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White House issues Executive Order on cybersecurity, including hacker Hunger Games


Re: Invented?

TCP/IP, ethernet, BGP, the list goes on... And it's debatable that packet switching is a British invention, since an American theorized it independently (and before Davies), and is also credited with its implementation in the ARPANET (alongside Davies).





It was ARPA's research and funding that made the foundation of the modern (non-http) internet... though certainly the whole set of technologies is a worldwide effort with geniuses from all of the world (notably from the UK!) making it all possible with novel and brilliant ideas.

Huawei 'to sue US' over federal kit block – report


Re: whats this crap?

Can you provide evidence of this? I see this, but nobody has provided a link. Aside from that image of maybe-the-NSA maybe installing chips in maybe intercepted Cisco gear, is there solid evidence of Cisco, knowingly, installing backdoors in their equipment at the behest of the NSA/CIA? Or is it all speculation, just like Huawei and the CPC?

I have no doubt either company has at some point conceded to the powers at be, but regardless.

Tech industry titans suddenly love internet privacy rules. Wanna know why? We'll tell you


Re: laws of this nature need to be enacted by U.S. Congress

Your congress failed to do just that. So now the states are trying to pick up the slack.

Science: Broke brats glued to the web while silk-stocking scions have better things to do


Re: Generation Z?

Millennial are Gen Y. Not Gen Z.

Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme


Re: Actually seems to make things more complicated

That information is part of what makes something Wi-Fi Certified. You'll be able to associate "Wi-Fi 6" with a set list of supported features. If it's not Wi-Fi Certified, it cannot (I mean, people will do it anyway) be labeled with their logo or naming scheme.


I'm sure El Reggians know, but I need this off my chest.

Nothing is being "ditched." The Wi-Fi Alliance is just using another naming scheme for their certification program. 802.11whatever is still around, and will continue to be as new docs are ratified by the IEEE. People referring to the specific technology will still use the standard names.

To be honest, most consumers just saw something like AC500 anyway, so I'm not sure it was really needed.

Remember when Apple's FaceTime stopped working years ago? Yeah, that was deliberate


Re: Give and Take

Likely to change now with Project Treble and Android One. Although if you had a Nexus (or now, I suppose, a Pixel) you would get updates every month.

Trump shouldn't criticise the news media, says Amazon's Jeff Bezos


It always confuses me that the American political right, the folks who supposedly mutter sic semper tyrannis in their sleep, are okay with a sitting President taking political and social action against private news media. Even if they are being unfair, is that a precedent you want to set?

Sextortion scum armed with leaked credentials are persistent pests


Re: Why me?

Uh, what? Troy Hunt does not run any password manager companies, nor does he sell them. He advertises 1Password as that is one he uses personally and they've implemented his service into the extension. You can find his blog online, easily.

Y'know what? VoIP can also be free from pesky regulation – US judges


Re: CCIE Opinion for those who care

Thank you!


Implications aside, I'm not sure I can disagree. VoIP is basically just another application of the internet, like the web and email. Even if it's actively replacing POTS/ISDN in some areas, it's still a different technology. If the web counts as an information service, why not VoIP? The P2P nature of the calls themselves? Is BitTorrent not an information service?

Any experienced telephony El Reggians with an opinion?

Feel the shame: Email-scammed staffers aren't telling bosses about it


Re: Tech Savvy Millenials

"None of them..."

An absurd comment, but the argument has already been stated.

I'm definitely tired of hearing "He's a kid, they're geniuses with computers!" though. Of course, that's being thrown on to Gen Z now as well. "I let my son fix it, he's good with computers" is usually an ominous warning of things to come.

Take a pinch of autofill, mix in HTTP, and bake on a Wi-Fi admin page: Quirky way to swipe a victim's router password


Re: Oh dear.

They can copy your network SSID and create an "Evil Twin." Then spam you with deauth frames, and then spam you with broadcast advertisements carrying that SSID. I've done it at home for shits and giggles (to my own devices, obviously).

Someone mentioned the Wi-Fi Pineapple which has all of this built in. It's easy to do without one.

Protected Management Frames (802.11w) can protect against the deauth spam, but I'm not sure many home telco routers use that.

But yeah, I turned off auto-fill ages ago.

NASA 'sextortionist' allegedly tricked women into revealing their password reset answers, stole their nude selfies


Yes, the victims could have made some better choices, but there's a lot of blame the victim here. Why post nude photos online? Who cares? Why sexually extort women?

Netadmins: Grab a plate and wander down El Reg's network buffet


"for example, a virtual CPE in which the "box in the home" supports connectivity and nearly nothing else, with cloud services providing smarts like the firewall"

What could go wrong?

Elders of internet hash out standards to grant encrypted message security for world+dog


Re: How to increase suspicion

It might terrify you to know, then, that many of the internet's open standards and protocols were written by engineers work for many big tech companies. They have the money to fund the research. IETF is run by volunteers, it's non-profit.

Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'


Sue the office supply store. All of those pens are responsible for this!


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