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Tens to be disappointed as Windows 10 Mobile death date set: Doomed phone OS won't see 2020


the phones are great.

the " tiles " can be re sized, re pleaced, re positioned as you want. they can be set as folders to include whatever icons you want.

the batteries last all day ( or can at least be swapped out during the day)

i have an iphone from work and a galaxy s8, both are compilcated and slow in opperation

the only "apps" i have not been able to get are the stupid ones like Mrs Smiths Nail bar at the end of the street. Why would I want such a thing.

it doesn't come cramed full of adverts like the android and i doesn't require a second mortgage like an apple.

the real reason the windows phone didn't catch on is that it came way too late to the party

people had allready bought a phone and were used to that format...

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork


Re: I Just Don't Understand

i agree...people just like to knock microsoft.

if they are the one in a million that have a problem it makes them feel special

If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update


In our house there are, all told, seven P.C's. running Windows 10 plus one Server 2010 and one Linux machine.

The Windows ones never give problems ,

The server one, I have no idea because I don't use it.

The Linux one occasionally crashes and as no-one knows anything about Linux, we have to call my son over to fix it.

Windows works for the vast, VAST majority of people. I don't know how many people complain about it, but you won't find any here.

And it cost nothing...Did you buy Windows 7, well ever since then its been a free give away..

All the computers in the house are regularly upgraded, No.1 son gets the latest and all the hardware moves down the family untill I get the last hand me down..

I am currently running i7 devils canyon, 16mb Ram, 960SSd, ATI 7970 in eyefinnity with six screens......windows never lets us down

If you don't like it, stop moaning and try something else...best of luck with that then.


Re: Technical debt

some people talk a load of bullshit...

Yes, Americans, you can break anti-piracy DRM if you want to repair some of your kit – US govt


how about SKY TV NOW boxes...

you could install your own software on these, in my case PLEX, to stream from home while I was away.

then, all of a sudden they decided to crash, reboot, reset them all to factory settings online,without the ability to add your own stuff.

the list goes on....

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809


never had any problems with 7 or 10

if you think it's shit, go elsewhere..

Virgin Media? More like Virgin Meltdown: Brit broadband ISP falls over amid power drama


I have been with Virgin since it was Telewest, BlueYonnder and Yorkshire Cable

All told about twenty years

It fails maybe once or twice a year and then only for a couple of hours.

Most failures are caused by Mains Power failures because I live in a village on the edge of town and the local SubStation keeps failing

340 down, 26 up, v6, tivo, phone. £50.00 beat that anyone?

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


i don't know what i'm doing wrong

started with windows 7,

bypassed 8

straight to 10

never missed an update or upgrade and everything works

hunky dory...how come it fails for so many peoples.

Still holding out on Windows 10? Microsoft tempts upgrade with virtual desktop to Azure


don't see any problem with 10. works for us all.

if you want to go Linux, go,,you'll be back pretty quick

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