Pro Brexit, Farage,Trump and austerity or if its pro fundamentalist islam, radical feminism

I often think the former is winning, especially with articles like "what gadget are due a comeback" and their contributions consist of "corby trouser presses", "heated clothes drying boxes", teasmaids, water power potato peelers i.e. nothing under 60 would want or buy

Crypto crash leads to inventory pile-up at Nvidia, sales slaughtered


Re: Bitcon falling but not fooling

The way I see it the big risks at the moment are


Isolationism - USA and No Deal Brexit

Brexit generally - Its the biggest piece of idiocy since the Tories dreamed up "Austerity" and flatlined the economy, all part of their scheme to send us back to the 1950s (i.e. no worker protection, no HSE, USA style fire at will, no safety net, no opportunities elsewhere for many) but with a large surveillance state to keep us in line.

Stagnant wages (no matter what the media say, I know plenty whose hourly wages are the same as they were making 18 years ago and its a double hit due to inflation. These aren't unskilled workers either, these are skilled manufacturing workers - something that should be the backbone and powerhouse of the economy, who were laid off multiple times through mismanaged companies, every re-hire wages dropped, only now are some of them back to where they were at the turn of the century

Weak consumer demand due to stagnant wages and cost of living rapidly increasing. Consumers no buy rest falls apart, this despite a ream of newspapers printing "Biggest boxing day turnout in a decade", "thousands queue for a bargain" "Relief for retailers" when the reality was virtually no one showed up and those who did, weren't buying much. Orwell would recognise much of this.

Return of the audio format wars and other money-making scams


Re: Iomega

I must have got lucky as I got 4 years of study out of 2 zip disks inc using the college and universities grotty drives and never had any issues,


Re: Meh....

For true hell, Betamax...


Kodak APS film scanner

I've been on the lookout for one for at a reasonable cost for years now.

I have a pile of film that I'd like to scan the negatives of at high DPI, but short of dismembering the canisters...or paying through the nose to have someone scan them I seem to be SOL...


Re: Holding my breath turning blue

My school had one, still in use around 1994-1997 or maybe it was one of the later philips iterations...

Still LP sized


Re: If you're looking for a challenge...

DAT being another one

Heck lets bring back 8 track.....


I still have an Iriver H320 around here....somewhere

I remember being in Dunedin and having lost my USB Host cable for it (this being back in....2004), popped into an high grade audio store and asked the sales guy if he knew about Iriver and could he get me the cable - he gesticulated towards the sales display which I'd walked past, which has the full Iriver range, he looked quite impressed that someone actually owned one, rather than an another ipod (the audio quality is a lot nicer than an ipod of the same age, albeit UI is terrible in comparison, I'll give apple something the Ipod was far more usuable vs the Iriver)

I also had Korean firmware on mine to bypass the EU mandated decibel limit (which made the lineout port too quiet for one)

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once


Re: "Likely to be useful"

I'd mandate everyone has to have a motorcycle licence for 2 years before getting in a car (disabled folk excluded), some of the best drivers I know are also bikers, many of the worst drivers are those who label bikes "death traps"


Re: "Likely to be useful"

agree apart from 50-55 in a 60, 45 is too slow in clear conditions.

I'd also ban those god awful "budget" tyres, the amount of cars you see creeping along, taking corners at a snails pace, then when they are parked up, you notice all 4 tyres are a different "budget" brand.

I had to drive a car so outfitted once.....no wonder the owner drove so slow, cling film has more grip, a rather backside clenching experience..


Re: Goodbye Youtube?

for the blue party, commonly every farmer within the catchment graciously agrees to fill their fields full of advertising materials, often several feet high and many more wide in very large type, thus bypassing the rules on roadside political advertising.

OK, Google? Probably not! EU settles on wording for copyright reform legislation


Re: "This tactic doesn't play well in the EU"

Shockingly....My constituency MSP is very good, even personally answers emails and has had some quite lengthy conversations via email, along with prodding the local authority for failing to uphold their legal responsibilities.....compare that to politicos of the Blue and Red persuasion, Blue's staff never bothered answering the email bar the "automated acknowledgement", Red's staffer answered, was all for looking into matters well until said staffer heard it was regarding a public body with large levels of trade union membership.....said staffer suddenly changed their tune and made excuses out of the blue....hmm wonder why?

Accused hacker Lauri Love to sue National Crime Agency to retrieve confiscated computing kit


Re: Why does he want five-year-old kit back?

Though that won't put PC Plod off constant "routine" stop and search, traffic stops, anonymous noise complaints etc etc etc etc.


Re: Hammer time

If they have a copy (which IIRC they generally do by default to avoid any risk of contaminating the source material and thus allowing the defence an angle to get the case dropped, then they might want to drop the case temporarily and hope they get enough access to processing power to crack it in the coming years / encryption becomes vulnerable.


I've got a Z600 workstation thats a good bit over 5 years old, 2 hexacore Xeons and 24GB RAM, stil zips along, plus it cost me ~£300 inc the better processors


Or as one runner did - Strangle a mountain lion - https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/05/us/colorado-runner-chokes-mountain-lion/index.html


You'd think wouldn't you?

Then again thats why we previously had a statue of limitations so someone couldn't be hounded years after the event when their own recollection was clouded and any defence witnesses untraceable.

However thats been steadily eroded "to give justice to child sex abuse victims", who I feel for, but it has resulted in ever more creep towards - "your guilty until we're compelled to do otherwse and even after your still guilty"

"Blackstone's Ratio" It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer

Has been an irritant to the Police et al for years and successive govts have caved into various pressures (and their own prejudices) to walk back protections for those accussed of a crime.

Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock


Re: My money's on Vodafone being the first to start charging

I don't know if any of them will jump tbh....first one to do will then face a barrage of negative advertising from the rest : example: Going on holiday? with Vodaphone it could cost you hundreds but with O2/EE/3/TescoMobile etc its all included in your bill. Now isn't that helpful?

My bet is on EE, given they are owned by BT and when does BT miss out on a chance to gouge folk? Heck they are still charging various old dears >£10 a month to rent a phone that costs <£30 to buy, some under the impression they have to rent a phone as part of the contract. My mum was dead set they would cut her off (and she's not even an old dear) if she didn't rent a phone or they would take an age to do any repairs, I spoke to my old man, he said cancel it, phoned BT, asked where to send the phone back, guy said "It was obsolete ten years ago, just bin it, we don't want it back" Kept using it for a good few more years after that.


Re: So predictable !

Be interesting to see whether Fox or Gove win the argument over food safety, for once I hope Gove does, though Fox's dept have quietly acquired the power to alter regulations on various things without parliamentary oversight to facilitate "dealmaking"

Fox is about a good a "dealmaker" as Drumpf is....i.e. not, his get out will be "I said up to 40" the weasel words being "up to" and the total number being naught or maybe negative.....

Says something about the Tory Party when their best candidate has said she isn't interested, she being Ruth Davidson and best being a relative thing, her manifesto in the last x campaigns having been "Vote Ruth Davidson" with Scottish Conservative and Unionist in small type, when challenged she also struggles to articulate any policy positions that aren't "the SNP are ruining the country", when asked what they would differently....she blusters.


Re: So predictable !

If you'd given me an option to "disband westminster" I'd have ticked that box....

We seem to get more sense (well mostly) out of the EU, than we do out of our lot.

Mobile roaming charge abolition - we opposed

Working time directive - we opposed

Minimum wage and holidays - tories opposed

Along with a tonne of other pro consumer / worker legislation that our lot opposed.


Re: So predictable !

The govt ignore everything else WE want them to do (i.e. for starters fix the blooming potholes (probably some bomb craters in the middle east that are smaller), bad enough in a car let alone on motorcycle / bicycle or even educate this country's young folk to the level of Singapore)

So why this mad rush to "honour" the "democratic will"?

Anything else would have been tied up in committees for about a millenia, before being sent out (or so they say) for consultations, committees, more consultation, by then folk have forgotten or somerhing else has taken the ministers fancy.

Disaster Capitalism...mark my words.

Trolling in the Reg's forums... we mean, er, 'working' on the train still rubbish thanks to patchy data coverage


Are we sure AMfM isn't the modern equivalent of the old Soviet "numbers" stations, gibberish to any outsider, but to someone with the right code book a font of information?

That or their posts are either too much access to onboard "refreshments" (for example try sitting next to someone on the plymouth to Dundee crosscountry whose been drinking since plymouth and your now at Durham.... OR the result of multiple passes through "google translate"


Re: Productivity funk...

Train seats in the UK are generous compared to Spain, I was using their high speed trains a few years back and the legroom was either designed for the vertically challenged or young children in mind...

Mumsnet data leak: Moaning parents could see other users' privates after cloud migration


Re: Mumsnet penetrated

Or gibber about "patriarchy" "mansplaining" and such other well thought out gems

They are all too ready to ban anyone disagreeing with the hive mind, yet have repeatedly allowed posts to stand advocating violence against all men.

(anyone who doubts...google it )

Techie finds himself telling caller there is no safe depth of water for operating computers


High voltage? Nope not at all

Computer rooms tend to be fed with with either 230V or 400V, both of which come under "low voltage" (those low voltage lights in BnPoo are actually extra low voltage) Standing in water though....more than enough to kill you, 25 volts when wet will penetrate your skin.

High voltage is actually well in excess of tens of thousand volts heading towards 250,000 volts and that can jump air gaps


Re: Header pic

I had 2 in my school end up in chokey on attempted murder charges about a week after they were asked to leave.

Prior to that one of them was in my chemistry class and revelled in causing disruption and damage.

My German class (mixed ability teaching putting the more studious kids in with hellians - funnily enough the kids from the "better" postcodes were exempted from this social experiment) went through 5 teachers in 2 years, one had a nervous breakdown due to some of the kids in the class, I lost interest in learning languages....shame as I was actually quite good until I got sick of the disruption and hassle for actually doing the work......

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?


I have the "Bump the elephant" theme for the wife (with her blessing I'm not suicidal) as she's seriously accident prone, plus the whistling from Birdie right at the start makes it easy to hear.

Straight outta Blighty: Readers, if you were a tech billionaire, what would you do?


Re: Harrumph

You mean the "Emulsified High Fat Offal Tube"

Maurice in Brussels

(as I recall Jim Hacker went a bit green when he read the ingrediants list and then recalled to Bernard that he had had 2 for breakfast that morning)

Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit


Re: C

"The lorry diesel pumps deliver fuel considerably faster than those intended for cars."

Local shell has a yellow override button for use by HGVs stuck near the top of the pump display (prob to stop someone inquisitive pushing it, though there have been times I've considered using it...the fuel pumps inside their pumps are glacially slow, worse when both sides are in use...looks like someone cheaped out on the design, though the local ASDA is far far worse....I refuse to go there though after their petrol caused a relative's eurobox to chuck a collection of dashlights on till it was refilled with petrol from somewhere else....shell, tesco, sainsburys, esso, bp....didn't matter, just ASDAs fuel.....


Re: C

"In Blighty, not filling your own car is really the exception to the standard. What we don't have though, is the clip on the pump handle that allows you to walk away whilst the fuel flows. You have to stand there for the 2 minutes holding that lever up, all nicely grounded through the pump. So we're free to wear as many nylon stockings and polyester underpants as we could wish too...

Yes, the one with the 20 denier lace-tops in the pocket, thanks!"

Many moons ago as a student I worked in a petrol station, a gentleman got on the receiving end of a rather blue tirade from my then boss.....he was using a large plastic clip to hold the pump trigger on while he checked the oil...reason for the tirade would be potential loss of licence had the local authority petroleum officer come around for a random inspection or had someone complained.

Pumps we had were Schlumberger, seemingly same design as the USA and other countries that allow hands free pump usage, but with the catch mountings removed from the casting, still had the clip in the handle but it wouldn't lock as the catch wasn't there. Watched an American lady for several minutes try and lock it on and then come in to complain the catch wasn't working......she had a very puzzled look when it was explained to her she had to hold the trigger on the whole time....sort of a "this place is backwards look"

Why are sat-nav walking directions always so hopeless?


Re: never seems to taste the same?

"Very bad plan.

A circuit breaker appropriate for a dryer will provide no protection for the puny wiring of a kettle, in the event of a short, making for an 'out of design specs' fire hazard."

Actually it wouldn't matter nor cause any fire hazard. Reason kettle is a resistive load so doesn't need overload protection, just short circuit protection. Ditto electric showers (Though as an ex spark, I have a mixer shower as standing wet on an earthed metal bath whilst under an electric shower goes against the grain somewhat....touch voltage (i.e. that required to penetrate your skin) drops from 50V AC dry down to < 25V AC when your soaking wet.)

Whether you could terminate the dryer cables into a uk socket might be another matter. Though you could just run a flex cable of carrying 13 amps from the breaker panel to a single UK socket (current then limited to 13amps.) 1.25mm2 would cover it though 1.5mm2 is more commonly found, translated to North American as 16AWG, for a longer run, use 2.5mm2 / 14AWG to reduce volt drop.

Inductive loads are a different matter however......that could go horribly wrong.

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