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300,000 BT pensioners await Court of Appeal pension scheme ruling

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Re: I blame the cursed one

yes because he is obviously psychic and knew exactly where the gold prices were going to go...which is why he's currently a multi trillionaire able to predict exactly where the markets are going to go 5, 10, 20 years in the future

no one ever seems to remember him getting the telcos to pay £20 billion odd to pay down debt....

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Re: I blame the cursed one

OR....It could be the fact that Maggie allowed companies to raid their pensions to pay dividends in the years of excess in the 80s/90s...the so called "pensions holidays". One of the biggest set of benefactors of these were BT shareholders who suddenly got a whole lot more dividends from the people who actually made BT work.

If BT Hadn't taken a pensions holiday back in the day, they wouldn't have this hole in the first place. They should get hold of the CEO from the time AND sue him as well.

Why waste away in a cubicle when you could be a goddamn infosec neuromancer on £50k*?

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This is all we need

More morons in the security arena who have no idea how to work with infrastructure and getting the server guys to do an their work for them...

In 20 years, the number of firewall or security consultants that actually understand how an IT infrastructure works can be counted on 1 finger.. Let alone 1 hand

How UK gov's 'growth' measures are ALREADY killing the web

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Bloody tired of freetards

Im a amatuer photographer and this is a pain in the arse. Friends photographs are constantly being nicked, especially on Facebook and there is nothing that can be done about it.

At the end of the day a good camera costs close to £2000, lenses can cost way more than that. All that will happen is that people will stop putting good quality pictures on the net. Not one of the people who are trying to justify nicking pictures here would work for free. Infact, I'm sure if employers could get away with paying them minimum wage, they would.

Cropping a picture, removing the metadata is theft, simple as that, you KNOW what you are doing is wrong, otherwise you wouldn't remove all that marking. Most photographers can't afford to take a BBC or DAily Wail to court for nicking photographs, even with current law.

All that is happening is that this law will allow big firms to nick small photographers pictures with no come back, yet IF you nick that SAME work from the big firm, you will end up with a longer stretch in jail than if you murdered somone

Corporates! Bring in all-purpose filler for IT skills gap, thunders Steelie Neelie

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Re: I feel old

will get you a job as a CIO

Nokia opens Maps to rivals, flogs uber-budget €15 phone

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Re: Nokia NEVER learn

no offense but if you can't figure it out, you shouldn't be allowed a phone.

the x20 series are better than the x00 series. The 15 Euro 105 is the most basic of the lot.

Most of us can actually tell the difference between iterations. ie 920 is newer than the 900 in the same way that 5 is better than 4. Also since 920 is higher than 820, it's a reasonable assumption that it is a more premium model.

Apple files 'iWatch' patent application

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Re: In Redmond Microsoft fire the photo copiers up.

Didn't Nokia already CGI demo this on Youtube with teh Nokia 888?

Once again, Apple is bhind the curve

Julian Assange extradition: What's next for WikiLeaker-in-chief?

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Re: @Velv

there should be anonnimity on BOTH sides.

If the accused is found guilty THEN name him. If the accuser if found to be a lying shite then NAME HER!

cases like rape need to be treated slightly differently to other crimes because of the fact that people just assume that even when found not guilty and even when the judge specifically makes comments strongly pointing out the accuser lied, the person in the dock is assumed guilty anyway with the whole "there's no smoke without fire" thinking

Vodafone manages to fight off £3bn tax bill, claws back cash paid

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UK taxes bollocks

Vodafone got out of paying UK taxes by taking the head of the HMRC out to lunch. They might have got away with it in the courts, but I bet your bottom dollar I wouldn't get away with it if I didnt want to pay my taxes.

As it stands Vodafone DOESN't pay the taxes,it's staff do. Personally since France and Germany have tighter tax regulations, I dropped my vodafone contract which I could run up hundreds per month of calls on and am paying for the more expensive Orange contract because atleast I know they will be paying tax in france and germany where the old boys network doesn't work so well and it's harder for firms to avoid their taxes.

I would rather have my hard earned money go to French and German schools and healthcare via taxation that British institutional investors who shovel all their crap through the Caymen Islands or Jersey.

Mine's the Beer for Dave Harknett

Nokia's future phone sees red when you do

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give it 2 years and....

Apple will come out with something similar, patent it and try to sue Nokia for copying their "innovations"

Scotland Yard Four cleared - on phone-hacking

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well theres a suprise

Woman gets 5 months for taking a pair of nicked trainers worth a few quid, plod gets let off for taking bribes in the form of spa breaks worth £19,000 wasnt it?

guy gets arrested for wanting to organise a water gun fight, plod gets off even after being filmed smacking a peaceful protestor 1/2 his size twice with a baton.

Guy loses TWO jobs for tweeting a joke about wanting to firebomb Nottingham Airport, plod gets let off for killing a Brazilian electrician and then photoshopping his picture to make him look like the guy they SHOULD have been following...

says a lot about this country really....

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'

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had some mates try to get me to sign this

Surely most of the rioters are too young to have benefits and the older ones that are old enough are going to have them taken away by the Condems anyway, so it's a zero loss case for them.

Samsung H1 Vodafone 360

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good phone but

I got this phone as a marketing this from Vodafone so been using it since release and I definately find it less annoying than my old N96. The OS is faster. The only issue I find with this phone is the cloud stuff, it isnt syncing properly with Facebook yet and the msn messenger isnt working properly yet either. Vodafone have said that they are working on it, but would have been nice if the marketing guys had spoken to the IT guys before launching the service. On the plus side though, I find it, usually, nice and fast. Couple of niggles like not being able to book fortnightly meetings but hey ho.

T-Mobile coughs to data theft

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Question on Contract

Since this is a breach of contract, Data Protection being a very important part of any mobile contract, can my friend who has been on T Mobile and is now receiving upwards of 3 calls a day asking her to upgrade sue T mobile for the entire cost and charges to the contract and end the contract with no penalties?

I think that if a LOAD of T mobile customers call Breach of Contract and it loses a few millions pounds or preferably into bankrupcy, the other vendors will have to tighten up their procedures and we can hopefully kill off a few of these damned brokers as well.

Catholic priests, scientists head to Rome to ponder alien life

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@Anonymous Coward 15:16

To be fair the bible was rewritten and repaged and fucked around with for hundreds of years, throughout the middle ages. The myth that what we read today was written by bronze age goat herders just isnt true. The Catholic church has too much invested in the book for it not to say what they want it to. The Greeks knew the Earth was round, that it circled the Sun and they even knew the size of the damned sphere to within a couple of thousand yards.

The fact that the bible goes on about the earth not moving just shows what a bunch of retards wrote it, what retards went over it and how much knowledge was destroyed by the Catholic church.

Bank sues Google for identity of Gmail user

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Paris Hilton

Not usually a fan of Google

But I completely support them in this. The Bank doesnt have a leg to stand on. Google has every right to tell them to kindly go fuck themselves.

WTF is someone sending details like this to a WEB email provider?! That alone would be cause for me to close my account. If any of these details are found on a russian server being sold on IRC, then the bank is 100% liable, legally and morally NOT Google.

The employee should be fired at the very least and their boss should also go. The bank should be fined by the SEC for failure to secure the data.

There should also be an investigation into who was supposed to receive the email. What kind of idiot asks for 1300 odd bank details to their GMAIL address.

Paris because she knows about things ending up being sold on the internet

Belgian boy's iPhone 'explodes'

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@James 5

Ummmmm you cant say that....

If a supermarket sells 1 dodgy meal, which ends up giving ebola to the customer and they die. You cant then go and say "well its only 0.00000000000001%" of it's customers, it OK then"

Same with this. Even if 1 iphone explodes and injures someone, it just shows there is something wrong and rather than going "well it's only such and such percent", why not tell Apple to get it's arse in gear and sort the problem out, or will you only be worried when someones toddler gets it's face blown off by an exploding iphone?

Even MS admitted problems with the xbox 360 overheating, the fact that Apple are off trying to cover up every story with a palty "we'll replace your iphone" is nothing short of fucking pathetic.

Hackers serve up pre-release malware to Mac fanboys

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wot no viruses on mac?


Loch Ness Monster surfaces on Google Earth

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looks like a boat to me..


Mechwarrior maker claims Microsoft 'destroyed' studio's culture

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Not just MS

Any company that has accountants and lawyers making the decisions will destroy any creative part of the company. Take a look at any music company or movie company, ideas go out the window and you get the same old crap being recycled.

The games industry is indicitive of this. How many TRUELY innovative new ideas have come out in the last 10 or so years? All we get is footbal version 200, another golf game, another shoot em up or another strategy game, just nicer looking and it's called innovative because the writers have managed to shoe horn some wii controller bits in.

You can have a go at MS for destroying the culture at FASA, which is a real shame as I lovede the Mechwarrior series on the PC, but it isnt just them. What should happen is that the board and HR, finance, etc have NO say how a creative department works in any company, this includes tech companies where engineers are doing blue sky thinking. It is the business managers who ruin a companies creativity.

Nokia launches laptop

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not all that much of a suprise

to be fair, a 10" laptop isnt that much of a jump from some of their smart phones and nokia has always been more of a fashion brand than other manufacturers. I know that if I wanted a netbook the Nokia one is a LOT nicer looking than some of the other ones and an aluminium netbook might take some customers away from Apple in that people buying the low end macbooks, just so they can sit in a coffeee shop surfing pron with an shiney silver laptop.

not at all bad...

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

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xbox fan bois?

Seriously hated the xbox. A consumer product shouldnt crash like that so easily. THREE boxes in 2 1/2 years is crazy. Even though this last one was in warranty I just couldnt be arsed to replace it, so binned it.

The new generation xboxes are too loud to watch movies on, if you want them to last you will need to buy the extra cooling fans, which makes it even louder. The CD drive is insanely loud and the fact that you cant upgrade your harddrive without paying a fortune is a pain. It took me 2 minutes to upgrade my old 60Gb to 120Gb on the PS3 and I didnt have to bugger the warranty. I can backup the whole harddrive to an external drive, saving anything I have bought.

Im an IT guy and the damned explanation to upgrade an xbox 360 drive had me reaching for my Jack daniels! You shouldnt need to hack a box, just to upgrade it's storage. I also hate the fact that I paid for a 20 Gig drive an donly get 13 Gig of it to use.

Yes, teh new Sony is a bit ugly, but then it's all in the eye and if it IS quieter, awesome. No massive brick of a transformer sat on my floor either. My battery backed up extension box would scream every time I plugged my xbox in.

Oh yeah...screw linux as well. XP beats linux hands down in any environment.

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love the ps3

now my 3rd xbox has blown up and Im selling all the peripherals for it a slim line ps3 might be good in my bedroom. I bought the original the day it was released and love it. Contrary to some of the opinions above, I prefer teh ps3 controller, although thats probably because I had a ps2 for so long.

Personally I dont care about the linux bit, neither, I suspect do 99.9999% of PS3 owners. firmware 3 would be a nice upgrade.

I am wondering if the hard drive will be as easy to upgrade in the slim line version? The ability to drop in a new HD with no warranty stuff or any of the crap you have to go through to upgrade/hack an xbox 360 was a definate winner on the original ps3 and now that Im going to get a Play TV to replace my Sky (sky sucks, someone keeps strimming through the cable in my flat as well) being able to drop new harddrives in at will is a big plus.

also the fact that I havent had to replace my ps3 every 3-9 months like I did my xbox makes me happy.

Exploding iPhone injures French teen

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It took your leg...but thats fine..WTF?!

can the fanbois PLEASE get a hold of this one.......it doesnt REALLY matter if there are a billion iphones and ipod touches out there, it doesnt REALLY matter if every other manufacturer has problems with exploding batteries. The fact of the story is this.....ipod touches and iphones CAN in SOME cases explode and Apple havent really done themselves any favours in sorting out the issue, instead just hoping to cover it up.

Im sure that these fanbois would suddenly change their tune (or should that be itune) if THIER iphone exploded in their faces.... bloody hell.......

anyway, I thought the iphone/ipod were built in China, hence ALL of them are cheap Chinese knock offs.......

Chinese youth beaten to death at net addiction bootcamp

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SSSHHHH.....dont tell the government

...what better way to get the youf of today off the dole queue when they realise they cant afford to send 50% of em to uni

Foxconn answers critics over suicidal iPhone engineer

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lets get child labour back!!

@AC - If your going to call me names, atleast have the maracas to use your real name.

Boycotts work, just like the SA one. If my ISP uses cisco kit that uses Foxconn stuff, thats something that I cant help or do anything about, bar complaining to cisco. What I CAN do, is refuse to buy Apple kit. I can refuse to buy ASUS kit. If this means I dont get the latest greatest gadget, then so be it. I dont measure my manhood by the size of the screen hanging off my wall. Personally I would rather spend the £500 odd quid for an iphone getting wasted with 18 year old goth chicks anyway.

I guess in your world it's OK for people to be beaten up by security, for kids to make stuff for you and for them to be abused and whipped, just so that you can have your £5 pair of elasticated pants for the extra WOW comfort.

and although I do read the Guardian, my stance comes from being a decent human being, rather than what Im told to do by a news paper (there is plenty of stuff I disagree with in the Grauniad)

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That old excuse.....

@Charles Manning....

Just because the workers at Foxconn get treated less shit than workers at other plants, that makes things OK then.......by your reckoning that would make rapists OK because they are not murderers! FFS!! People in this country sometimes amaze me....

It's easy to boycott Foxconn products...you can probably save yourself loads of money as well. Dont buy an Apple Mac or Iphone..easy because after 2 years workign with Mac OS at home, Im that fucked off with it that Im going back to XP. Iphone..easy cause O2 are shit. Tv, I already have one, so by not going out and buying the latest greatest then I can probably get away with that. If vendors see a big downturn in the number of people buying their products, they will FORCE safe and moral working practices down on their suppliers.

It just takes a little effort. But I guess people like Charles Manning are happy for their tshirts to be sewn by 5 year olds who are beaten regularly because its cheap and obviously because 5 year olds in other places are treated worse, the ones who got caught making GAP tshirts should be happy they are making a quid a month rather than being at school

Eurofighter Tranche 3: Oh please, God, no

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Its fucking disgusting!!

Forget the whole Defense companies are baby killers argument, we are paying something like £30,000 PER YEAR PER PERSON for everyone person who works in the defense industry in tax subsidies and hand outs to BAE. Can you imagine the kind of car industry we would have if the Government handed out the £900 million a year it does to the defense industry?

Its some sort of nostalgic bollocks to have a defense industry in this country. If BAe want to leave the country, let them, just dont pay them to do it! There is no rational economic argument to pay any sort of subsidy to the defense industry. The fact that they are all a bunch of murdering bastards is just icing on the cake.

Facebook denies denying Holocaust deniers

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Got to feel sorry for em

Got to feel sorry for facebook on this one, it is almost impossible for a site the size of Facebook to apply any coherent strategy on what stays and what goes, especially if the department that does it has several people in, all with varying opinions on whats offensive and whats not but in this case I do think they have been quite clear, allow free speech but disallow promoting violence

Another problem is that once they start getting rid of groups for being offensive, where do you stop. Yes the holocaust deniers ARE a bunch of lunatic wackos with probably too much time on their hairy hands and possibly do need a slapping, but as soon as you get rid of that group, how long before religious nuts start calling for Facebook to close down athiest groups because they are offensive, or "pro life" groups start calling for abortion help groups to be closed down.

We already see how companies, especially American companies, lack any amount of backbone when it comes to standing up to any type of pressure group and the whole point of free speech is that it IS free, including the stuff we dont like....

BT does Italian Job on London traffic lights

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bloody bt

"It's about time BT stopped looking at it's profits and invested in this countries quite frankly shocking infrastructure."

Err... how to make a company bankrupt... don't think about returns on your investments! Especially when the figures are in the billions...

Isn't it the job of the government to look after the country's infrastructure? "

Ummm no, it's BTs job! They are a private company and as such they should provide the infrastructure that they advertise, NOT the tax payer. We have spent the whole bloody day arsing about because BT's idea of resiliency means shoving 2 cables through the same pipe!! BT should be paying HUGE fines for this screw up.

Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade

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julie birchill is a man hater

If anyone has read any of the articles by julie burchill, you will understand where this legislation comes from. Jacqui "I think all men should be in jail" Smith wanted a result on the "research" and got burchill to do it. Any criminology professor, university research department, government research department would come up with the results that brothels protect prositutes; that the vast majority of women on the game do it because it is easy money and preferable to working 9-5 in some shitty office.

When you get someone who goes on womens marches where the chat of the day is "GET ALL MEN OFF OUR STREETS!" - you know for a fact that the research is going to be crap. Infact this particular research was done by friends of hers callign up brothels and asking questions on the phone so when her report said you could buy sex for £20, it is absolute rubbish because that kind of thing would never be discussed over the phone.

The actual fact is that brothels protect women, in areas where prostitution is legal, cases of rape are lower, sexually transmitted diseases in sex workers are lower, the women that are on drugs can be offered services to wean them off and lorry drivers cant kill prostitutres. The swedish experiment has been a huge failure, with many women being driven underground, with the associated risks that come from that or moving to Norway for their own safety.

Reg readers in the dark over extreme porn

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IWF getting out of hand I think

why is the Internet Watch Foundation being used to decide what is or isnt illegal? They are an unelected body!! How long till they decide that any nudity is "possibly illegal" and their remit moves again to police an even wider area of the net? How long till a bunch of right wing religious nuts get their hands on the IWF and start to blacklist everything left right and centre? When someone said that the wikipedia farce was the thin end of the wedge, here it is ALREADY getting wider!

Mines the one with the s & m mag in the pocket

Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law

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Data Integrity

Bollocks to all this..can BT confirm data integrity when it comes to home workers? If I was working at a Bank or Fund Managers or anything similar with people frome home coming in from BT ADSL, I would be very worried about confidential data being captured by Phorms deep packet inspection.

As an IT Admin, I would be getting written BT statements confirming that business ADSL isnt being tracked, not the opt out cookie rubbish but actually on a different backbone.

I reckon that BT would rethink this if they realise that IT deparments around the country are dropping their ADSL services because confidential business matters could be picked up by Phorm.

Joke: Cause thats what OfCom really is

Daily Mail loses employee info

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I wonder if they will make as big a case of this on their front page as they have been making of the government losing laptops? Methinks not.....tossers!

Anti-virus hacking contest polarizes vendors

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anti virus vendors scared?

oh shock...an industry that is going to have it's products tested outside their own labs is upset.....

they might actually have to produce a product that works and doest crap up your machine..symantec Im talking about you!!

It says a lot that probably the most effective anti-virus I have used is also the free one while other vendors have to bundle their bloatware with hardware vendors

IT bankrolls all-India ambulance service

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This shows what a corporation SHOULD be like!

Can you imagine a western BANK doing something like this?! No adverts, no "days out to a local shelter to laugh at the poor unfortunates", no champagne lunches while pretending to care about kids with shingles, just money and effort given to a problem, not to make money from it but to actually HELP the country that they are making a profit from.

Maybe the PFI muppets in this country could learn a lesson from it!

Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?

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let the artists live in your house...

On one level I do believe the music industry has made a rod for it's own back; by insisting on DRM they more or less killed the downloads market before it started; personally I will never buy a download, I will get the CD and rip it because I want to know if my harddrive dies or I forget to backup the licence keys, I can still listen to the music.

The problem comes with the fact that people are lazy greedy bastards. Any of us, given the choice of free or pay will take the free route. There isnt any utopic vision to this. The web 2.0 rubbish, bloggers, all of that lot are a bunch of self important wankers who actually think the ipod changed the world and that content somehow is magically produced from nothing. These are the kind of people who think sticking an ADSL connection into some african village will suddenly cure their poverty and starvation.

As much as I dislike the music companies and would LOVE them to go to the wall, content will never be free. There is always a cost. Whether it be a new band gigging around Camden, burning copies of their own album and selling it for five quid to recoup the studio costs while doing the gig for free to build up a fan base. I mean lets forget analogies, they are all crap at the end of the day. Take a band, they have to pay for studio time (or pay for the equipment in the bedroom), they have to give up their own time to practice, they have to pay printing costs for flyers, chase bars and gig locations to be allowed to play and a lot of other stuff. This money has to come from somewhere.

I am assuming that any of the people here who think that it should all be free would be willing to let me hijack their wireless to download a few complete seasons of Battlestar Galactica in HD as well as letting the artists they are saying should pay web 2.0 sites live in their houses and use their electricity to produce the music in the first place

Courts slam Blair's 'abject surrender' to Saudi prince

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@ bertie bassett

Yeah but what happens is that bung was redirected to Osama and his mates bringing along the ironic situation that WE actually paid for the training and explosives that they used on us.

Paris cause Im sure she knows something about BlowBack

American ISPs already sharing data with outside ad firms

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legal question..

Heres a question...If someone opted in on one of these companies looks at my website and is fed an overlayed advertisement over my page, am I entitled to charge Phorm/whoever for that advertising over my page? Infact, if they overlay their advertising over one that I have put on the website, thus reducing the chance of a click payment, Can I send an invoice to Phorm asking for payment to advertise on my site?

BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in

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sponging shits...

So let me get this right.....after lying to their customers about "unlimited" usage and letting their marketing idiots undercharge for broadband in the first place, ISPs are saying it isnt right to charge customers who use iplayer for using the bandwidth but it IS ok to take money from licence fee payers, many of whom ARENT tiscali customers to pay for the ISPs lack of investment in their networks.

bloody cheek!!!

Bladerunner and biometrics: Heathrow T5 unveiled

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Wouldnt it be easier to pay the monkeys on the gates slightly more than minimum wage and actually get them to READ the boarding passes.

Surely you can make it a test in the interview..."if someone is boarding a plane to Birmingham and their pass says Bahamas do you a) let them on b) call security to have them taken away or c) call CO19 to batter them senseless for skipping the Bahamas for the shite hole that is the midlands?"

pointless, pointless, pointless and the last people you want to have your fingerprints are the soon to be in administration BAA!

Its a security coat so I can sneak into the airport and leave dead fish around the server rooms

Top security firm: Phorm is adware

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IT Angle

As a Website owner.....

I Dont really understand how this works 100% but will they be able to post adverts over any website?

If Phorm end up dumping adverts over my website when people access it, will I be able to invoice them for my going rate (which for them would be atleast £1000/week)

Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone

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Jobs Horns

Is it a cult???

What is with you apple apologists here? I mean WOW!!

Apple could easily have made a LOT more money by offering the phone to all the networks. The locking down to a particular vendor may work in the US where people are happy to be ripped off by their providers, but in Europe the deal is EITHER you get a free phone and get shoe horned into a 12 or 18 month contract OR you pay for the phone and get to do what you like with it. No one in their right mind is stupid enough to do both. Full Kudos to this guy for giving the ordinary consumer a voice. If I am going to spend £269(nearly $600) for a phone I want to be able to put whatever SIM I want into it.

Thats why I have the N95. A MUCH more stable product, comes free, has 3G, I prefer the size, has GPS, a better camera and upgradable memory and battery. I cant wait for the N96.

Ofcom and EU face off for high speed broadband row

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Umm,I thought they were private companies

As far as I am concerned, the market forces bunch wanted privatised telecoms and as such they should pay for this all themselves. Ofcom is a toothless bunch of w*nkers who already let telecomms companies get away with murder, god knows what will happen with a "regulatory holiday".

BT, Virgin,et al should get off thier fat arses, bring us upto 1st world broadband as they have in South Korea and actually give us value for money, rather than ripping us off at every turn and shipping our calls out to India.

Gamer takes Microsoft to court over Halo 3 'errors'

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There was DEFINATELY a problem when GOW came out. It was the FIRST really high quality, high graphics intense game for the Xbox 360 and it keeled over a LOT of xboxes. Most people at the time thought it was the game; my local HMV had a 100%(!!!) return rate for GOW; for the M$ marketing people reading this, that means that EVERY game they sold came back faulty. Even on slightly less graphics intense games, you could see the system starting to fall over when the graphics card started to heat up.

My current xbox360 is definately different to the previous 2, even though MS refuse to acknowledge it. The unit is much much louder, which leads me to think they have put in more powerful fans. As I stated earlier, it is now too loud for anything other than gaming, which is why I use my PS3 for DVD's and why I havent bought the HD DVD add on for the xbox.

vishal vashisht
IT Angle

This isnt the game its the hardware

This is the hardware itself, I had the same problem with Gears of War. It managed to kill 2 of my xboxes.

It seems to me that when you have a really graphics intense game, it keels the original 360's over and leads to the red circle of death.

Im on my 3rd xbox now which seems a lot more stable but is a shit load louder as it seems MS has finally got the cooling in place that they should have had in the first place.

The PS3 is MUCH better, much quieter and cooler, I cant watch DVD's on the Xbox because it is just too loud.

Met Police to pilot Tasers

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Idiots with weapons

We already have seen how useless the police are with weapons, we need less not more!

You have that idiot bunch who shot De Menezes

You have that absolute bunch of f*ckwits who tazered a guy in a Diabetic Coma on a bus because he "wasnt listening to our requests"

You have that nut job copper who decided to tazer a guy who he thought was loaded with plastic explosives.

I would rather have a bunch of 12 year old hoodies on crack running around with tazers than the Met police

PS3 firmware update filters web content

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that will be .......

Trend "we can crash your server from 20 yds" Micro then....

that's one feature that will remain turned off

Mayor Ken buys hydrogen buses for London

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Ummm democratically elected?

"increasingly-totalitarian Venezuelan strongman socialist Hugo Chavez"? From what I remember he has been democratically voted in 3 times and has allowed a television channel that helped organise the coup to carry on broadcasting (albiet on cable rather than public airwaves). The reason that he is described as such is that instead of the 11% pitance the oil companies pay venezuala, he is asking for 16% on new finds. Oh yeah, he believes in free medical care and publicly owned infrastructure which translates to cheap water and electricity for the poor and no massive profits for foreign companies.

Maybe he would be more "democratic" if he did a bolivia and privatize the water, let the US company buying it put up the cost, make collecting rain water illegal and shot anyone who complained!

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand

vishal vashisht
Dead Vulture

absolute b*llocks isnt it?

Want to completely ruin someone? upload some encrypted files onto their machine, then make an anonymous phone call and say theres some dodgy kiddy files on someones machine, hey ho 5 years in jail.

We have seen what lazy b*stards the police are when it actually comes to investigating a case and how they always go for the easy prosecution whether the person is guilty or not.


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