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Intel swallows Brit chip slinger Omnitek in bid to boost FPGA business


TAM goes with SAM (served available market)... as in "the TAM is $8B, but we are targeting this little niche - where we have 95% market share of $100k"

Israeli Moon probe crashes at the last minute but SpaceX scores with Falcon Heavy launch


Re: as the saying goes – space is hard.

Lithobr[e]aking - resulting in rapid unscheduled disassembly?

Lunar lander's brief jaunt will place Israel as fourth country to make soft landing on Moon


Re: Question

Using the earth as a slingshot instead of carrying a lot of fuel...

You can see a simulation (and track live): http://live.spaceil.com/

Be'eresheet = Genesis (first book of the bible)

BT: We're stocking warehouses with kit ahead of Brexit to avoid shortages


Re: import from America or else where?

The UK can have trade agreements in place to simplify matters - without being a member of the EU.

Israel, not an EU country, has agreements with the EU (and exactly like the trade agreements with the USA) to simplify transfer of goods (and in most cases without even paying any customs taxes)...

(disclosure - it's usually the Israeli Standards Institute that is the big pain in the rear trying to get their pound of flesh with mandatory "testing" for anything remotely interesting...)

Just how rigged is America's broadband world? A deep dive into one US city reveals all


Not always a matter of BW

I get 200/200Mb service for ~ $30 in Tel Aviv. 1000/1000Mb for $50 if I wanted it.

Problem is the link from Israel to RoW. That's throttling the experience more than anything else.

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