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It's December of 2018 and, to hell with it, just patch your stuff


I can't help wondering what would be the results if the software engineers, and the companies they worked for, put much more emphases on 'getting it right' rather than 'getting it out of the door'. Would Microslurp have the problems with win 10 if they had had at least 2 years of black hat style testing for vulnerabilities before they let it loose on the world?

IBM is trying to throttle my age-discrimination lawsuit – axed ace cloud salesman


Why didn't he gather the information during the 3 months before he was shown the door? I assume he decided to sue them during that period in which case hi didn't get all his ducks in a row when he should have.

Microsoft, you shouldn't have: Festive Windows 10 Insiders build about as exciting as new socks


Are they removing the spying and stupid flat look and making it easier to get at all the settings?

That might be a start to the road of making windows useful again. Until they do I will stick with OS/2 and Linux because that way I can get work done.

Boffins build blazing battery bonfire


Re: Interesting idea

@Jonathan Richards 1

the same can be said for all the renewable windmills and solar panels. In fact MW for MW renewables produce more CO2 output.


Re: Balls

As we get more and more renewables then there will soon be a time when cheap mains electricity

That will be the day - if they ever do. The countries with a lot of renewable energy - Germany, South Australia, have the highest cost electricity in the world. Those countries with lots of coal fired generators have the lowest cost electricity in the world.

The smart meters have one main function - to cut off your power when the renewables can't supply enough and they have to have rolling blackouts.

And the next 7nm laptop processor will be designed by In, er, AM, um, Qualcomm: The 64-bit Arm Snapdragon 8CX


Hopefully it will run other operating systems than slurp 10.

Funnily enough, China fuming, senator cheering after Huawei CFO cuffed by Canadian cops at Uncle Sam's request


So the US is again trying to foist its laws on the rest of the world. Just listen to the crying anf knashing of teeth if some other country did that to a US citizen.

Pencil manufacturers rejoice: Oz government doesn't like e-voting


Re: Would an "informal vote" still be possible?

To solve that problem the last item on the paper should be a vote for 'non of the above' which makes it a legal choice. I think that would never be allowed because the politicians are afraid of rejection - they are very insecure at voting time.

Talk about a GAN-do attitude... AI software bots can see through your text CAPTCHAs


Re: American imperialism

Add to that the fact Google CAPTCHAs don't work on older browsers so sites that use them always get forgotten as I find the information somewhere else.

Oz opposition folds, agrees to give Australians coal in their stockings this Christmas


Clearly they have plenty to hide

But we have always known that. Now it will just leave the hackers to find the backdoors and leak the info on social media for all to see.


Re: Gets popcorn

- Dec 2018: Australia becomes the first nation to nail its colours to the mast.

- Jan 2019: First TCNs issued?

-March 2019 First secret communication of the PM published on social media.

Don't they realise that if there are backdoors anyone can read their private communications - a back door will let anyone in.

YouTube fight gets dirty: Kids urged to pester parents over Article 13


Doing that you will have the MPAA and the big media heavies knocking on your door because you are cutting into their profits.

HP's Neon Dion says if anything goes wrong, it's totally Intel's fault: CPU shortage may hit PC maker's financials


Re: Intel shortage

Good! We just might end up with 'AMD Inside' on better spec machines.

Here are another 45,000 reasons to patch Windows systems against old NSA exploits


Re: Remember

Since the NSA and other 5I are so against them maybe they are the ones we should be buying. I assume they are against them because there are no backdoors they can exploit.

International politicos gather round to grill Dick, head of Facebook policy, on data slurping


Call me cynical but this 'trove' of documents sounds very much like it was setup to lead the MPs up the garden path and then have them fall flat on their faces. Just the thing to have someone saying that all politicians are stupid (a truism).

LG: Fsck everything, we're doing 16 lenses in smartphones (probably)


Now all they need to do is take the phone junk out, make the case easier to hold and they then have a camera that is good enough for snap shots.

Groundhog Day comes early as Intel Display Drivers give Windows 10 the silent treatment


One would think it is time M$ called a halt to the 'development' of 10. It was a nice try but doesn't really work, and start afresh with a completely fresh slate. Dump all the old bug ridden code from the days of 3.1 and the tacked on patches over bugs that are themselves patches for prior bugs, remove all the backdoors and telemetry code and produce a real UI that looks good and is practical.

If they managed that more people that have left the windows fold might think of returning. They could even consider calling the new OS 'doors' to remove the stigma of windows.

A 5G day may come when the courage of cable and DSL fails ... but it is not this day



They might say that but there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be passed on. In fact it will most probably be more expensive because it is 'faster'.


Something they are always omitting - cost. If this costs more than a fixed line internet then they can, as far as I am concerned, forget it.

A couple of months ago while on holiday, I had need of getting on line using a 4G modem. It was limited in the amount I could download and the cost was more than double my fixed line internet.

It might be of use for the occasional connection via a phone but not for serious SOHO use.

A little phishing knowledge may be a dangerous thing


Re: E-mail Client

Mouse-over the link to see where you wil be re-directed to.

Or use a text only e-mail client then you can just read all the hidden junk.

Russia: We did not hack the US Democrats. But if we did, we're immune from prosecution... lmao


Oh dear, did some nasty hackers upset the DNC? Maybe, rather than looking at Russia, they should look nearer home for all those they and the Clintons have upset rather badly

French president Macron insists new regulations needed to protect us all from Facebook's claws


Macron made repeated calls for additional regulation,

Which is not surprising since in the past the French were dead against an encrypted internet.

UK.gov to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections


Re: Lack of a secret ballot is a greater problem

(or at a minimum handing in the actual polling card!)

Maybe that would be a way of combatting the postal vote fraud - the polling card has to be included with the postal vote for it to be valid.

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


Re: Redhat employees - get out now

Not necessarily, if they play it right they could take over IBM from the inside - the board and bean counters would only find out when they were thrown out.

Open source for ever.

Californian chap sets his folks' home on fire by successfully taking out spiders with blowtorch


Don't you know where its been?

Or more to the point what has been in it.

Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer


Oh dear, what could go wrong?

UK defence secretary ponders £50m hit to terminate Capita recruiting contract


Re: Am I Missing Something?

Just remember this is a government contract and nothing like those in the real world.

UK.gov to press ahead with online smut checks (but expects £10m in legals in year 1)


This is a typical government cockup that will mist probably result a vast release in personnel details aka credit agencies.



Excellent idea.

Mobe networks battle to bring comms back after Hurricane Michael smashes US Gulf Coast


Think of all the arguments about who can put their fibre in the trench depending on what company digs it. To solve that problem they could do what the village did here. All the underground duct work belongs to the village, power, phone and soon to be fibre, the village gets a small fee from those that use the duct work and, we the villagers, don't see ugly cables strung all over the place as it was 30 odd years ago.

There is no reason the US towns and villages couldn't do the same, it might solve the problem they seem to have with only one fibre supplier because any one could use the duct work.

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


Re: "incorrectly"?

Let's face it, the whole WU system is completely borked.

Let's face it, the whole W10 system is completely borked would be a truer statement.

Shortages, price rises, recession: Tech industry preps for hard Brexit


The almost mortal blow was being conned into joining the political EU in the first place, something we never voted for.

Mozilla grants distrusted Symantec certs a stay of execution, claims many sites yet to make switch


Re: Who, and how much?

There is to some extent. Think of us poor buggers that have to use legacy equipment that all the latest and greatest browsers don't work on.

It gets damn anoying to have to carry a tablet around just to visit the sites that have changes over.

Microsoft has signed up to the Open Invention Network. We repeat. Microsoft has signed up to the OIN



unless they have a similar understanding of the law SCO).

Didn't Microsoft supply funds to SCO at one point in the trial when SCO were running low on cash?

Surprising no one, Google to appeal against European Commission's €4.34bn Android fine



All the original case and fine is the EUSSR's way of getting more money because they are running out of Europeans money. Like all good socialist regimes the EUSSR relies on spending other peoples money - never that of the Commissars and with the loss of the UK taxpayers money they have to fine someone else with deep pockets they can dip into.

SpaceX touches down in California as Voyager 2 spies interstellar space


Isn't it abour now that the aliens return the space probes to NASA with a stern warning about littering up space ;)

On the third day of Windows Microsoft gave to me: A file-munching run of DELTREE


Re: Welcome to....

But I'm showing my age here. These days, all releases seem to be alpha releases.

Isn't that agile dev-ops working as planned?

AI trained to sniff out fake news online may itself be fake news: Bot has mixed results in classifying legit titles


Fake news ??????

It would help if they gave their definition of 'fake news'. So far it appears that everyone has a different definition of 'fake news' depending on their social and political views - one persons fake news is another's real news.

Until there is a universal acceptable definition of 'fake news' all the rabbiting on about it is pointless.

'Desperate' North Korea turns to bank hacking sprees to rake in much-needed dosh


Re: FTFY Shaun Nichols in San Franciso

often using sophisticated attacking tools that had previously been reserved for attacks by governments on espionage operations.

Has the NSA had its budget cut?

UK's Openreach sends full fibre to Coventry


Re: Removing the copper cuts us off

Hope you have it on a UPS

Out in the little villages many of the Mairies have their computer systems, including the VOIP phone, on large UPSs and some even have a generator to back that up as well. I know of several people in my village that have UPS backed computing equipment, some of us also have a generator for the printers.

Volkswagen links arms with Microsoft for data-slurping cloud on Azure


Re: Carplay / Android Auto plus magic = profit!

I see a new "grey market" for auto anti-slurp technology!

The real profit will come to whoever designs and markets something to shut all that crap down and still leave the car operational.


Re: The Digital CarPass

and that we can still drive it ...

Knowing Microslurp if you try and turn any of it off the car stops working. It is better to stay with your old unconnected car.

Facebook: Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code


Re: "using people's cellphone numbers [...] to target them with adverts"

I intend to use that phone if I ever have to set up 2FA by text for anything and it will only ever be turned on for that purpose.

I already have a throwaway Android phone used for that and it is only switched on when I need to use 2FS, cost €2 a month. The phone can also be used as an emergency phone if necessary.

DEF CON hackers' dossier on US voting machine security is just as grim as feared


Re: Land of the free!

Even your dead grandmother can vote.

Office 2019 lumbers to the stage once more as Microsoft promises future releases


In that case what use is it?

That scary old system with 'do not touch' on it? Your boss very much wants you to touch it. Now what do you do?


The things that have to be considered when 'upgrading' those legacy systems are, what language were the programs written in - who programs directly in assembler today and how does the system interface with the real world - in industrial systems that can be through custom interface cards that are no longer made but the machine tools have a life of 25 to 50 years more.

When you mention such things to management and the bean counters they go all quiet for some strange reason.

Cisco sneaks hardcoded secret root backdoor into vid surveillance kit


Re: Another pesky "rogue engineer"

Damn, he outed the government mandated backdoor.

Still holding out on Windows 10? Microsoft tempts upgrade with virtual desktop to Azure



Now microslurp are getting outsiders to help them polish the turd that is win X. They will never manage to spruce it up no matter how hard they try so they will end up with covering it in sprinkles and unwanted junk.

You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?


What to do

First and foremost leave the UI at about the win 7 version and make sure that it can't be changed when it gets near win 10.

Having ensured that - leave every thing else alone

UK cops run machine learning trials on live police operations. Unregulated. What could go wrong? – report


Re: ML²

But if you do that where will all the MPs and civil servants get their stuffed brown envelopes from?


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