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Microsoft flings the Windows Calculator source at GitHub

Fred Daggy

Modern Apps

V0.99 Used to be that software wasn't done until it had an email client.

V2.0 Now it it isn't done until it includes a dating app.

V3.0 Uploads your every keystroke to the data aggregation service of your choice to be packaged and sold off, then backed up by the 5 eyes and Russians and Chinese?

Which one comes first to Calc.exe?

Why does that website take forever to load? Clues: Three syllables, starts with a J, rhymes with crock of sh...

Fred Daggy

Re: Every web site should...

I want every web front end developer to sit in a sealed glass room (one at a time please). Just a computer and a 33 k modem to the internet in the room. Freshly booted but logged in computer with a web browser open. I control the oxygen supply.

The web jockey types in their URL. At the moment they hit enter, oxygen is completely evacuated and replaced with an inert gas. Oxygen is only released when their page finishes loading ... and does NOT jump around the screen to the slightest scroll or mouse movement. (So called "progressive" pages count as "not loaded" and don't release oxygen until loaded).

Extra time penalties before oxygen is restored:

Auto playing video +5m

Auto playing music or other sound +20m

Auto playing multimedia requiring flash +1 hour.

Marketing Managers that request that shit receive double the penalty and are required to sit in the room too.

All penalties are cumulative.

Anyone surviving may continue their craft, er cruft, er um craft.

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?

Fred Daggy

Re: The reasons for the iPhone sales slump were threefold

... and security updates. And not have to reinstall from scratch media just to get it working.

Microsoft lobs Windows 10, Server Oct 2018 update at world (minus file-nuking 'feature') after actually doing some testing

Fred Daggy

Re: What is this "Past" of which you speak?


Most of Oceania believes it is Spring.

And Fall is what you do. Not what you have.

Cyber-crooks think small biz is easy prey. Here's a simple checklist to avoid becoming an easy victim

Fred Daggy

Re: Good recommendations but...

Yeah. Backups are good. But it's only half the story. And that's where it gets complicated.

You need a strategy. Most SMBs don't put the resources in to a strategy, many don't even recognise the risk.

Backup is central to the strategy. Testing restores is another key part. Then there is Business Continuity Planning, Encryption, Compliance, etc. You can see why this goes over the head of most punters and even people paid to pay attention to this stuff.

Which scientist should be on the new £50 note? El Reg weighs in – and you should vote, too

Fred Daggy

Brian May

Brian May - Get two for the price of one!

Register-Orbi-damned: Netgear account order irks infosec bods

Fred Daggy

Re: If I had to register...

Yeah, nice idea that, tagging email addresses. However more often than not I see that web forms either reject the plus sign, or strip anything to right of it, until they hit the @ .

So, this one is working at less and less places.

10minutemail if I need to register for something needed once. Or a whole list of throw away accounts, one per vendor. Yes, PITA, but using something like keypass helps.

Neutron star crash in a galaxy far, far... far away spews 'faster than light' radio signal jets at Earth

Fred Daggy

Faster than light.

Pffff. Faster than light is possible. It's what Dark Matter is/does. We can't see dark matter, because we can't see (detect) anything faster than light.

Bit of a problem, but it will all sort itself out when someone creates the right experiment to detect it (or has a 'hmmm, that's odd moment').

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