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Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?


Lots of manufacturers do this :) you don't have to allow it on your network.

Having a bad day? Be thankful you don't work at a Russian ISP: Kremlin signs off Pootynet restrictions


"...require the creation of a national domain name system"

well there's your SSL decryption code brown.

Ooof! Cisco Webex has been down for 7 hours – and counting


Dont get confused between webex meetings and webex teams / hybrid services. I admit I saw this post and took it to be about webex teams. Actually this thread is about webex meetings and has been somewhat hijacked :)

Webex meetings did have an issue before webex teams, I am unsure if it was related. But webex meetings has been up and remained up throughout the webex teams issue.

It does look like they are deploying from scratch and restoring a backup. All of my hybrid services config was missing from the webex admin portal today once I was able to get int after they reported "operational" status. So I had spent this morning configuring it again. One of my peers did not have this issue however and his hybrid services was working right after Cisco announced it.


Looking at all of the status updates from Cisco on this, it appears they are re-deploying from scratch! Latest update is that they're about to deploy hybrid services!


Messaging is somewhat working for us again. Status update reports degraded service which is an improvement from the "outage".


Teams is beginning to come back online now. Having some successes sending messages using teams and in other cases we're receiving immediate "failed to send". So looks like it's on the road to recovery.


Still down - 13 hours and counting

Service is still down for us in Australia and status page confirms the down status as of writing. Complete outage for teams and associated services (WebEx boards, dx70 etc). Reverted to Google hangout to continue internal (but geographically separate) business collaboration. Some meetings cancelled.


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